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  1. KeirStarmerFan

    Polish Betting 2021

    Emil over 11.5 is a good in-play bet. He will get 6 rides.
  2. KeirStarmerFan

    Polish Betting 2021

    Imagine betting against Tungate at Lodz.
  3. Premier Sports picture and sounds gone awol. Sounds like the director is a Leszno fan.
  4. Pawlicki was passed him.
  5. Lidsey, Kolodziej and Pawlicki have been awful. Surely they can't be that bad again this season.
  6. What's wrong with Lidsey?
  7. Who? How good is he?
  8. Leszno miss the start and Pawlicki dives. It's bloody ridiculous. He does it every single time.
  9. Heat 2 feels so weird without Dominic Kubera.
  10. Why can this commentator not say Zagar's name properly. Bring back Dave.
  11. Chris Holder is finished. Torun should have kept Doyle.
  12. Is Lewandowski related to Robert?
  13. KeirStarmerFan

    £300m Summer Sport Recovery Package

    I have to say that the package offered to the sport is a very poor one. I hope speedway fans all over the country will be utilising their vote in the upcoming May elections to voice their displeasure.
  14. I'm of the same opinion, especially with the way the current world is. Lockdown is saving me so much money, £10.99 per month for speedway is good value. I won't have to worry about finding a dodgy stream tomorrow, I can enjoy speedway in HD and benefit from the expert commentary that Dave offers.
  15. Is everyone subscribing to Premier Sports? Their fixture list only shows fixtures for two weeks, are they showing the whole season?

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