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  1. He lost 2 points when his bike stopped in one race, but he was poor tonight. To be honest they all were apart from Sedgmen and guest Tom Brennan.
  2. Is the meeting still on ? Just asking as we have had several heavy downpours in Tamworth so far today.
  3. The crowd was poor again last night, the weak team & run of defeats would already be appear to be having an impact. Worrying times to be a Brummies fan sadly, I can't see us running again next year unless we can somehow turn things around and get the crowds up significantly.
  4. Not too difficult though when his reserve opponents on the night were Roynon & Pearson who were both way off the pace...
  5. BIRMINGHAM: Ricky Wells, Stefan Nielsen, Justin Sedgmen, Ashley Morris, Tom Brennan, James Shanes, James Pearson. EDINBURGH: Sam Masters, Lasse Fredriksen R/R, Kye Thomson, Paco Castagna, Josh Pickering, Jacob Hook, Jason Edwards.
  6. Another thumping for Birmingham is quite likely I think Sam Masters & Josh Pickering will no doubt score heavily and Paco Castagna knows every inch of Perry Barr.
  7. Osirian08

    Birmingham v Leicester 01.05.22

    Another hammering for the Brummies who.were given a gating lesson all night by the Lions.
  8. Osirian08

    Why does everybody hate Poole?

    The heat at Brandon was certainly way up whenever Poole were the visitors !
  9. Osirian08

    Birmingham vs Poole 25th May

    Give it a rest for christ's sake - people are entitled to their opinions whether you like it or not... This is a discussion forum, not a playground for throwing around childish insults.
  10. Osirian08

    Birmingham vs Poole 25th May

    I can't honestly see who on the Brummies team can beat King / Worrall / Lawson - Sedgmen maybe if he gates as well as he did last week, but apart from that can't see it happening.
  11. Osirian08

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Sedgmen in for Ellis - statement now live :- BIRMINGHAM are back in action on Tuesday (May 17, 7.30) as they head to Championship newcomers Oxford - and there will be a new face in their side. Justin Sedgmen, who enjoyed a high scoring stint at Perry Barr in 2010, is back with the club with British Champion Adam Ellis unable to ride for the Curtis Sport Brummies for the foreseeable future. The consortium were always aware that this situation was a possibility, but were happy to take the risk to ensure a viable team for the start of the season. It was always understood that, should the situation arise, Adam would be released by Birmingham so that he would not be classified as 'withholding his services' which would unfairly impact him and his Premiership club Sheffield. The consortium agreed to review the matter at the end of April, as back in mid-March there was significant uncertainty due to the political situation in Eastern Europe. Adam has always been upfront with the club regarding his commitments moving forward into the summer. This does, however, mean that Birmingham are compelled to remove him from their team declaration and bring a new rider into their one-to-seven, as there would be no facility available for Adam in these circumstances. On this basis, the club have moved swiftly to sign Sedgmen to replace Ellis, whilst being able to retain a facility (guest or rider replacement) for the injured Josh Auty. Sedgmen is a popular figure at Perry Barr and he re-joins the club on loan with thanks to Glasgow for assisting in sorting his visa. Co-promoter Nigel Tolley said: “I want to express our thanks to Adam for his contribution to the club over the past few weeks, and for being willing to step in at such short notice - his signing only having been completed on the day of Press and Practice. “Adam has been a pleasure to deal with and he would be welcome back to the club at any time - and may indeed find himself being booked as a guest! “In the meantime we move forward with Justin, who went well in Australia over the winter and is hungry to kickstart his UK career and hopefully put himself in the frame for a doubling-up spot. “I also want to place on record our thanks to the Glasgow promotion for their assistance in completing the deal. “The Brummies are looking forward to making the trip to Oxford before taking on the Cheetahs at Perry Barr on Wednesday.” With Sedgmen in for Ellis, club bosses have also booked Speedway of Nations Gold medallist Tom Brennan to stand in for the injured Josh Auty on Tuesday. OXFORD: Scott Nicholls, Kyle Newman, Jack Thomas, Cameron Heeps, Troy Batchelor, Dillon Ruml, Nathan Stoneman.
  12. Osirian08

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    The riders page on the official club website is now "currently unavailable"... hmm
  13. Osirian08

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    If it's true then Birmingham are basically sunk for this season you would assume. Hopefully we will hear some kind of official comment on this soon
  14. Osirian08

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe 4/5/22

    Any weather update from anyone a bit more local ? It's lashing down in Tamworth atm
  15. Osirian08

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Incredibly arrogant comment... if it was that easy to wave a magic wand and "raise money" every club would have done it already

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