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  1. Byker Biker

    Workington 2019

    Not withstanding you can't run on the same night as Scunthorpe so you really need to know how many meetings they are gonna reschedule first!
  2. Byker Biker

    berwick bandits 2019

    And stop all the infighting!
  3. Byker Biker

    Workington 2019

    Of course Steve but had he not offered to help, the Comets would have gone on ice in November. Oops have I let a cat out? Sorry
  4. Byker Biker

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Don't believe Robin Brundle ffs!
  5. Byker Biker

    Oxford Speedway

    Put your fireworks away everyone, you're about to get pizzed on.
  6. Byker Biker

    Workington 2019

    You'll never know what fate has escaped you
  7. Byker Biker

    Visa criteria

    Forgiven then, apologies
  8. Byker Biker

    Workington 2019

    There you go, if your name was Burbidge I'd bury you
  9. Byker Biker

    Visa criteria

    I can't believe you've put this in the wider public domain
  10. Byker Biker

    Workington 2019

    Except Kyle doesn't ignore the fans, quite the opposite he is polite, courteous and considerate towards them but when a journalist asks you how much you spent on equipment last year you answer honestly. When the same asks how much you have spent for the forthcoming season you answer honestly, when you are asked if you are pizzed off you answer honestly. It's not hard to work out surely even you can see that article wasn't written and published by Kyle Bickley!
  11. Byker Biker

    Workington 2019

    The rules and constitution have been ignored by the BSPA on so many occasions now that Laura can be forgiven for this late decision. Workington were allowed to attend the AGM and subsequently put a team together which inevitably gave some comfort. Despite this support from the BSPA the pay up or else call wasn't finalised until last week. Laura had to call it off or face an annulment and consequently a seizure, at least she still has some influence over the future of the Comets (for the time being). Allowing Laura to make the call does save the awkward announcement that the triple champions are being forcibly closed, it's a very difficult situation for all parties and let's be honest the BSPA could have pulled the plug long before now. The disagreeing views on this thread (including mine) confirm only one thing, there are no winners whatsoever !
  12. You've mentioned the one word that is the at root of most of the evil in Speedway EGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Byker Biker

    Workington 2019

    tbh the BSPA have been patient over the couple of seasons that the cash flow hasn't worked, my beef is purely the interference and lack of fixture cooperation that has made this situation far worse than it would have been. The persistent refusal by some clubs to accept dates and the removal of dates already agreed not withstanding the Management Committee's inability to enforce some of those clubs to commit has contributed. I don't believe that this has been malicious, they just never think about the medium to long term consequences of their actions (or lack of) and it just doesn't seem to matter that clubs generally throw 5 and some 6 figure sums down the toilet every year.
  14. Byker Biker

    Workington 2019

    Yes, that's the daft part about it outstanding debts and allowed at the AGM but not at a fixture meeting??? i suppose if they'd stuck to the constitution there wouldn't have been an AGM. I don't know if they voted.

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