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  1. victor meldrew

    Tigers v Tigers 16/8/2019

    Thanks for the early call, much appreciated, saved a long trip and can now cancel hotel.
  2. I have a feeling this meeting could be a rain off, if it is, could it be called early to save the MANY Sheffield travelling fans a wasted journey.
  3. Is Grinsted's Kasper Andersen the same rider that rides for Sheffield ?
  4. Why don't you have a 'serious go' at our promoters tonight, in person, they'll all be there.
  5. victor meldrew

    Scorpions v Berwick 17.08.18 7.30pm

    Your friends up the road collect trophies instead.
  6. victor meldrew

    Lakeside v Glasgow 7 July - POSTPONED!!!!!

    So, is the Lakeside v Sheffield meeting taking place on Friday 13th or not - I hope it is because I've booked two days leave and an hotel for this meeting ?
  7. victor meldrew

    Sheffield 2017

    JPB named in Berwick team away at Redcar tomorrow 3/8/2017
  8. victor meldrew

    Leicester Lions Vs Swindon Robins 17/07/17

    Under what circumstances can the IRR rule be used ?
  9. victor meldrew

    Panthers Lodge Protest

    So what was Shanes Championship average on the day of the meeting ?
  10. victor meldrew

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    Why would the 'supremo' be waiting for the Polish fixtures, I might be wrong, but aren't all Polish meetings run on a Sunday ?
  11. victor meldrew

    Sheffo's Proctor Out!

    I'm just going with what the article in this weeks Speedway Star (page 3) says, not being privvy to anything else.
  12. victor meldrew

    Sheffo's Proctor Out!

    Will the BSPA management committee have the 'cojones'to tell us how the vote went and who voted what on their discretionary decision as to whether Ty Proctor stays or goes.
  13. victor meldrew

    Sheffo's Proctor Out!

    In hindsight Sheffield should have probably seeked advice from the management of the team you support.
  14. Cheers, will probably make the trip up for this one, weather forecast for the rest of the day does look promising !!

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