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  1. victor meldrew

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    I apologise, I misunderstood your LOL re them riding for Sheffield.
  2. victor meldrew

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    You seem to have a problem with Adam and Troy being employed by Sheffield - when your club couldn't.
  3. victor meldrew

    Panthers vs. Tigers 20/09 Live on EUROSPORT

    So why did P/boro bother winning at Sheff last week and then lose heavily when on tv, surely it would have been better if they had lost at Sheff, dropped points away from home, then beaten Sheff at P/Borough, then it wouldn't have looked so 'iffy'.
  4. victor meldrew

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 09/09/21

    Sheffield must have had an 'OFF DAY' on Monday, abit like yourselves on Bank Holiday Monday.
  5. And doing the Business for SHEFFIELD TIGERS this season.
  6. victor meldrew

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 09/09/21

    Good God, stop being so negative, give the lad a chance, he seems like a good prospect to me, 8 points from 4 rides, including 2 wins, at P/Borough on Monday looks OK to me.
  7. victor meldrew

    Sheffield vs Belle Vue 2/9/21

    Why is NBJ not riding ?
  8. victor meldrew

    Tigers V Wolves 12/8/21

    https://youtu.be/Nw1-wBbvZM Troy Batchelor (Kent) on his way to a 16 point haul at Birmingham on 4th Aug 2021.
  9. victor meldrew

    Tigers v Tigers 16/8/2019

    Thanks for the early call, much appreciated, saved a long trip and can now cancel hotel.
  10. I have a feeling this meeting could be a rain off, if it is, could it be called early to save the MANY Sheffield travelling fans a wasted journey.
  11. Is Grinsted's Kasper Andersen the same rider that rides for Sheffield ?
  12. Why don't you have a 'serious go' at our promoters tonight, in person, they'll all be there.
  13. victor meldrew

    Scorpions v Berwick 17.08.18 7.30pm

    Your friends up the road collect trophies instead.
  14. victor meldrew

    Lakeside v Glasgow 7 July - POSTPONED!!!!!

    So, is the Lakeside v Sheffield meeting taking place on Friday 13th or not - I hope it is because I've booked two days leave and an hotel for this meeting ?
  15. victor meldrew

    Sheffield 2017

    JPB named in Berwick team away at Redcar tomorrow 3/8/2017

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