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  1. New Science

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Also the T20 product is good, its largely an entertaining night out, sadly that can't be said of speedway more often than not.
  2. Agree, was at Zielona Gora a few weeks back, the crowd has a demographic and feel a lot similar to a football crowd in Britain. Those around me in Block K5 support their town / city and the winning is far more important than the quality of the speedway
  3. This year I made a post on this topic that there were only 2 major markets left for the SGP, GB and Poland. You disagreed that GB was still a major market. That's why I made the comment. As for riders emerging from USA, America will never have a better rider in the series than they have now. You know it has nothing to do with riders, it all comes down to money and finding someone to finance it. GP's have readily gone to countries with no world class riders, New Zealand, Finland etc as long as the finance is forthcoming, nothing to do with emerging talent.
  4. Agree, as the Speedway Star says this week regarding Bratislava , great idea but needs somebody wealthy to pay for it, can't see too many takers in the speedway backwaters of France and the Netherlands. Realistically, I know Phil Rising disagrees but there are only 2 major markets left for the SGP than can accommodate and retain a stadium GP, that being Poland and GB. Russia is interesting, there could have been a GP at Togliatti 7 years ago but for whatever reason it hasn't happened. BSI like to be in control of everything at the GP, not sure in Russia that would get that, seems there has always been a lack of trust in all things Russian
  5. Why don't they make it easier and just have countries nominate any 3 riders they desire. It would make it more of a team event . The SON is a bit like the Davis Cup in tennis, one outstanding individual, Andy Murray, Tai Woffinden can win you, get you a medal without much backing. At least with your 3 best nominated riders strength in depth may be more of an advantage if one rider is under performing / injured. Just a thought !
  6. New Science

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    A bit like WWE wrestling but with bikes
  7. Back from a weekend in Slovenia , Firstly Ljubulana and Slovenia as a whole are beautiful , the run out to Krsko on the train is nothing but mountains, trees, lakes and rivers. Paid up for decent seats in the main stand, the view was great but the stand had absolutely no facilities, if you needed the toilets or a bite to eat or a beer you had to leave the stadium, then join the queue to get re admitted . As for the GP it wasn't great was it, it was probably a bit better if you were there. I hear the claims to drop this venue but realistically where can it go. With 6 of the 10 GP's in Poland, Sweden and GP we have to find at least 4 venues to hold GP speedway that are financially viable, if not Krsko then where ? Was it any worse than Prague most years, that's been on the calendar for 20 years. I thought the crowd was good particularly with Zagar missing. As for the exclusion, I was sitting 10 yards behind the tapes and I couldn't fathom what was going on, it seemed to me with the naked eye that all 4 were not ready to race. As it turned out don't think too much damage was done to Woffinden's title hopes, realistically I think Zmarslik needed a minimum podium finish to give himself a fighting chance, would still back Tai to have the one good night he needs to secure the title.
  8. Bit surprised the GP goes back to Wroclaw. Gorzow have put a lot of money into the BSI coffers including being one of their title sponsors . Add to this that Gorzow had already signed a deal to host next years World Cup, that might cost BSI a few quid to get out of that agreement. Wroclaw might be a nice city and easy to get to but the new stadium only has an eleven thousand capacity, much smaller than Torun, Gorzow and Warsaw.
  9. Well done to the helpful Mojo who I believe is Maureen and a few young Polish translators on board the train who pointed out to us that the train was not in fact a direct train, but required a change in Krzyz and then a further change to a replacement bus in Santok. Must admit I was in the dark
  10. How was your experience at Zielona Gora Dean ?
  11. The track was exactly the same last year with little passing, and no rain
  12. New Science

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    £19 for adults in advance u16 free, not much different to a night at the speedway
  13. New Science

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Bang on, Went to a T20 last night and didn't see anyone worse for wear, just enjoying a casual pint. Last night the attendance must have been made up of 50 % kids who all seemed to be enthusiastic and having a good time and their parents having no problem with a 9.45 pm finish.
  14. The lumps and bumps at Poole have been there for years, its no secret that Matt Ford doesn't have the cash to fix it.

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