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  1. Zmarzlik is such a pathetic rider. Why not help Wozniak?
  2. Doyle should be excluded. He chucked the bike down. What a cheat.
  3. Jack Holder needs to come in for Wozniak.
  4. Wozniak 10/1 to win heat 7. Very good odds.
  5. What horrible teams. Will Zmarzlik be riding for Vetlanda?
  6. KeirStarmerFan

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    Fancy an away win. Doyle to bounce back in fashion. Zmarzlik exactly 15 is a good bet.
  7. KeirStarmerFan

    Poole 2020

    The PL conversion change was a typical Ford move. He used it to his benefit for Chris Holder and Darcy Ward. After missing out on Kenni Larsen and Sundstrom, he was bitter and the conversion rate was moved to 60 percent.
  8. Very excited for tomorrow's clash. I suspect Gorzow will go for Z/Z with Iversen. Will be interesting to see what Zmarzlik's over/under is with Bet365 tomorrow. I suspect it will be 15.
  9. Bookies have Leszno as favourites. Can Tai stop the Lezno Turbo Twins?
  10. So would I. Leszno are relying on their top 2 to do the business.
  11. Kolodziej in 14 makes more sense. Otherwise, Leszno will be too weak. Emil and Kubera in 15 Kolodziej and Kubera in 14

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