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  1. I will ask your permission next time shall i Then again perhaps not.
  2. I would like to say quality reply. But I would be lying.
  3. Can't miss it its a daily occurrence, but usual replies from the usual suspects.
  4. I'm at a loss as to what this thread is all about now , what we are getting is in no particular order. Dirt being dug up. Grass seeds being planted. Same grass seeds being washed away. Grass seeds planted again Camber on pitch (wtf). Heavy plant missing Heavy plant not missing. Heavy plant missing again. Lights taken down Electrical wiring removed (but not all). As sad as it is Workington are now no more so i can't see the point off this thread anymore. A running commentary on goings on at Derwent Park is of little interest to most.
  5. Gazc

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    How many fishing rods to you go through in a season , just asking like.
  6. Gazc

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Give it a rest, its like the record that is stuck over and over again, we get it we have only read it several hundred times.
  7. I met one in Newton Mearns Waitrose carrying several bags of shopping. I remember thinking to myself at the time. they must be heavy for her, poor gypsy that she was
  8. Just love a good conspiracy theory , you just can't beat them on here.
  9. Gazc

    Shield semi-final

    So what you are saying someone was on there knees in front of them playing with balls.
  10. Gazc

    REDCAR 2019

    As far as i am aware Nike is taking this year out at least.
  11. Gazc

    Edinburgh 2019

    What Bellevue millionaires now?, that was the only british team he agreed to sign for el nougat'. I could have went in all guns blazing for your stupidity , that would in all likelihood have put your therapy back a few months.
  12. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    We are replacing a 2 point reserve with another 2 point reserve Team averages would have went up at 1st May GSA and in all likelihood will do again 1st June. But in answer to your query nobody else needs replaced it is like for like average wise.
  13. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    To be fair we have done just fine up to now , it just might be the final piece we needed let's see how it goes.
  14. Meeting called off early , rain now arrived as i speak and to continue all day.
  15. If you can get a half decent replacement for Sedgmen and get Pickering back you will be half decent, replacing Sedgmen is a must as you can't carry him any longer , Lawson as well expected more from him.
  16. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Just saw that forecast is rain to arrive mid afternoon and to continue all night. Dont you just love british summertime never lets you down.
  17. You get beat last night then. Would this have been an issue if you had won, somehow i doubt it.
  18. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    You forgot about how easy it is for Edinburgh fans to climb the perimeter wall at Armadale. The steward's always catch them though, grabbing them by the scruff and telling them to get back in until it is finished.
  19. Probably Friday at 5.30 to tell us it has just started to rain and we don't like driving our bikes when it is wet as it is difficult to turn the handlebars on our tight trick track corners so we have definitely no chance now as Josh is the only one that likes driving his bike in the rain. Don't think I have missed anything. Well apart from grammar but I am sure someone will be along shortly to give me a row.
  20. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Aye must have been a barrel of laughs he was only surpassed by Craig Whyte as being not fit and proper. But as Kevin the Keegan would say, I will tell you I would love it , love it if you beat them on Saturday.
  21. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Never mind not following English Football he doesn't follow football at all , but he on occasion will go to Tynecastle.
  22. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Hahahahahahaha so no mention of Romanov then tell me dear deluded Jambo how much have we spent, albeit it is more than the 10 bob your lot have spent. I will saviour the moment knowing how much we get under the skin of the wee clubs and there deluded fan's it is just too good to not like. Anyway enough of mocking the underprivileged, I can see a narrow Edinburgh win tomorrow night due to the track of tricks.
  23. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    A Hertz fan giving my club the morale high ground about Tax , were do you start with that one after Romanov and money laundering , the Jambos the serial losers as they have proved time and time again . But in all seriousness there is a distinct lack of trophies around your parts down to them being p*sh but never mind there is always the speedway & EBT's to keep you going. 55 next season It's coming and it will be glorious to see all the foaming at the mouth, might be 10 years but history will tell you we are the most successful club and always will be. Anyway back to the Speedway you're lot are not very good this season are they, but I can see you winning tomorrow due to having a trick track what do you think.
  24. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Did your mother never tell you sarcasm is the lowest form of wit , granted I can give you that. Not so long ago you were very successful and no-one can say otherwise, but just as well your speedway team gave you all these trophies as your football team thinks doubles and trebles is something they do at Ladbrokes. When you mention trophy in the dressing room they break out in cold sweats faster than a group of middle age women at the height of the menopause , I will however be rooting for them this coming Saturday.
  25. Gazc

    Newcastle 2019

    Couldn't agree more an absurd decision when a meeting has up to 42 points at heat 14.

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