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  1. Do athlets not get tested at home?
  2. tyretrax

    Somerset Pairs 2019?

    Ask them to provide more toilets, or is it because it's the pairs we should share?
  3. tyretrax

    Somerset Pairs 2019?

    By whom?
  4. You must have used the executive car park next to the stadium, the one a short walk away is cheaper.
  5. Don't know what you edited but it should have been "buy".
  6. Schlein rides on an ACU licence, so it wouldn't be Australia.
  7. tyretrax

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Still is but a couple of exta ones on each bend isn't enough. Bar was quieter, maybe people are realizing what goes in must come out.
  8. tyretrax

    top gun sneffield

    That's now three three threads on this meeting.
  9. Great night's racing. Well done to all the riders.
  10. tyretrax

    Craig Cook

    You been in a black hole?
  11. tyretrax

    Glasgow 2018

    Think he's been eating brownies or is that just what he talks.
  12. tyretrax

    Glasgow 2018

    Our league ha always been better run, I don't know why we always seem to give in to the big boys and end up playing second fiddle to them.
  13. tyretrax

    modern track prep

    At Shawfield we turned a sprinkler from the dog track onto the speedway track to water the starting gate.
  14. tyretrax

    Glasgow 2018

    Paulco's on holiday.
  15. Going to be a toughie. Need the Tiger's top end to get the finger out.
  16. Could some clever person not set up an on line petition?
  17. Hope they've reduced the price then.
  18. tyretrax

    modern track prep

    Shawfield has a bore hole from which water is drawn to water the dog track. Initial outlay was a few thousand pounds but I'm sure it paid for its self after a couple of years.
  19. tyretrax

    Glasgow 2018

    I have a feeling that your assumption may have been correct Moranboys.
  20. That was the name of a greyhound in Ireland, a guy bought it to run at Shawfield but was told he would have to change it's name.
  21. tyretrax

    modern track prep

    With the total loss engine the oil went straight on to the track but the environmentalists put a stop to that. Track curators have been know to dispose of oil in the shale stock.

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