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  1. As I said 2 or 3 posts ago if this meeting does start it will never be finished -- it could be, but it will not be, because the reasons I gave
  2. Even if there is a threat of rain later we will undoubtedly see the usual undue delays at the starting gate, false starts and anything to delay the proceedings. There is no reason why this match could not be done and dusted if organised efficiently when one considers there is no more than 20 minutes at the very most of actual racing. Riders could be out as soon as the previous riders return to the pit gates except when there is track grading or when a rider has 2 consecutive rides. Any false riders should return to the gates within 1 minute ready for a restart, bikes should be fuelled accordingly to allow for this. If they mess about with any rain forecast they will stand no chance of getting this meeting off the ground.
  3. Might see the actual final on Christmas Day maybe ?
  4. Cannot see this meeting getting off the ground tonight looking at various weather forecasts. Even if they do start the meeting the usual faffing about at the start and 10,000 mile servicing of the bikes after numerous false starts will just result in the the track getting wetter and wetter and ready for yet another call-off. It might only be light rain or drizzle forecast around 6 pm but it is what is forecast between 7.30 and 9.30 and it does not look like drizzle to me. But we live in hope.
  5. Really worried about Holders toe, just hope he will be able to toe the line again.
  6. I just hope we can get on with the meeting tonight and it not like the Swedish final and many meetings of late with false starts and the usual plethora of mechanics invading the track to top up the fuel and give the bikes a 10,000 mile service, then a return to the gate with the usual gardening adjusting the clutch and goggles and then one rider will turn around a go half way back round the track before the starting marshall even tries to get them to line up. False starts all four riders should be straight back to the tapes and lined up and ready to start under a one minute warning, those bikes should be mechanically capable of doing that and fuelled accordingly. No mechanics allowed a the track and no return to the pits.
  7. mike1944

    Sheffield Speedway help wanted

    Well I finally made it on Sunday, a great shame Sheffield lost but saying that an enjoyable meeting of racing. We found both the locals and also the opposition supporters very helpful and friendly. Glad we went, the one downside is that the whole track cannot he accessed for spectators. Good luck Sheffield —onwards and upwards. What was refreshing was that both groups of supporters could stand side by side, no trouble at all and I never saw a policeman all night. A credit to speedway.
  8. Actually I watched in in HD live on add channels on my SkyQ box and also recorded it in SD and also the programme after as a back-up if it over-ran as I could not pause or record in HD. It was a great picture in HD and I stayed with it all the way. The Swedish track staff did a great job in getting a meeting on after that downpour, just shows what can be done with some effort, British speedway should take note, no good just dragging a piece of old steel girder behind a tractor churning up a wet track, with a couple of men chucking odd shovels of sawdust on it, hoping it will be rideable by doing so. One suggestion is that the new graphic showing the collective heat winners is good but I wish it was on screen longer to read it.
  9. mike1944

    Sheffield Speedway help wanted

    Thanks very much for the replies, looking forward to being there,I just hope we get some decent weather.
  10. We are coming to stay on holiday near Sheffield the week beginning July 5th and there is a scheduled meeting that week, assuming the weather is kind, we would like to attend that meeting and would have to travel by car. Please can some local supporter tell us what is the parking situation like at the track and any recommendations
  11. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but Swedish Speedway is back on FreeSports TV (Sky 422, Freeview 64 also other platforms see website link below) on Tues May 7th Round 1 (6.10 pm) and on Thursday May 9th Round 1 Part 2 (10.15 pm) or that is what is scheduled on their website https://www.freesports.tv/our-sports/motorsport.html
  12. mike1944

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    Saw this too on the BT web site This year’s action will begin on Saturday 4 May with Race Off 1 of the FIM Speedway of Nations live across the BT Sport network. https://sport.bt.com/speedway/bt-sport-to-remain-the-home-of-the-fim-speedway-world-championships-until-at-least-2021-S11364353880429
  13. Weather looks good for both meetings scheduled on FreeSports Sunday afternoon, with no rain forecast https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/world-city-forecasts/1858002~gorzow,%20Bielsko,%20POLAND https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/world-city-forecasts/1870122~leszno,%20Leszno,%20POLAND
  14. She could finish up at the shrine in Walsingham
  15. I had it to record some days ago on SkyQ and the start time showed 6.30 in scheduled recordings but contradicted the epg which now showed 6.00. I deleted the original recording and rescheduled it and it now shows 6.00 pm. It looks like they have moved it forward 30 minutes, so all should be OK.

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