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  1. Always a RACER

    Somerset 2019

    Assuming a top league and a 42.5 pts limit again - in fantasy fashion! 1. Doyle 2. BWD/Covatti 3. C Holder 4. C Wright 5. J Holder 6. J Allen 7. 3.33/3.85 or Bellego for C Holder and Covatti at reserve with Jake
  2. Congrats to Poole but they have been incredibly lucky over both the semi and final. Everything fell into place for the Pirates. Rotten luck on KL if they had Iversen and MPT I am sure the result would have been different.
  3. A complete anti climax and borefest so far
  4. Poole had 8 riders tonight the ref was a complete homer and made a mockery of the grand final. Seriously how could you exclude MPT in heat 12 - what a farce.
  5. Q- if Iversen got injured first (before Kurtz) and KL had already booked Eliis for Monday, would this have stopped Poole booking him for Weds ? As a neutral I think Poole are massively advantaged with the guest situation as Iversen will be missed more by KL than Kurtz for Poole.
  6. Always a RACER

    Somerset 2019

    No Jack
  7. A narrow home win for me and Lynn to coast the 2nd leg - they’ve comfortably been the best side all season and would be deserving winners. However it’s the playoffs and anything can happen !
  8. Always a RACER

    Somerset 2019

    Doyle,Holder, BWD, Allen, Covatti plus 2 others who fit depending on the league structure/points limit. I think we need another heat leader to replace Lawson, he’s been a good servant to the club but I think both parties would benefit from a change.
  9. Gutted. The 4 Rebels were magnificent tonight and the IRR cost us dearly the Pirates got 6+1 for Kurtz 3 rides and the Rebels got 4 from 4 got for Holder. I can’t help think if we had a full 1-7 we would have walked it Congrats to Poole and a great ride by bomber
  10. Sadly I see a comfortable home win, neither Lawson or Covatti are in good form. 53-37 , I hope I’m wrong though ! I think whoever wins will lose to KL
  11. We will see - I guess it will an upset if the Pirates don’t make it now but the Rebels won’t throw in the towel. Lawson chose the biggest nignt of the season to have an off night.
  12. A gentle reminder to the minority of the cocksure Poole fans - Somerset have already won at Poole this season .......
  13. Always a RACER

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    A very average meeting tonight on a one line track. KL will be a totally different team if they meet again at the OTA. I couldn’t see any obvious signs of Doyle’s injury tonight - he won heat 6 by half a straight! Bradders rode well after last night as did Jake and Aaron. A decent crowd for a Tuesday as well.
  14. Always a RACER

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    I can do it if no one else can I’ve DM you
  15. Always a RACER

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    The meeting Tuesday is now effectively a dead rubber after the Rebels defeat tonight. Strange decision Doyle not coming out in heat 15 there must be a valid reason.

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