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  1. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    The Bill Gates stooge has spoken, let's see how that one ages ...
  2. Blupanther

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Do you think six man teams may be an option, and a reduction of the points limit ?
  3. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    There will be plenty of people with no companies to run after this. Unlocked countries have all had lower death rates per million than the UK, and not destroyed their economies in the process. The link below gives the statistics in case you haven't seen it ... https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
  4. Blupanther

    Cardiff 2020

    Yet Cardiff tickets and coach travel are still available to buy on the SGP website, i just checked...
  5. Blupanther

    Ipswich 2020

    Apparently he's not too quick getting his round done, unless he gets out of the depot first
  6. Blupanther

    Grand Prix Tickets.

    Want a tenner on that Mick
  7. Excluded for not self distancing, that won't be a problem for many riders. Nicki Pedersen however won't finish a race...
  8. Blupanther

    Could the season be extended.

    Get a roof on the 'stadiums' and install central heating, it could be a winner
  9. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    No, but stepson works for the NHS and he was isolated here with us on the advice of his supervisor. They were pretty sure that's what it was, he had all the symptoms. He was only here for a month while he was buying a house, but that's all on hold now. We are in line to have the antibody test when it becomes available...
  10. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    I actually do a lot of the cooking, I value my health. Stepson would eat my Thai curries every night if he could, just hope her indoors never clocks these posts
  11. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    Glad you got over it. My ND advised me to increase my intake of Vitamins A, C, and D, along with Zinc and Selenium back in February to boost the immune system. Caught it in March, felt a bit rough for a day but was fine after that, but the other two in the house were ill for a fortnight. I lost my sense of smell and taste for a month, but that was a blessing in disguise with the wife's cooking
  12. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    I'm over 50, i had it, and it was a walk in the park compared to the flu ...
  13. Thanks for clarifying, time will tell i spose ...
  14. I thought you were being ironic about the so called 'experts', nothing personal ...
  15. Blupanther

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Ivan Mauger would probably disagree bruv
  16. Why do you think there will be a second wave ? Poland has only had 570 deaths in total and they are easing restrictions... Schools and businesses were locked down until April 19, and the border will stay closed until May 3, according to Reuters. As of April 20, more customers at a time were allowed into stores, and citizens can freely enter forests and national parks, Warsaw Business Journal reports.
  17. Blupanther

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Hard to criticise any rider for choosing Poland, they have families to feed...
  18. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    Sorry for your loss, but it helps if your comments are fueled by facts, rather than emotion...
  19. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    Someone has been watching too much MSM and drunk their kool aid BS. The best way to control people is to keep them afraid, you certainly prove that point ...
  20. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    Simple research would have prevented you from looking foolish... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8256237/New-figures-number-people-visiting-UKs-E-wards-half-month.html
  21. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    Most A & E departments are pretty empty at the moment...
  22. Blupanther

    Corona virus

    Absolutely, entertainment becomes even more important when people have more time on their hands, and it's also a great distraction from life's difficulties ...

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