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  1. Long Eye

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Thick ones might need constantly reminding.
  2. Why should the tyre supplier be forced to pay any fines? The tyre supplier wasn't asked to supply any tyres.
  3. It was the British Championship meeting today.
  4. Long Eye

    Lasse Bjerre. Refusal To Ride.

    Each track would need 2 as Lasse has small frames made for him
  5. Speedway has always been about split second reactions. Can you cope with that revelation?
  6. Yeah because that doesn't take any skill?
  7. Long Eye

    Capacity Of Uk Speedway Stadiums

    What was the capacity at New Cross?
  8. Long Eye

    Leicester Lions 2017

    WTF is your major malfunction?
  9. Usually if a rider wants his club to provide extras such as vans then it reduces the signing on fee and points money.
  10. If you knew how contracts work in speedway, which you should as you claim to be an ex rider, then you would know that vans, workshops, mechanics etc are not free when arranged by the club.
  11. Long Eye

    Jawa 889-6 Engine Manual Help Please

    Try Speedway Service on 01553 829197. you're correct about that model only being made for one year. The studs used to pull out of the top of the barrel before the torque setting was reached sometimes. There might be a link on the Jawa Divisov website for manuals.
  12. And for the hundreth time on here it seems.....I have used leathers and kevlars for speedway and grasstrack. I had more burns from using leathers than I did when wearing kevlars. Leathers are brilliant when sliding a long way along a tarmack track at speed but most speedway injuries are caused by impact where material choice makes no difference.
  13. Asians don't pay for stuff like entertainment. If someone cleans their windows in the Highfields area of Leicester then that will attract a good audience. Cheap 'people'.

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