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  1. Teterow must have some money knocking around to get these events. As someone who travels abroad watching speedway the logistics of getting there are important to me. Teterow looks like a track in a field in a small town with no hotels or transport infrastructure unless your idea of a good time is driving half way across Germany, which mine isn't . I suppose money will always talk
  2. Bye bye Gate girls?

    If the Monster Girls go then probably so will Monster and without SGP's biggest sponsor there may not be a GP series.
  3. So where did it all go wrong?

    Good post. It was interesting reading last weeks speedway star about how to attract a younger audience to speedway. Unfortunately the things that first hooked us 40 somethings in the 70's and 80's was as described in the star "the strong aroma of Castrol R, the throaty roar of the 4 stroke 500 hundred cc engines. Add to that the speed and the crackling atmosphere on the terraces for the big matches under the lights and you had a magical experience as a kid. Move on 30 years and the smell has gone and so has the noise ,taking with it the atmosphere in the stands ,a somewhat watered down version to what we had .Watch some old footage from the 80's on Youtube and you can hear the crowd before each race starts. Is it any wonder youngsters are not hooked any more, todays machines are also not compliant with the tracks in this country any more, it might be fine in Poland but only the new purpose Belle Vue is anywhere near of the shape and preparation required. As someone who was hooked, I'm now unhooked on what I'm watching in Britain, most of the time the racing is poor, processional strung out stuff with little excitement, speedway is lucky that many of those over 40 still attend out of habit and the social side rather than the excitement of what they are watching. Unfortunately the future looks grim, the machines are not going to change and neither are the tracks on which they race. Speedway in Britain may have been in decline since the eighties but it has been more rapid since 2011 when the new silencers were brought in.
  4. Somerset 2018

    Great news for Somerset and British speedway as a whole
  5. Swc 2018

    You could greatly improve the current World Cup format by seeding the hosts to the race off instead of the Final
  6. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Also for good measure I had to spend a good 30 seconds proving I'm not a robot for every failed log in attempt. about 10 times
  7. Tai Woffinden didn't ride in the SWC this year Wouldn't go down this route you are risking a strong rebuke from Mr Rising.
  8. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Sorted my ticket out for Warsaw today . Only took an hour. Log in incorrect, password incorrect, wont send me a new password, tried to reregister but cannot because email already exists ,account deemed inactive cant email anyone as its out of weekday office hours. Eventually had to create a new email account just so I could reregister as the same person with a Polish pessel number which doesn't actually exist because I'm not Polish. What a ball ache. Found on my email a letter I composed from 2006 for a GP in Bydgoszcz with the same problem. I suppose some things don't change
  9. They should have saved their money and left the stadium as it was. Looks awful for watching football with that awful athletics track around the pitch
  10. Think I prefer the Slaski stadium how it used to be . I big old fashion eastern European bowl , seating 60 thousand plus
  11. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    Amazing how its now great to get back to Torun Phil when 3 years ago it was so fantastic to branch out into new frontiers in Australia. Pretty poor how you Phil trumpet these GP's then diss them after they pull their money out. ditto New Zealand. Didn't hear 3 years ago that the riders didn't want to travel but now the plugs being pulled its an issue, these supposed issues only surface when the money stops As for the riders, every staging country can't have a world champion in the series, things change ,riders come and go, how many World Champions have Poland had in the last 20 years but still their crowds are the strongest, likewise GB, the only 2 major markets left in speedway and the only 2 able to maintain a stadium GP. Feel sorry for the minor nations and the way they are treated by BSI, the likes of Daugvapils, Krsko.Gorican, Picked up when needed and them dropped like a hot potato when BSI get a better offer, will there ever be a GP in Riga ?
  12. It comes to something when Belle Vue fans are lecturing other teams about their fans bad behaviour . Might be an idea to put your own house in order first before pontificating over the rest of us
  13. Relegation And Promotion Play Offs

    Well done everyone on BT sport tonight for some oscar winning performances . Trying to make us believe we have been watching a team who were genuily trying to get promoted. Sheffield have had 15 years to move up to the top division and have declined every time although this year was different and they actually wanted to move up ,yeah right Sheffield Unbeaten at home all year and going through the tapes like rabbits in the headlights , very convenient, an absolute walloping. But well done to Natalie, Nigel and Kelvin for keeping it going when we were watching nothing more than a pantomime, roll on the 2nd leg next week. Only problem for Sheffield is finding a new race night for next year. Tonight was a further embarrassment to the sport Very Much So
  14. Relegation And Promotion Play Offs

    It will be interesting to see how BT treat this meeting tonight. I suspect that they will try to pull fans into the drama of a season defying promotion / relegation decider although we all know this meaning is a complete farce. I suppose Pearson will tow the party line although some honesty wouldn't go a miss explaining that even if Sheffield win they may still not get promoted if they don't fancy it which would mean Leicester would stay up if they chose to even if they lost and lastly Lakeside will probably move up to the top division even though they are currently in the 3rd tier and not involved in any promotion / relegation tie, clear as mud but will probably be bypassed by BT and Pearson to save the sport looking a farce. No matter what problems exist in British speedway BT sport does not seem a vehicle to mention them
  15. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    It will always be the organisers random picks to suit the quota system , which insures there are riders from all the major speedway nations , GB, Poland, Sweden and Denmark in the series regardless of whether they are the best 15 riders in the world or not