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  1. Weather looks good for both meetings scheduled on FreeSports Sunday afternoon, with no rain forecast https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/world-city-forecasts/1858002~gorzow,%20Bielsko,%20POLAND https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/world-city-forecasts/1870122~leszno,%20Leszno,%20POLAND
  2. She could finish up at the shrine in Walsingham
  3. I had it to record some days ago on SkyQ and the start time showed 6.30 in scheduled recordings but contradicted the epg which now showed 6.00. I deleted the original recording and rescheduled it and it now shows 6.00 pm. It looks like they have moved it forward 30 minutes, so all should be OK.
  4. mike1944

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    If he was knocked out and lost consciousness I would doubt he will be allowed to ride this Tuesday evening against King's Lynn
  5. mike1944

    Ronnie Moore

    Remember seeing him ride when Wimbledon visited Norwich, respected and well-liked rider. Very sad to hear this sad news, he was 85 and had apparently been suffering from lung cancer
  6. Wonder why Eurosport could have not shown the whole meeting from heat 1 slightly delayed instead of live. When they did start the programe they then showed 10 minutes of utter crud with flashing graphics of bikes and riders accompanyed by the usual useless music that does nothing but waste time. More scenes of the track grading than speedway itself. 20 minutes at the end of the programme too to fill up. On top of all that the one hour repeat later in the evening did actually show heat one and then shot off to heat 7, so why they could not have shown heat 2, 3 and 4 beggars belief. The one redeeming feature was that Eurosport showed the meeting at all but with a bit more planning and thought it could have been so much better.
  7. Saying all that it is chucking it down now
  8. The weather is very difficult to predict today, here, 8 miles West of Norwich, thunderstorms and rain have been forecast and threatening all day, yet all we have seen is a few drops of rain, for five minutes, black clouds have just passed over with no sign of a thunderstorm.Yet I expect there are probably places within 5-10 minutes drive away could have had downpours.
  9. Watching Polish speedway on FreeSports I am getting increasingly impressed with their 2 minute timer for the riders to be ready at the tapes. The timer countdown can be seen on screen and the riders always appear to be ready on time. Any restarts get the 2 minutes too. Can we please adopt this Polish timer system as it is annoying to see four riders at the tapes after lots of delay and then one turn round and go back to the fourth bend and returns and then some more shuffling, gardening and clutch adjustments from the others too. Of course this can happen without the countdown clock but at least supporters know that the moment they get the go-ahead to leave the pit gate there is a time they have to adhere to and they have 2 minutes to be ready at the tapes to race.
  10. Weather looks OK for tonight only a 3% to 4% chance of rain
  11. What is the weather like at Swindon, any chance this could be rained off?
  12. mike1944

    Speedway Referees

    If I had my way he would never ever referee another speedway meeting ever again.
  13. Either Dumbo or Mickey Mouse Seriously though, from a source in another post he was named as
  14. mike1944

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    That referee needs to go to Specsavers. I do fear for Jason though, looking at the footage of the accident, head injuries apart, the way he fell I would be very surprised if he had not got more damage to his already patched up leg. It certainly did not look good.
  15. Thanks a million Eurosport for managing to get to show the speedway from heat 9 after the tennis finished and then showing us a pile of crud about what was going on later they might even have got heat 7 in. Thought they could have shown it in delayed from the start with an edited version but showing all the races. There is only a 1 hour repeat of this next Friday at 9 am. Damn the tennis. The highlight for me was to see the win by Robert Lambert.

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