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  1. Steve Irving

    Team Suits and/or Race Jackets

    As opposed to all seven looking a complete shambles from the get go? Some people still live in the past and that’s part of the problem Speedway has these days. I suggest everyone takes a look at the link to the Look East programme posted on the Ipswich thread. Ipswich look like a professional outfit of a professional sport, exactly the way it SHOULD be, instead of people harking on about the good old days of the 70’s when riders had individual identity with race bibs and numbers made out of gaffer tape that was half falling off. As I said, people need to stop living in the past.
  2. Steve Irving

    2019 Predictions

    I’ve been reading your guff on here for the last weeks and months absolutely convinced you were an immature youngster so gave you the benefit of the doubt. Just browsed your profile and I’m shocked to see you’re a 54 year old grown man! FFS grow up!!
  3. Steve Irving

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    You mean discussing the merits of the average of two riders signed up to Peterborough’s 2019 team? Of course it’s the right thread!! Hardly going wildly off topic take a day off for Christ sake. If you want this thread to just be filled with fluffy wuffy comments from Panthers fans about how wonderful your team is then you’re being totally unrealistic. Every thread will now and again veer slightly off topic but discussing two Peterborough riders averages isn’t even going slightly off topic so I’ve no idea why you’re getting your panties in a twist People discussing the merits of Swindon and Belle Vue is a different matter but again this will happen on most threads now and again. It’s Christmas, have a mince pie and a glass of Mulled cider and chill!
  4. Steve Irving

    Ipswich 2019

    Allen is a cracking signing. There’s clearly a lack of top end big hitters around these days and it’s clear to see the way some teams are shaping their teams. Both Poole and Peterborough look to have very strong reserves, now Ipswich have signed another. Allen will be a match for any of them.
  5. Steve Irving

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Of course it’s the right thread man! People are commenting on the proposed averages of two riders just signed by Peterborough for 2019. Whether you think they’re way off to question those averages or not is irrelevant, but this is definitely the right thread for them to do so.
  6. Steve Irving

    Poole 2019

    Nico Covatti will be a Pirate next season.
  7. Steve Irving

    Wolves 2019

    Will be riding a broomstick next season I believe.
  8. Steve Irving

    Sheffield 2019

    Had Eastbourne stuck a contract under his nose he’d now be an Eastbourne rider. But they’re not in a position at this moment to put names on contracts. Doesn’t mean wheels haven’t been put in motion.
  9. Steve Irving

    Sheffield 2019

    Let’s get real here, there isn’t a SINGLE club in the division who would turn their nose up at Drew Kemp on a 2 point average so behave. If Drew had spoken to the Workington promotion and said “I’d like to ride for you next year”, there isn’t a chance in hell they’d have said “nah you’re not for us” Sheffield have Simon Stead to thank for this signing. I believe he was all set to sign for Eastbourne until Stead persuaded him to sign for Sheffield.
  10. Steve Irving

    Ipswich 2019

    Seen a fair few of these comments regarding Heeps this year. All I can say is I wish I was as fat as this lad!
  11. Steve Irving

    Ipswich 2019

    Christ are people actually clamouring for the signing of Campton because he’s rode the track well a few times? Campton is crap. The amount of stick that superior riders get on here from Ipswich fans like Heeps and Covatti who they don’t want back, and then mention Campton as a possible signing? LOL oh boy you’d love Mason Campton. Mark Riss rode Ipswich well before they signed him, do you want him back next year? Thought not. Normally I always say you start with your number 1 and then work down, but when a talent comes around like Kemp, you rip that strategy up and get him signed first. Then move on to your number 1.
  12. Steve Irving

    Ipswich 2019

    I’ve seen reference to these “real supporters/what would you know etc” comments a few times. I’m assuming they were made from someone authoritative at the club to fans on social media? If so who made them?
  13. Steve Irving

    Ipswich v Glasgow Thursday 13th

    Said this before. Bob Ellis is bloody useless as a trackman. Just because someone has given many years of service doesn’t automatically make them good at what they do. Could I do better? Well no I couldn’t. That’s why I haven’t offered my services. If you do offer your services and take on the role, then you have to be prepared to accept criticism if it looks like you’re doing a poor job. Again as I’ve said before, there is a reason why Ipswich have never been shortlisted for track of the year, voted for by referees. Its because the trackman is crap and doesn’t consistently produce a good racing surface. Simple as that. Do the people of Ipswich a favour Mr Ellis, and retire from track prep duties. Let someone else have a bash that just MIGHT, produce a decent racing strip. I may just then pop along to watch.

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