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  1. With respect how do you think Bewley would fair in the GP at present. I think we need to be careful, yes Bewley has done well at the NSS from reserve and number 2 but is up against Cook and Lambert who both have much more international experience at World Cups and World u21 level. Yes Bewley has talent but lets be careful not to try to fast track it too quickly.
  2. Totally agree, I would happily pay my money to watch speedway at the NSS every week, whether on TV or not. unfortunately I don't which is why I also have walked away. The National Speedway Stadium is one of the last few shining beacons of British speedway, frankly there are not many others. Unfortunately there are not another 10 - 15 stadiums / tracks on a par with the NSS to make the sport prosperous in this country. When someone of the experience of Martin Dugard says "speedway is dying on its feet " you know its true
  3. Lets not forget Woffinden , although not riding in last years World Cup in July was quite prepared to represent Team GB in the World Games at his home track in Wroclaw just 3 weeks later, in spite of his differences with Team GB and before any significant change had occurred. This years finals of the Speedway of Nations will also be in Wroclaw
  4. Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    Maybe the Stoke promotion should approach their local council and ask them to build them a new modern purpose built stadium for free.
  5. Amazing after 7 pages everybody is arguing over rules and averages and not one person has commented on the quality of speedway. sums the sport up
  6. Wolverhampton v Rye House 16/4/18

    Must admit I'm on the same page as you. After 32 years of going virtually every week its very possible I might not go again this year. Heat 4 broke the camels back, with Sam Masters off in front we had a much quicker Scott Nicholls hunting down Wolves reserve Ashley Morris. After trying the outside line and going backwards , Nicholls then tracked Morris for 2 and a half laps on the inside line the only hope of passing being a mistake from the Wolves youngster, it was not to come. Sorry its not the sport I used to recognise. I will still do 4 GP's this year and have BT sport so that I can get a fix if I need it. Very sad but maybe time to move on and spend my money somewhere else.
  7. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Very sad news. Ivan Mauger one of the true icons of our sport. I never saw him ride but have seen the footage of the old world finals particularly those behind the old iron curtain in Poland. His legacy will never be forgotten .
  8. The 2 minute time allowance has been around for decades. That is not the reason why people have walked away from the sport.
  9. You have the 2 minutes time allowance to do what you want. You can stop all the gardening you want but the 2 minutes time allowance will still be there and riders will use all of it
  10. GB speedway team

    Must admit I thought the same thing. Race suits, bike covers, personal trainers, nutritionists, health care, rehabilitation, training camps, away test matches, hotels, travel etc Its all money going out without any money coming in. Another input other teams get is mechanical assistance, also not cheap
  11. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    I think the question is whether the weather and subsequent delay contributed to the worsening of track conditions. If it did not Matt Ford Fan is correct in his assumption that the track was unfit before the first race. Usually if a meeting is called off after 1 lap its not adverse to assume that the track was not fit for racing prior to heat one
  12. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Another bad night to go with a wretched start to the speedway season. I wonder how much more pain British speedway can endure ?
  13. 09/04/18 Premiership Wolverhampton v Swindon

    To add some balance the rain has got steadily worse and this meeting would be now probably be heading for a postponement as of 5 oclock. No problem with this, my nark was the postponement coming at 2 o'clock with it being bone dry. Obviously someone has access to better forecasting than me. Happy to set the record straight
  14. Have you had a deluge in Manchester ?, BBC forecast says light rain coming in at 9pm for Manchester M12. Drainage at Belle Vue is the best in the country, would have thought the track could have took that and knowing the forecast could have got a move on
  15. Wolves 2018

    This is another problem we have, the dedicated speedway devotees who tell the world we have such a fantastic product, when by enlarge we don't. It must amaze you reading Laura Morgan's feature in the Speedway Star 3 weeks ago how Workington benefited from 300 hundred people getting free admission only for that number to halve the following week when it was a tenner and then revert to nothing when it was full price a week later. Everything is not the BSPA's fault as some would like you to believe