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  1. Wow! Bit of a shot in the foot this Rob......
  2. Byker Biker

    Danny Ayres RIP

    And I'd like to think the ACU would get a grip with a safeguarding and pastoral care programme across all disciplines which can be adequately outsourced on a pay as you go basis. Some of the programmes in place for the military and emergency services are yielding success with a reduction of self inflicted injury/loss of life, this isn't the place to explain in depth but "trauma" and "incident" management yields very positive results. Sincere condolences.
  3. Byker Biker

    Loan Riders

    Correct and the riders/offshore clubs are protected by the ISLB fixture list "first logged first served" which is what maintains their self employed status for the time being. That's without the DMU, SVEMO, MA, AMA and other federation agreements.
  4. Byker Biker

    Loan Riders

    I'm afraid not, the riders are free to work for whom and where they like, granted there may be argy bargy because the club that holds the registration wants to offer a team place and some newby promoter has made an illegal approach offering the rider brewsters to go elsewhere. The BSPA has an appeal process which runs all the way to the ACU but ultimately the rider will ride where he chooses and in my example the club owning the registration gets a loan fee and the club making an illegal approach gets a fine. If club A says you can have him on a transfer only basis then it goes to appeal. The process has been taken to Barristers by certainly one rider I know as well as the BSPA and has been acknowledged as legal and definately not a Bosman.
  5. Byker Biker

    Loan Riders

    Then they shouldn't enter into contractual agreements or accept payments for anything other than the work they do. Service contracts have failed the statutory test of Self Employment so it's only a matter of time.
  6. Byker Biker

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    You could always go as one of your alter-egos
  7. Byker Biker

    Newcastle 2020

    I think you know the answers to those questions already Dick
  8. Byker Biker

    Kent Kings 2020?

    No - Len Silver is!!
  9. Byker Biker


    Assuming of course they consent and do not opt out under the GDPR regulations
  10. Byker Biker

    workington ..

    Ruined it so much they gave hundreds of thousands of pounds to do their best. Your disgust should be aimed at the insolvency laws unfortunately businesses cannot pick and choose who gets paid once insolvent there is a strict legal pecking order.
  11. Byker Biker


    Fortunately my online subscription edition arrived on time, just after midnight Wednesday, which has saved me from getting wiss pet through walking to Tesco's over the last couple of days. I can recommend an online subscription to anyone and everyone.
  12. Byker Biker

    Sheffield 2020

    I make it 500 yards more!
  13. Byker Biker

    TV new deal?

    I really cannot understand why so many experts on broadcasting and running a Speedway are all in the same place at the same time surely you should be running your businesses not pratting about on a forum!!!!! Unless you understand broadcasting rights, licensing and the differences between: a production company, a primary, secondary and tertiary rights holder, news rights or a broadcaster then all of this has no validity in my opinion. Philip Rising has tried to give some informed pointers but deaf ears and stoney ground spring to mind ! So frustrating.
  14. Byker Biker

    Well done the S.C.B.

    I have been at all ends of this situation and can understand all of the views of those involved however my problem is the lack of consistency applying penalties and the arbitrary way they are dished out. For every rule that can be broken the rule book could carry the applicable penalty, if we use the specific example in this thread then in my opinion the box is sacrosanct and entry should carry the maximum £300 fine so if the rule was written something like "Entering the SCB Official's refereeing position is forbidden and carries the maximum penalty of £300 unless specifically requested to enter by the duly appointed SCB Meeting Referee". That way everyone knows exactly what it's gonna cost them to approach the Ref at his work station. For minor offences the rule could specify for example "A breach of this regulation carries a penalty of £25 during NDL events, £50 for CL and £100 for PL" It's not hard to grade the offences and provide a league scale which will remove any suggestions of bias and those offences for which a penalty cannot be predetermined then everybody gets there *rse out of bed and trots off to Rugby to deal with it. I shat myself when I had to go to the RAC Club in Pall Mall to explain a recurring offence.
  15. The owner of the club is the BSPA !!!!!!

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