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  1. Yes we are and your opinion of Pearson and Tatum is a lot different to that of mine. As the saying goes 'Each to their own' It would be a very boring world if we all agreed. In my opinion most of the time they come across as very good, but if you think shouting at the top your voice and trying to sound like one of those demented South American football commentators is brilliant for speedway then thats where we have to disagree.
  2. Stockholm Gp 2017

    Indeed your quite correct he did win from blue, but just like Emil did in his semi final Zagar missed the gate in the final, but unlike Emil he had a good clear run round the outside of of turn two, which gave him the momentum going down the back straight to pass Doyle.
  3. Stockholm Gp 2017

    I think what doesn't help is the way he rides. leg trailing into the bend is not the best way to stay on the bike. He only needs the slightest touch and down he goes and it does happen a lot with him.
  4. Stockholm Gp 2017

    How many times has Emil made the semis and then chooses the wrong gate. He certainly needs to look at that.
  5. Not sure Rossiter was watching the same meeting. I thought it was Poole who were the unlucky ones. A 5-1 in heat 2 until Stark had EF. Doyle allowed back in heat 13,which he won. So really on another night Poole could have been going to the 2nd leg a couple of points up.
  6. Try this https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/relacja/73468/final-dmj-w-rybniku
  7. Time To Scrap Doubling Up?

    Why pay them double? In the 80s Most riders who rode in the second tier fitted a job around their speedway. I know they did more meetings back then. Approx 10 more in league racing, But Why should today's riders have two teams? There is not enough people coming through the turnstiles to support them with their 2-3 bikes big flash vans and mechanics. Before anyone says " oh but it is a lot more professional these days" Rubbish. Most of the time they are riding in front of a few hundred people. At least back in the day crowds were a lot bigger, so promoters could afford the costs a little better. Of course progression is good and its nice to have everything that glitters, but if there is no money then you have to cut you're cloth Accordingly. I'm of an age of when my weekly trip to plough lane was going to see my idols, not a team made up of guests. The team was the same week in week out. I can't remember turning up and being told Trevor Hedge or Slim Jim Tebby were not riding tonight as they were riding for Romford in the 2nd division. So we were using two riders from the Hackney instead! The BSPA have been trying to get both leagues the same in standard over the last couple of years. Surely then the most sensible thing to is amalgamate both leagues. Then that would stop the doubling up "not including the National league boys" and then maybe you will see the same seven riders each week riding for you're team.
  8. Surely he should be. He was a full time GP rider up to last year!!
  9. Bt Coverage

    What has been quite interesting is, when Tatum has been the main commentator on the rare occasions, the shouting and screaming stops. A couple of years ago when the world team final was re-run on a Sunday morning Tatum and Louis were the commentators. Tatum as the lead was superb no shouting out, just sensible and very enjoyable commentary with Louis giving the more technical side of things. Imo that's how it should be.
  10. Speedway World Cup 2017

    Leszno's track is 330 meters. Belle Vue is 347 meters and Kings Lynn is 342 meters. Regarding KL it's fair to say it does not have wide sweeping bends like Leszno but, Belle Vue is the closest to any of the big Polish Tracks. Cook and Worral both ride Belle Vue. Lambert KL whereas Bomber has been a round long enough to have had the experience of riding all over Europe. To ride Belle Vue would require no more technical skill or sheer speed than Leszno as both are very similar as in lots of different lines and speed. KL slightly different but, imo I don't think the poles would have too much trouble adapting. As for technical skills are you suggesting the GB boys are superior to the Poles? I also saw the great teams England had from the 70's and I agree everything goes round. So how long do you think before Team GB are back on top?
  11. Speedway World Cup 2017

    Why is it when a GB rider gets beat. We get the same old stock "The Bikes are not fast enough" Sorry but, Cook gets his engines done by PJR and has won two GP qualifiers not sure of Bomber but, He's been a GP rider for ten years plus, so his kit can't be that bad and he did beat Dudek who is co - leading the world championships! Maybe just maybe they are not just good enough, has that never crossed peoples minds? As for the posters who say "The poles engines are big" Got no idea really. If that's the case. Lindback must be riding a 750!!!
  12. Speedway World Cup 2017

    Sorry but Doyle was missing through being injured. Woffinden was never going to play a part so he was not missing. The team GB went with was always going to be just that. whereas Australia were a little bit hampered by not having a injured Doyle and a not very fit looking Morris. I don't think people on here are putting Team GB down, just expressing there opinion. Still all will be revealed come Saturday Night. If imo we get a medal regardless of colour then that to me would signal a very good effort and a pat on the boys backs for a job well done. But I do think it will be a tad harder come Saturday than what some posters are saying on here.
  13. Speedway World Cup 2017

    I don't think he was slagging GB off. Why though do we always have Australia, GB and 2 pretty weak teams at KL every year? I know Australia are not the team they were even with a fit Doyle, but GB can only beat what is put in front of them. I also think we would have struggled in Sweden ,but that in imo is not slagging the UK off just being realistic.
  14. Speedway World Cup 2017

    Yes but you could say the same thing about GB in the final on Saturday. At the end of the day they both rode with what was put in front of them, so fair play to both.