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  1. Byker Biker

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    I was saving that as my "Coup de Grace"
  2. Byker Biker

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    To a degree it's this cynical approach that probably means it will never ever happen. Why don't you buy a Speedway Club and then you can go to the meetings?
  3. I'm all for renaming the Play Offs as the "Up Yours" Trophy ! We can all change our race night music to "Friday On My Mind" Muck fe even Robinson Crusoe can ride on Friday !!!!!!!!
  4. Look, Ben has special needs you can't discriminate against him like that.
  5. Maybe Peterborough have objected
  6. Byker Biker

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Most Promoters and Team Managers have made it quite clear that this is expected of them but trying to get the riders to deliver on it leads to unnecessary confrontation at a time when every point counts. When they've got their racing heads on a lot of them can be absolute rsoles and you've got one in your team! Buy him a tyre or a bit of fuel now and again and he'll talk to you stop for a couple of weeks and he'll blank you and move on.
  7. Byker Biker

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    There are and have been, they got burnt by the rest of them!
  8. So you feel Rob should be allowed to change his 1-7 after the cut off date when no-one else is? Taking a poor performer out who is uninjured or not withholding his services does not allow a NL guest particularly if the rider says he is fit/capable. You'd no doubt feel better if a NL bandit had scored 2 or 3 points last night but that's hardly fair on the visitors, Rob, somewhat understandably, was strengthening up - a bit like Sheffield did with a facility for Shanes last week.
  9. Enjoy your rest, it would have been a lot more palatable for those affected clubs if the fixture list hadn't been adopted by the BSPA. Let's be honest both the home and away clubs had agreed to every Friday fixture that was in the list so wtf were the rest of them doing when this occurred?
  10. Byker Biker

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    The bigger issue will be "How come there are only Polish riders in the Grand Prix?" Then they might wake up, we may only have 1 or 2 Brits capable of winning a race at that level never mind a GP or the series, Tai yes and Robert eventually.
  11. Byker Biker

    What’s in a name ??

    Interesting comments, I honestly believe the team name is a no win situation for the promotion so they may as well bite the bullet and go down the Rockets route at least it will have synonymity with local media and local folk. This sort of issue demonstrates just how fickle Speedway supporters can be if they choose to be so, when Cradley moved to Stoke it was a financial disaster yet the club name has been able to run, closer to the Black Country, as a nomad team relatively successfully and just about viable for some seasons. I know this proves that Dudley Wood closed prematurely but neither Stoke or Cradley fans gave the Promoters the best of both worlds at Loomer Road. If you look at the number of revived team names swishing about the development leagues there is a small core of used to go folk who trip around following the club name and do a good job keeping the name alive but is that really enough to build on? I honestly believe that an experienced promotion that can; put right the obvious wrongs of the previous Promoters, avoid paying riders stupid money and operate with a Promoter who maintains enthusiasm instead of rocking up at 8 o'clock in shorts, flip flops and cocked shades (so not JC IMHO) has the basis to make it work. They can start by shovelling all that 5hit off the centre green !
  12. Oh aye, and if some folk had ever raced a Speedway bike they'd think a bit harder before posting on here. This forum is full of Team Managers, Promoters and expert riders who stand on the terraces every week filling a programme in, crack on.
  13. Of course, oh i forgot tyre pressures too
  14. It's 'cos it was a Friday, having created plenty of guests somebody has to use them now.

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