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  1. The precedent has already been set...
  2. It's not, there is a Champions Lge place at stake. Spurs can still statistically overhaul Villa for 4th place, although it would be a dead rubber if Spurs lose against Burnley tomorrow...
  3. Kurtz has blown it for the Aces tonight...
  4. And anyone who doesn't have a smart phone ? Are they just turned away ?
  5. The continuing adventures in Buster's Clownland...
  6. BluTiger

    Witches v Lynn May 6th 2.15pm

    Dry as a bone a few miles away. The Foxhall cloud strikes again...
  7. https://britishspeedway.co.uk/rowe-motor-oil-premiership/preview-oxford-v-leicester-rowe-motor-oil-prem/
  8. BluTiger

    Witches v Lynn May 6th 2.15pm

    Been informed that it's raining in West Ipswich. Seems to be hit and miss at the moment...
  9. BluTiger

    Witches v Lynn May 6th 2.15pm

    Indeed. The good old BBC has given rain all afternoon... https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2646057
  10. BluTiger

    John "Tiger" Louis R.I.P.

    It's certainly been a day of two halves in Ipswich. Farewell to the great Tiger Louis in the morning, followed by promotion to the Premiership just a few hours later...
  11. BluTiger

    Stars v Brummies 2/5

    The Patryk must go brigade could well be a tad silent for a while now...
  12. BluTiger

    Birmingham/ Aces

    That's a tad unfair on Cook, 7 points is a good return from a second string away...
  13. BluTiger

    Craig Cook?

    With his current form, and very low average, bringing in Cook is a no brainer...

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