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  1. Thanks a million Eurosport for managing to get to show the speedway from heat 9 after the tennis finished and then showing us a pile of crud about what was going on later they might even have got heat 7 in. Thought they could have shown it in delayed from the start with an edited version but showing all the races. There is only a 1 hour repeat of this next Friday at 9 am. Damn the tennis. The highlight for me was to see the win by Robert Lambert.
  2. What on earth was wrong with Pedersen tonight, wonder if he was he ill, heappeared very subdued unlike him. We had a shot of him in the pits after the race taking his tabard off and he just looked tired and deflated. Usually Pedersen is cursing at everyone in sight and gesticulating at the mechanics about his bikes performance. Just not Pedersen. Some great track racing with loads of overtaking and the track looked in great condition, obviously had been prepared well and watered well in advance, way different than the later Swedish matches on TV in a dust bowl.
  3. I have a link come up to record it on Thursday 12.30 am -- Round 8 on FreeSports
  4. Easy to blame BT for lack of crowds because it was televised but were crowds, as a whole, better in the earlier part of the season before BT started televising meetings. Were crowds that much better when the meeting is not televised. Being televised does not exactly stop people watching the many other sports that are televised. Perhaps it is the fact that the amount of admision charged is putting yoo many people off especially for how much actual racing time there is and the fact that many of these races are a procession following the gater for 4 laps.
  5. I just wonder how many people were affected by this as the whole meeting recorded on my SkyQ box in HD perfectly OK last night. I set it to record a few days ago.
  6. It certainly did record or at least it did (the HD version) on my SkyQ box, started watching the recording an hour after it started recording. Programmed in to record several days ago. It was one of the best speedway meetings on TV I have seen for some time, loads of overtaking and exciting racing. Speedway at its best.
  7. Well I watched it on TV and found it a very enjoyable meeting, excellent track and good close riding especially heat 9. No, I am not a sit at home supporter but live a 4 hour drive from both Manchester and Swindon
  8. mike1944

    Elitserien 2018, round 2, 15 May

    Round 2 Live Premier Sports 6.00 Tuesday May 15th Round 2 FreeSports 9.30 pm Wednesday May 16th should get the whole meeting as it is not live and they have allowed 1hr 55 mims to show it
  9. In 1960 when the Norwich Speedway were at The Firs, I cannot remember paying over 6/6d for a grandstand seat, in fact I believe it was even much less less than that. Now comparing that price on a historic calculator gives the result of £7.20. If the admission then was 5/6d, it would be £6.09 at today's prices. Now if the admission for speedway with that price today I am sure the crowds would increase. When I started work in 1959 my take home pay was £2.14s.7d a week as an apprentice in the printing trade.Today that would be £60.46 that works out at today as £1.52 an hour for a 40 hour week. It is the admission price that puts more people off, with no real stable team to support, for instance dear old Chris Harris (bless him a great guest and willing rider) must have guested for just about every team last year with him guseting for the home team one week and a couple of weeks later he was guesting for the opposion team -- just farcical. Why don't we see more infield advertising boards like I have seen on TV in Sweden and Poland any income at all would help?
  10. I just watched it on Eurosport. Landshut is not the best of tracks anyway and it was far too dry with dust blowing everywhere the camera found difficulty seeing the riders in 3rd and 4th places, verey little overtaking. The watering of the track made little difference 2 laps and the dust was back. Anyone watching speedway for the first time would probably not bother to watch again, certainly not a good advert for speedway. With the track in better condition this could have been a fairly OK meeting but it was one of the most boring I had seen for a long time. I just wonder what the state of the crowds were when they returned to their cars they must have been covered with half the track on their clothes. I love speedway and do not like to be too critical, but this one was sadly a waste of time watching.
  11. Good to see that Swedish speedway willl be on our screens again this year via Freesport, I almost give up seeing that this year with earlier reports that Swedish speedway would not be on TV. As with Polish Speedway I do not even care if is not live, good to see different tracks and some different riders. Well done FreeSports.
  12. mike1944

    Mureck crash

    The is more info on that link you gave, does not initially look good though. Translated by the website not by me
  13. People may blame TV coverage but that is only one meeting a week and how many times in a season is a club televised. What about all the weeks TV is not there? The biggest problems I can see is that there is a large number of riders who have other commitments, especially the foreign riders, this limits the choice of days when speedway can feasibly be run , so we see a hotch-potch of riders in a team, there is not a team any more to support, with guest riders in abundance. Last year I remember Chris Harris guested so many times he must have appeared in about ever team in the League. Then we look at value for money -- working out at £1 a race, plus programme, sometimes parking and travelling make attending a meeting making attending a meeting way beyond what they can comfortably afford. One can easily do a round trip of 40+ miles, or a few quid to travel, to attend a meeting, get there, and find at the last moment it is rained off. Not very encouraging, is it and can hardly be called good value for money and with more and more people having to watch their pennies speedway will take a hit if they do not soon do something about it.
  14. Well so according to him if nobody turned up for meetings that would be no problem. I know that I would rather set my sights on crowd of 2000 + than an empty stadium.
  15. mike1944

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Isn't the interval just an excuse to spin the meeting out longer so it implies the punters are getting more for their money. There are enough long gaps between races as it is, more than enough time to go to the loo or buy a hot dog.

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