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  1. secsy1

    Oxford Cheetah Cubs 2022

    Its very easy to down cry riders, have they been given the right support or opportunities? They are trying their best and should be applauded for the time and effort being put in. On a foot note, how long and how many times was Ivan Mauger given numerous opportunities before his success? Was Charles Wright an overnight sensation? Both were given time to blossom and so they flourished!!
  2. secsy1

    Rye House 2020

    Having started this thread on 23 January 2020 with the following post:- Just seen Kevin Jolly has plans for Rye House for entry into NDL for 2020, any views on this. Think it would be great. I have nothing but admiration for your efforts Rob, keep up the brilliant work and hopefully it will bear fruit.
  3. Interesting reading about several riders have not been paid for matches ridden in for Birmingham during the 2021 season. Surely these riders deserve payment, be it from the bond with the SCB/BSPA or sale of assets (if any) left at Birmingham prior to any proposed sale of the club. Very disappointed that this is still occurring and hopefully every rider at both Birmingham and Eastbourne get their due monies before Christmas. We all live and hope!
  4. For next years Benfund meeting, possibly a radical change to the previous 16 rider individual format could be introduced or even a one off special event. Several injured riders teams are now defunct, but still have supporters who do attend different tracks to get their fix and roaming supporters visiting tracks infrequently. Potentially a best pairs format with riders representing defunct tracks to attract a few more and a few more marketing avenues to swell the coffers. Teams like: Workington, Coventry, Hull, Exeter, Swindon, Halifax, Cradley, Hackney, Wimbledon to mention a few. With Team, Race Jacket and Manager sponsorship being available, hopefully this would be an attractive proposition not to mention the riders from previous being in attendance.
  5. secsy1

    PLRC and CLRC ????

    This is the best suggestion of the year, reminds me of the BLRC that used to be held at Hyde Road. Surely this could be staged and a sell out attendance to boot.
  6. secsy1

    Swindon Stadium

    Looks like the Stadium and Greyhounds are staying for a while with the investment? https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/19500734.swindon-greyhound-stadium-receives-financial-investment/
  7. Will the British U19 Championship take preference over other fixtures for riders on the same evening?
  8. secsy1

    Belle Vue Colts v Mildenhall. 3 Sept

    Not a happy night for 1 Mildenhall rider who was sacked immediately after the meeting!!!!!!!!!
  9. Some really negative posts on here, probably from supporters who think they are up to date, but are detached from reality. People speaking about big wide tracks in Poland and the throttle jockeys, with no one under 20 on the British radar. REALLY !!!! With the possible expansion of the Polish League, this is a great opportunity for British Speedway. How`s that you are wondering? Both Germany and Latvia have a team in the Polish League, why not a British one? This would help develop our young riders along with their foreign young rivals of similar talent. A couple of Premier League tracks are big and wide enough and sufficient Stadium facilities to do this. Firstly and foremost there is a market out their to attract a new and younger audience. To move forward you must invest in the future. Wait a minute who is going to take such a risk financially, well with everyone always slating greedy promoters for taking all and giving nothing back. Potentially the gains outweigh the losses. He who dares wins. Waiting in anticipation of all and sundry slaters, roll up roll up !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. secsy1

    Why speedway is failing

    A good watch and correct analysis. The main mitigating factor for me, (beside the above video), is no promoting of the sport in the towns and cities where it is staged, period.
  11. secsy1

    Is anyone losing interest

    Being not too good at pasting links, but surely someone will be able to do it. Has anyone seen Belle Vue Colts, Paul Bowen basic analysis of what's wrong with speedway on Youtube. A good watch and analysis. The main mitigating factor for me is no promoting of the sport in the towns and cities where it is staged, period.
  12. secsy1

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    It is not hard to understand how fickle speedway fans are in the last several posts. The amount of posts made by several of the last posters indicate a potential knowledge and understanding of how speedway works. But hey stupid, I tell myself, same old criticism ethics that are in general life today. If posters had their way, by end of the season all the rising stars in the programme would be gone as the posters would have demanded the next one to be slayed. Slay them early so the next one can visit the guillotine........................eventually no one is left.
  13. Much appreciated screm
  14. Are both matches being live streamed this evening? Berwick are missing a wind fall if not as lots of speedway starved fanatics out here hoping it is.

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