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  1. Chadster

    Les Owen

    Ron Mountford suffered a bad leg break early on in the 1968 season, which meant he missed all of the rest of that season and was never the same rider when he came back.
  2. Chadster

    Jim Airey How Good Was He?

    Really fast starter. I remember seeing him comprehensively outgate Ivan Mauger at Hyde Road.
  3. Chadster

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    The evidence quoted here supports the idea that Langton was one of Beklle Vue's greatest riders but very few if any of us will have seen him race, whereas I've seen 4 of thee 'famous 5' and, while I never saw Craven ride, his exploits in the World Championship and his tragic death mean thet he's well known.
  4. Chadster

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    Presumably they were the riders who won world championships when riding for Belle Vue? I know 4 did. What about Crump?
  5. Chadster

    1946/1947 Leadue Riders I got to see

    I went to watch the last meeting at Liverpool in 1960. I can't remember anything about it except that it rained hard but a check on the Speedway Researcher website has Wal Morton at No 1 for the Pirates. The winning time for heat 1 was 95.8. Has there ever been a slower time in Heat 1 of a meeting?
  6. Chadster


    Different formats for the cup were used in the first 4 years of the British League, 16 heats in 1965-7 and 18 heats in 1968. I always thought it was a retrograde step to go to 13 heats for the cup. The longer format for the cup offered a welcome change from the run of the mill League meetings.
  7. Chadster


    Essentially people seem to be arguing for the return of handicap racing, which was tried in the 60s and scrapped after 3 or 4 years. I never saw it so can't comment so perhaps some of our senior posters (where is Gustix when you need him?) might comment. From reading about it the impression I got was that the top guys didn't like it and if the likes of Briggs, Fundin etc were struggling with it then......Another difference today is that whilst the superstars aren't in the top league, the overall standard is much closer together and that would make passing more difficult.
  8. Chadster

    Speedway's future IMO

    Like most things, there is no one size fits all solution. Sheffield have just abandoned weekend racing to return to Thursday night, Poole are so determined to race on a Wednesday that they've dropped a league to do so, ex-Saturday tracks like Swindon and Kings Lynn now happily run in mid-week and all the indications are that if they had a choice Belle Vue would run on a Friday rather than the Saturdays which I remember so fondly from the Hyde Road days. Incidentally, I think Falcace is absolutely right in his analysis of the social changes that have taken place.
  9. Chadster

    Unusual speedway prizes

    There was a meeting at Belle Vue in 1968 when the second half was sponsored by the TUC, as they were celebrating their foundation in Manchester 100 years before. Part of the prizes were a copy of the book published to commemorate the centenary. I often wondered what Tommy Roper and Soren Sjosten made of that.
  10. Chadster

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    To be fair to Gustix (and someone has to be), I was at the last Wimbledon meeting and can hardly remember anything about it. The thing that has stuck in my mind was that one of his prizes for winning was a sewing machine, which seemed an unusual prize to say the least. Perhaps we could have a thread abour unusual speedway prizes. I'll leave Gustix to start it.
  11. Chadster

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    He'll have been cross about that...
  12. Chadster

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    According to the Speedway Researcher website it was 5th October. The meeting was 'The Laurels' and it was won by Mark Burrows.
  13. Chadster

    Split Waterman RIP

    I must have been lucky, having lived in London for 40 years, gone around by public transport and never felt threatened. Actually, I did feel threatenedonce, when I went to watch Liverpool at Upton Park and the West Ham fans kicked off big time. Not much evidence of Londonistan there, the make-up of the crowd was almost entirely WASP.
  14. Chadster

    Split Waterman RIP

    Much of it focussed on his post-speedway 'career' but I thought the tone of it was warmer than the same papers obituary of Ivan Mauger.
  15. Chadster

    The first race you saw

    The first race I would have seen was at Liverpool in 1960 but I can't remember a thing about it, except that it was very wet. The first meeting I can remember was Belle Vue v Newport in 1967. We sat on the third bend and my recollection was of these lunatics belting down the back straight towards me. I was sure they were going to crash, shut my eyes, waited for the smash, didn't hear one and opened my eyes to see them roaring off the fourth bend. That was me hooked. For the record, according to the Speedway Researcher the result was Nevitt, Roper, Golden, Erskine in a time of 74.6.

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