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    Likes-Winding people up,shagging birds,boozing,Austerity cuts,Donald Trump,air strikes in the Middle East,Refugee boat sinkings, and stamp collecting,Brexit,Watching remain losers squirm.
    Dislikes-Middle class liberals from the Home Counties,Amnesty international,Socialism,The Guardian,The BBC,ugly birds,small people,other peoples opinions,Ridiculous uni Berks who think the "working class" are downtrodden and voted for the moron Corbyn, the refugees are welcome here knobheads,hand out merchants,idiots who like classical "music" ,thickos from Coventry and pineapple.
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  1. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I remember him.......he was tragically injured in a crash dying 2 days later riding in California...........he was only 30 at the time.
  2. I agree the racing is abysmal. Went twice last season and the racing was pants, went last night no change. How on earth 'fans' keep going I don't know.
  3. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2018

    You have posted the 2017 team!
  4. mrcts

    Heads Gone 2018 Team Building

    Ambition doesn't put bums on seats unfortunately.The product is crap to be honest,I've been a Leicestet supporter since 1977 but I've only been twice this season,the first two matches at home and don't plan on going anymore.
  5. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2017

    i'm sure you are in agreement with Coventrys biggest embarrassment and racist!
  6. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2017

    maybe but it's better than being a BIGOT!
  7. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2017

    I wonder when Coventrys biggest embarrassment and racist will keep us entertained with his views on race relations!
  8. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2017

    Thank God we will NEVER KNOW!
  9. mrcts

    Leicester V Rye House 29.05.17

    what a disgusting post you racist pig....you should be banned for life on this forum!
  10. mrcts

    Leicester V Rye House 29.05.17

    with you everyone needs replacing!
  11. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2017

    i think you are describing yourself to a tee.....well done you loser.Is your loser son still riding?
  12. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2017

    thanks for that...so hopefully you will not post on here again you're negativity is beyond belief so for you to foresake posting here is a massive plus!
  13. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2017

    have you been sacked by any chance?
  14. mrcts

    Leicester Lions 2017

    ha ha ha my sides are splitting ha ha ha my sides are splitting I would rather have foreigners than the British dross that we have to put up with.Bunch of losers!

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