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    Check out my website International Speedway, which has results and scorers of Test and International Matches since 1930 in 30 countries, as well as details of the World (Team) Cup (finals and qualifiers) since 1960 and other tournaments. Plus lots of programme covers etc. All at:

    See also all the 1928 Results at: http://www.speedwayresearcher.org.uk/docs/1928/record.pdf

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  1. TwoMinuteWarning

    Hypocritical speedway fans

    There is a desperate shortage of riders in the UK. Lower the qualification rules for more non-UK riders to fill the gap! Brian Collins
  2. First, can I thank everybody for their kind comments about my International Speedway website. I say "my", but I mean "our" website, as over a hundred of you from all around the world contributed to its' success, with thousands of updates over the 12-year life of the site. I had never anticipated such a response so I want to thank each and every one of you for your contributions. The end of the site came over a year ago due to a combination of circumstances. I bought a new PC, but the older one's hardware got damaged; Windows 10 didn't like the ageing 16-year old web-building software (Hot Metal Pro) I had been using since day 1; totally disillusioned with UK speedway these days (I've been to one meeting this year - the Krsko GP); and the problems of my advancing years - all of these factors contributed to my decision to close the site. I can still be contacted at internationalspeedway@yahoo.co.uk , but please don't send updates to me as the site cannot now be updated. It will continue to be available to view for as long as possible, though. Thanks. Brian Collins
  3. TwoMinuteWarning

    Pro Athletes V Speedway Riders V I Am Getting Old

    I think the need for improved fitness these days is partly down to the travelling the riders have/choose to do. Riding 4 or 5 nights a week (sometimes more) in 3 or 4 different countries is ludicrous, and must be very tiring. I well remember the sight of the late Lee Richardson at Eastbourne on a Saturday night, curled up on the floor of the pits, trying to get some kip while bikes were being warmed up, as he had just returned from a Thursday night meeting in Russia.
  4. TwoMinuteWarning

    Ivan Mauger's Gold Plated Bike

    .... has been donated to a New Zealand museum. More details at https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one- news/new-zealand/ivan-maugers- gold-plated-motorbike-sold- canterbury-museum
  5. TwoMinuteWarning

    Poland V Rest Of World Sunday 15th May Warsaw Live On Tv

    No Woffy, no Holder, no Hancock, no Pedersen ... it's a Rest of the World B team
  6. TwoMinuteWarning

    Speedway On Tv 2016

    Speedway Best Pairs - Torun - Sat 2nd Apr 4pm (UK time) - Eurosport 2 and Ice Racing - Assen HIghlights - Eurosport 2 - on NOW (no, I don't mean NOW TV !)
  7. TwoMinuteWarning

    Eastbourne Vs Coventry 19/7/15

    Beautiful day, hardly a cloud in the sky, and it's been 4 weeks since the last home meeting. Should be a good crowd!
  8. Treat them like animals .... put them in starting pens like greyhounds ... instead of chasing the tin hare they could be chasing a bunch of twenty pound notes ...
  9. Any further news on a stream for tonight's match? Thanks
  10. TwoMinuteWarning

    More On The Decline Of British Speedway

    I've long thought that the biggest paid attendance for a single sporting event is 300,000 to 450,000 at the Indianapolis 500, and that seems to b e borne out by http://www.topendsports.com/world/lists/crowd-largest.htm I believe the largest Non-paying audience is reckoned to be the 2 or 3 million who line the roads for cycling's Tour de France. Biggest speedway crowd ever? According to Speedway Star, in 1959 at Prague, a 4-nation tournament attracted 200,000! http://www.internationalspeedway.co.uk/czsl4team.htm
  11. TwoMinuteWarning

    Bronze Helmet

    Thanks martin_t Looks like the NL is going to finish with matches not being ridden - just like last year. I mean, it's not rocket science, is it?
  12. TwoMinuteWarning

    Bronze Helmet

    15.3 Devon S Lambert (Kent) beat L Smart (Devon) 6.4 Leicester S Lambert (Kent) beat J Serjeant (Leicester) 2.5 Coventry S Lambert (Kent) beat J Serjeant (Coventry) 3.5 Stoke B Wilson (Stoke) beat S Lambert (Kent) 4.5 Buxton B Wilson (Stoke) beat T Atkin (Buxton) 16.5 K. Lynn D Mallett (K Lynn) beat B Wilson (Stoke) 30.6 Kent B Morley (Kent) bt Marc Owen (K Lynn) 5.7 @Stoke: Ben Morley (Kent) bt. C.Widman (Stoke) 6.7 @Mldhll: Joe Jacobs(Mldhll) bt. Ben Morley (Kent) 7.7 Kent S Lambert (Kent) bt Josh Bates (Mildenhall) 4.8 @Kent: *J.Armstrong(Stoke) bt. Dave Mason (Kent) 16.8 Stoke L Chessell (Devon) bt Jon Armstrong (Stoke) 2.9 @ Crad/Wtn: Steve Worrall bt. Luke Chessell (Devon) 3.9 K Lynn S Worrall (Cradley) bt Marc Owen (K Lynn) 9.9 @ Crad/Wtn: S.Worrall (Cradley) bt. James Sargeant (Cov.II) 30.9 Cradley S Worrall (Cradley) bt Daniel Halsey (Mildenhall) 5.10 Mildenhall P Starke (Cradley) bt Joe Jacobs (Mildenhall) Many thanks for all the help The above now seems to be complete to mid-October. 2 races were cancelled due to meetings being abandoned (30.3 Scunny and 23.9 Cradley) 4 races were cancelled due to curfews (12.5 Kent, 11.7 Devon, 29.8 & 26.9 Coventry) Paul Starke was due to defend the Helmet 21.10 at Cradley (the play-off Final), can't see any record of him having done that. If successful, he would have ridden again at King's Lynn 22.10. Have to say that this is an official NL competition, and as such results should appear on the BSPA website. P.S Sorry to change the subject but - did Cradley ever ride the 2nd Leg of the National Shield at King's Lynn?
  13. TwoMinuteWarning

    Bronze Helmet

    Can anyone help update the 2014 Bronze Helmet results and fill in the gaps? I have : 15.3 Devon S Lambert (Kent) beat L Smart (Devon) 6.4 Leicester S Lambert (Kent) beat J Serjeant (Leicester) 2.5 Coventry S Lambert (Kent) beat J Serjeant (Coventry) 3.5 Stoke B Wilson (Stoke) beat S Lambert (Kent) 4.5 Buxton B Wilson (Stoke) beat T Atkin (Buxton) 16.5 King's Lynn D Mallett (K Lynn) beat B Wilson (Stoke) 30.6 Kent B Morley (Kent) beat Marc Owen (K Lynn) 7.7 Kent S Lambert (Kent) beat Josh Bates (Mildenhall) 16.8 Stoke L Chessell (Devon) beat Jon Armstrong (Stoke) 3.9 K Lynn S Worrall (Cradley) beat Marc Owen (K Lynn) 30.9 Cradley S Worrall (Cradley) beat Daniel Halsey (Mildenhall)
  14. TwoMinuteWarning

    2015 Sgp & Swc Calendar

    But NOT as the final GP?
  15. TwoMinuteWarning

    2015 Sgp & Swc Calendar

    Looks like just 2 GP's for Polski - Warsaw and Gorzow?

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