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  1. Falcon Hammer

    lakeside 2019

    Even though it would add 2-3hrs total on my journey; If Lakeside continue, I would prefer Iwade or Lydd than Rye House
  2. Safe journey & CU there Mike, will be the 2nd time I’ve bumped into you at Workington!!!
  3. Superb that Lakeside have miraculously found a date when apparently none were available. Equally fantastic that Peterborough were ready to race any day of the week, when previously they weren’t able to agree to last Sunday a week in advance Marvellous
  4. That’s how I read it, the first part being: 2012 ELKOC QF Birmingham beat Belle Vue away 42-35: The home leg was subsequently rained off 11/10 & Birmingham went through to the SF
  5. Morris for Kurtz at Lynn... I think you can!
  6. Don’t think that was me Singy, certainly wasn’t eying up the catering van Love visiting Workington. After 4/5hrs of driving hell, the final drive along the A66 , makes you realise how beautiful Britain is. Will be back to Workington this weekend 100%, just hope the weather stays fair & good luck on Thursday night
  7. 2012 Playoff group stages Edinburgh v Workington wasn’t staged & even though Workington could’ve qualified with a win, Scunthorpe qualified - Reckon Lakeside will get the nod re the away win
  8. Cheers Tony, didn’t even get to see 2 heats this time - Should get up for the playoff final though, 3rd time lucky
  9. Another new low for British speedway - just when you think it can’t get worse Feel for you & everyone else who were mugged off tonight. Worse thing is nothing will get done about it, in fact it won’t even be acknowledged as having occurred Fans will continue to be treated like dirt until there’s nobody left
  10. Yes, plenty of lines around Arena. From what I can recall, this year only twice has the outside line been poor & one of those was after the Ride n Slide day, when I guess they had time constraints preparing the track. The inside line is always fine
  11. Falcon Hammer

    Ben Fund

    Same day as the play-off SFs Peterborough v Lakeside Mildenhall v Kent ☹️
  12. Can’t see the point in having 5 tractor breaks per meeting , when you’re only dragging dust onto tarmac, there’s still only one line around the outside!
  13. My sentiments precisely - I was relieved when Cook came on the mike & said there would be changes to the track; unfortunately it’s been shocking for the last 2 years, with one racing line around the fence
  14. Hans Andersen had a season ending injury for Poole in 2016 & was replaced by then SGP rider Antonio Lindback. Hans did manage to ride in Poland afterwards... Guessing it was a BRITISH season ending injury!
  15. Stevie Worrall guested for Ipswich last week...

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