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  1. Gazc

    Edinburgh 2019

    Only sometimes .
  2. Gazc

    Edinburgh 2019

    If the rumoured changes take effect a play off place is still achievable, in order to do this a real upturn in away form is needed. Do you think it can happen ? , the proposed changes had to come to at least get the home fans back onside.
  3. Well done the Diamonds , Starkey continues his winning streak against the forces of evil .
  4. Was decent taking into account it was the traditional Glasgow fair Friday.
  5. I have no idea it becomes more farcical by the day.
  6. Talking about Sarjeant his partner is due and it is r/r for him.
  7. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    You do like a good wee chin wag Blobby mostly about us. Nothing happening at Edinburgh you need to concern yourselves about , or is all good in the land of you Ken.
  8. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    You gossiping about what goes on at Glasgow at an Edinburgh meeting , sounds about right.
  9. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Its a pity you can't wipe your arse with faceache , the sun on the other hand is very useful at that.
  10. Gazc

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Barring an injury would highly doubt it.
  11. In order to say that I would imagine you would need to stand next to him in the toilet in order to confirm if this is indeed true. Apart from that he seems a decent guy.
  12. At least we made you happy. Always a silver lining to be taken from a negative.
  13. Not a fan are you, but he really should be doing better from reserve.
  14. With the tracks being similar is a point out of the question ?. Now i have thought about it for 10 secs i agree with you.
  15. As has been said i was hugely impressed with how the Bears went about there business last night done what they had to do and done it well. A team full of racers and one you would gladly pay to watch , play offs must be a real possibility i wish them well. As for us we shall brush ourselves down and go again , the constant jibes on the money side does get a tad tiresome though.
  16. What makes you think Gaz is mine or are you just assuming. But it shows your intelligence levels or lack of if you thought anybody would have thought pinny was your real name . Anyway if you thought that was an outburst you must lead a sheltered life , now run along son i have more important things do to like entertaining my 3 year old grandaughter who i will probably get more sense from.
  17. It is what it is, can't really blame anyone for enjoying some success especially when you have been starved of it, we know how that feels. Was really impressed with the Bears last night and good luck for the rest of your season.
  18. Not sure what part you don't understand but having the solitary brain cell won't help i suppose Lol. And i have noticed Gavan ripping you a new one most of the time , now hop along son theres a good lad. It is Obvious you can't grasp the concept of banter yet , don't worry it will come eventually when you get bigger. And as for stupid name PINNY you should change yours then maybe Gavan will stop mocking you.
  19. Wound up not at all , pot calling the kettle black somebody like you calling anybody on here knobend.
  20. That was me being mature , oh well will need to brush up on my maturity skills. But you are right there is always next year , which normally follows the year your in.
  21. You should maybe consider changing the ers after Bell in your username and replace it with end. But thanks for your mature reply.
  22. Most congratulated the Bears don't know where you get that from. Money bags comment rears its head again , if being proactive in promoting the sport and doing there best to give the best facilities and team then i dont see what is wrong with that. Do you.
  23. We always try and aid those less fortunate.

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