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  1. Byker Biker


    He has but what was the European Grand Prix, pre Covid, could have been staged anywhere in "Europe" so British GP at Cardiff and EGP at say Odsal, a Glasgow Football stadium or the Olympic Park. An impressive number of alternative stadia were considered and the Directors of those stadia entertained at the British GP in Cardiff for genuine and real evaluation, a part of the criteria was for a minimum seating capacity of just under 10,000 to make it work. When the National Speedway Stadium was being built it had the capacity to acommodate that as a minimum with temporary stands.
  2. Byker Biker

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Not quite that simple, the medical team need to have "life saving" intervention skills and the facility to undertake them in the event that an apparent minor injury turns out to be more complex than anticipated. A collapsed lung or a cardiac arrest are not uncommon with roadside injuries.
  3. Byker Biker

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    ..and be fined for fielding an under strength team..?
  4. Byker Biker

    Poole 2022

    Amazing!!! You've spent years baiting folk on this forum and had plenty of bites, now who's biting? Were you ever kicked off the forum for it?
  5. Byker Biker

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    They won't be allowed to race on Friday nights?
  6. Byker Biker

    workington ..

    Why not "Marras" nobody's gonna nick that and use it elsewhere?
  7. Byker Biker

    British Speedway statement

    Nicely, this company has always been hugely successful with their innovation, investment, marketing initiatives and willingness to take reasonable risk. They are arguably the market leader in mobility solutions respected by the motor industry, operate nationwide and have heaped commercial recognition and success on Scotland and Glasgow in particular. They treat their employees well in a firm but fair way and are keen to share their success with their immediate community. Glasgow Speedway is a pimple on the arse of their empire but brings them great personal satisfaction, please don't think that Glasgow Speedway has enhanced the extent of their operation unless you are HMRC and don't forget the equity is in the freehold land that is the footprint of the stadium, there's always a way out if it's absolutely necessary. They are to be applauded and thoroughly deserve more recognition than the sport affords them.
  8. Byker Biker

    British Speedway statement

    You're right and you're wrong in your perception I'm afraid, when a club ceases with debts or is annulled the riders registrations/loan agreements become the responsibility of the BSPL consequently there is a responsibility to find the riders a team if possible. As you can see clubs clamour to cherry pick a failed promotion's riders which makes it unpalatable to those with more integrity so riders get dumped to make way.
  9. Byker Biker

    Swindon Stadium

    I don't disagree but Ladbrokes expect him to race at the highest possible level with all the costs that brings, a 6 team league or shortened season may impact on gates overall and rent commitments with the landlord which realistically increases the viability risk. Wolves has always been a well run club but heavy losses are not an option consequently a shot across the bows before the AGM will alert the rest of the BSPL and may result in a greater share out of TV money to keep the top league in business.
  10. Byker Biker

    Swindon Stadium

    It's a lever for CVS to get a "greater" share of the TV money to stay in the 6 team league, he's covering all his bases and good luck to him.
  11. Byker Biker

    RIP Colin Pratt

    It's been a dreadful couple of weeks, really upsetting, but my respect for each will survive their passing and I wish their families well in such difficult times.
  12. Byker Biker


    You really are overstepping the line between opinion and knowledge; the Sky deal was substantial but not as much as cycling got, included league sponsorship (Sky Sports Elite League for all those who said the BSPA/L couldn't find a big name league sponsor), an element of the TV fees had to be channeled into youth development hence the BSPA contribution to the British Under 21, establishing the Under 19 and so on - it wasn't a fortune but it helped and an element to contribute to the Team GB set up (Pre the current arrangement with Rob). The lower professional league also had to receive a sum to plug a gap because they were competing with live tv (this was their annual BSPA fees paid). Terry Russell reduced his perpetual commission to a fraction of his finders fee and below his contractual arrangements despite all the clever comments on here. It was the cost of football and football only that led to the early settlement of the contract allowing Sky to save the cost of the live outside broadcasts - nothing to do with rain offs, audience figures or advertisers. Don't forget they binned the be all and end all Speedway GPs for the same reason, eff all to do with the BSPA/L Broadcasters need live summer sport to fill their schedules so offering what appears to be brewsters to minority sports is a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of football
  13. Byker Biker

    Swindon Stadium

    Quelle un Branleur?
  14. He can brown nose his way into any club that's gullible enough, good luck to him
  15. Byker Biker

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Eurosport will come good when all is progressed through the Discovery plus medium and I agree currently it's not the best TV coverage we have enjoyed but from their point of view it's about filling live airtime, selling on secondary rights and tertiary packages to other international broadcasters. On that premise Eurosport have stolen the job but unless the sport dresses itself and presents itself as a credible tv product this one will follow Sky sports - early termination. Speedway is a group of sweet shops selling the same barstudized product but the broadcasters just aren't that gullible any more

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