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  1. Another new low for British speedway - just when you think it can’t get worse Feel for you & everyone else who were mugged off tonight. Worse thing is nothing will get done about it, in fact it won’t even be acknowledged as having occurred Fans will continue to be treated like dirt until there’s nobody left
  2. Yes, plenty of lines around Arena. From what I can recall, this year only twice has the outside line been poor & one of those was after the Ride n Slide day, when I guess they had time constraints preparing the track. The inside line is always fine
  3. Falcon Hammer

    Ben Fund

    Same day as the play-off SFs Peterborough v Lakeside Mildenhall v Kent ☹️
  4. Can’t see the point in having 5 tractor breaks per meeting , when you’re only dragging dust onto tarmac, there’s still only one line around the outside!
  5. My sentiments precisely - I was relieved when Cook came on the mike & said there would be changes to the track; unfortunately it’s been shocking for the last 2 years, with one racing line around the fence
  6. Hans Andersen had a season ending injury for Poole in 2016 & was replaced by then SGP rider Antonio Lindback. Hans did manage to ride in Poland afterwards... Guessing it was a BRITISH season ending injury!
  7. Stevie Worrall guested for Ipswich last week...
  8. 1) Awd 2) 80.3 3) 70.5 4) 80.5 5) 69.2 6) 82.9
  9. Falcon Hammer

    Workington 2018 .

    Seems a bit shy, ask Laura, she seems to know him well
  10. BSPA might bring it forward though...
  11. Falcon Hammer

    Workington 2018 .

    Agree re: the Peterborough fixture Think he is being very diplomatic saying they have “disappeared” & “club has yet to receive any explanation” doesn’t sound very professional by the BSPA He seems to find the need to emphasise the need to come to a decision not “terminal” to clubs & reminds us of the closure of Rye House - seems serious to me Why have the 13/07 fixtures at Lakeside, Peterborough & Workington been omitted when only Edinburgh are at home that night?
  12. Falcon Hammer

    Workington 2018 .

    How can you suddenly change fixtures that have been there since the start of the season!!!! Strange how it affects 3 clubs that are having an excellent season on track, namely Lakeside, Peterborough & Workington - Seems there are some nasty spiteful people making this decision, who are quite happy for other tracks to go to the wall Seem to remember, Laura being reassured she could have plenty of Fridays & now this is completely reneged - why promise something & then completely screw them over. Unbelievable
  13. Falcon Hammer

    Redcar 2018

    Great post There has been a lot of criticism about clubs just looking after No.1, so its quite refreshing seeing them unite for the good of the sport as a whole
  14. Falcon Hammer


    Wish there were more promoters like those at Glasgow: Not just the finances, but the professionalism of the club - Speedway would be in a much better place
  15. Falcon Hammer

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    But Mr Horton revealed the move meant a return to Brandon Stadium, a long-held hop of Bees fans, was unlikely in the extreme.He added: A standalone stadium either at Brandon or elsewhere has never been commercially viable and will never be commercially viable for the club. Strange statement about viability - especially when moving to a new 2011 stadium in Leicester & amazing how Brandon has continued for so long!

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