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  1. KeirStarmerFan

    Panthers vs. Tigers 20/09 Live on EUROSPORT

    Time to wrap up the league title. Hope Buster has the fireworks ready.
  2. Mountain is decent, but he won't have a chance against our top 5.
  3. KeirStarmerFan

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Commiserations. Wolves fought a brave, but ultimately fruitless campaign.
  4. This Panthers side are like a dog without a bone. They don't stop.
  5. Imagine if Rob Lyon replaces Hans with Conor Mountain in heat 14... Panthers are on the verge of the league title. Huge effort to the entire team and everyone at the club. Let's hope we can now win the play-off competition. I think we should pick Sheffield.
  6. I agree. I would rather see the return of double points. A tactical switch creates an unfair heat.
  7. This idea that Batchelor needs to 'turn up' is a myth. Bachelor is finished as a top level rider. He used to be a sharp gater, but his reactions are slower. I can't see anything but a Panthers win. 43-47 would be my guess.
  8. Just looking at that line-up is depressing. One world-class rider in the entire field. Anyone else remember the days of an SWC event including the likes of Crump, Gollob, Pedersen, Rickardsson and Adams.
  9. KeirStarmerFan

    Playoff dates

    I'd pick Wolves. Hans would be at reserve for the 1st leg at Monmore Green.
  10. KeirStarmerFan

    Playoff dates

    The NBA playoffs often have game 7s arranged at the last minute.
  11. KeirStarmerFan

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Agree, tonight's meeting was also far better than either of the two Polish league semi-finals I watched, which were one-sided affairs. Tonight's meeting had drama and excitement.
  12. KeirStarmerFan

    Playoff dates

    With Hans moving out of reserve in October, would it be a brave move to pick Wolves? I believe the first leg at Monmore would be in September. Take out your competition when you're at your most strongest.
  13. KeirStarmerFan

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Not really. The better team won. Panthers are stronger in every department.
  14. KeirStarmerFan

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    What a joke? How can you bring in a tac for losing by 6 at home. Ruins the meeting.
  15. KeirStarmerFan

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Hahahaa Our reserve has just schooled Wolves big hitting number 1.

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