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    Stoke Potters

    I read in this weeks speedway star that Dave Tattum says he has a three-year-plan to move the Potters back into the Premier, surely some juniors could move upo in that time scale. Plus look at last year's Scunny Saints: Ashley Birks is now with Sheffield after 1 NL season, Steve Worrall is with the Scorpions (and he rode for them at the back end of last year) and Richie Worrall is with Newcastle despite only making his debut June time. I'm just saying it's not impossible for first timers to go NL in their 2nd year, or even 1st(Craig Cook)) Btw in the last couple of comments between you and 21stCH you mention Compton on a 12. Well if you mean Benji (surely Andre's average is too high) then 2 things: 1. I tought he announced his retirement last year and 2. if he rides he'll have a 6.28 average (well that's what he had for 2010 Scunny Saints)
  2. Islander15

    Stoke Potters

    Yes, it does sound very narrow minded! IOW originally stepped down for 1 year, 2 at most and now they enter their 3rd year in the NL and it seems unlikely that thye finances will let them step up for another 2-3 years at least. Any anyway even if Stoke do return next year, you might possibly find one guy this year to move up with you next year, but more than likely 5 or 6 of them, if not all 7 will be or have ridden Premier some time (whether it be for Stoke or not). And who knows, there may even be an unkown junior start at No. 7 next year who in several years time (alright, qquite a long time) rides at No. 1 for a Stoke EL title-winning side
  3. Islander15

    Club Assets

    According to KL's site he isn't in club assets under extras Ben Hopwood is a IOW asset too (i forgot on my last post ) - not sure about the rest, whether they stayed or not when we went down
  4. Islander15

    Club Assets

    The few I know David Gough - Plymouth Gary Beaton - Redcar Rikki Mullins - IOW Brendan Johnson - Somerset John Resch- Bournemouth (so does that mean Poole?) Chris Johnson - IOW Scott Meakins - IOW Josh Dingle - Plymouth Dan Blake - Rye House

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