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  1. Somerset v Belle Vue 23/05/18

    The Rebels are significantly under strength for this one - if Tungate and one of the BV reserves fire this could be a v close meeting.
  2. Fixed race nights... early indications!!!

    Somerset’s crowds looked down on last year to me based on the first 2 meetings. Not sure what the crowd was like tonight ?
  3. Somerset v Swindon • 16/05/18 • Premiership

    That’s 3 meetings in a row now with track issues, the club need to sort this urgently or crowd numbers will dwindle.
  4. Somerset v Swindon • 16/05/18 • Premiership

    I’m think it’s a tough meeting to call it could go either way - Holder is key for the Rebels - Shame I can’t make it due to work commitments ( bloody Weds night racing )
  5. The Pirates look too strong for me around the OTA. It will be great to see Brady and Josh back
  6. Premiership Somerset vs Rye House 04/04/18

    Good call with the forecast - I think a fair few would have stayed away anyway with Liverpool vs City in the Champions league Quarter Final the same night.
  7. Somerset 2018

    Clubs will end up with lower attendances if they keep reducing the fixture list due to punters habits. If the argument is the clubs can’t afford more fixtures, then that implies they are not breaking even on the fixtures they have, which is a whole other debate. I don’t buy that crowds will drop if you went from say 15 home fixtures a season to 20, especially if you programme them to gain the maximum commercial benefit during the peak periods which a lot of clubs don’t!
  8. Somerset 2018

    What a complete joke this is pretty much 2 home fixtures a month apart from August - what complete morons we have running the sport in this country. A perfect remedy to put supporters off who will clearly get out of the habit of attending very quickly.
  9. Somerset 2018

    Fair play to the club - several sponsors must have played their part. Terrific signing and a decent looking team who can all increase their starting average. Also great for British Speedway that the World Champion is riding here!
  10. Somerset 2018

    Those questioning Wright just don’t understand Somerset. He’s part of the DNA of the club and terrific entertainment and shows 110% commitment week in week out. Welcome back Wrighty delighted your back !!!
  11. Somerset 2018

    Cant see it personally was just pointing out it fits
  12. Somerset 2018

    Joyful scream or painful scream lol ???
  13. Somerset 2018

    Doyle and Wright fit or Killer and Holder or Bjerre and Hans about 16.5 points left
  14. Somerset 2018

    I reckon Wrighty and Paul Starke will be in the final 3 considering the lack of revenue from the TV deal. We wil find out soon enough I guess. Merry Christmas to all Speedway fans.
  15. Somerset 2018

    Welcome back Bradley - theres value in his average at 4.67.