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  1. It worked quite well when we used to race against Newcastle.
  2. Thought the answer could only be yes or no.
  3. tyretrax

    Workington 2018 .

    To be totally honest, by the way my proper name is John, I have stopped reading his rants.
  4. tyretrax

    Svein Kaasa.

    46 years on. Still in my thoughts. R.I.P. my friend.
  5. She is a "her", someone told me her name when she was someone else 'J.
  6. Talking of tools you'll be a King Dick.
  7. As a famous person said. Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser.
  8. I think there was a fair bit of intimidation from Newport fans over the years, even at Somerton Pk., what about the guy who threw a large stone at Shane Parker after the race?
  9. And jt's always American teams in the World Series.
  10. If I remember correctly, the window was smashed when the driver misjudged the bridge turning into the stadium. I know the driver of another bus had to move during the meeting after threats were made to smash the windows.
  11. tyretrax

    Play offs

    Says the woman with blue and white glasses.
  12. tyretrax

    Play offs

    Don't really care which days are used, but why is it on one hand Worky fans want to see Cookie and on the other hand they want Glasgow on a G.P. weekend?
  13. tyretrax

    Play offs

    Note to Taylorj, Glasgow dinner Dance is the 27th.
  14. tyretrax

    Glasgow 2018

    Not if he doesn't want to.
  15. tyretrax

    Good luck Robbo

    Enjoy your retirement Robbo, it was a pleasure watching you.
  16. tyretrax

    Workington 2018 .

    Is that "home" at Worky or Lakehouse though?
  17. Not many came out through the Den choosing to slip out the gate at the end of the stand into the carpark,
  18. I wouldn't call it a trick track but a tricky track, it's a technical track which requires a rider to use his head as well as the throttle.
  19. Coming from Newcastle there's a few places to go through before Possill.
  20. Don't look for the track in Springburn, it's in Possil.
  21. Do athlets not get tested at home?

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