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  1. mb1990

    Brandon Update

    You couldn't make it up...
  2. mb1990

    Brandon Update

    Hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel for the Bees fans, although protecting Brandon from the developers is one thing, but there is still the matter of getting the stadium out of BE's hands, which will be a big hurdle to negotiate. It's a farce that a city like Coventry has lost the Bees and the stock, while the football team will now be playing in Birmingham.
  3. Much better racing in heat 12
  4. Woeful crowd. Cant be any better than what they were at the dog track
  5. mb1990

    Most unfortunate team

    Never forgotten that Ipswich match. I dont even a Cradley team getting as bad a reception at Monmore as they did after that. I remember we went to get some fish and chips on the way back and when we walked in, John and Chris Louis were in there and looked very embarrassed!
  6. mb1990

    Torun 2018

    Bit poor from BT to miss Fred Williams off the list of British world champions.
  7. Your right. However Woffinden was farther back from the tapes than the other three riders who are at least at the tapes.
  8. I suspect whats done Woffinden was how far back from the tapes he was. The other three riders are up at tapes, but not Woffinden. On that basis, the correct decision.
  9. I can see Woffinden blowing this. Regardless of whether its a fair exclusion or not, Zmarslik has been far better than him since Cardiff and has nothing to lose
  10. brainless from Woffinden there - Pedersen hard but fair
  11. mb1990

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    I do wonder what was going through the BSPA's mind in 1999 when they agreed the deal with sky. There should have been a clear and constructive plan when they did the deal to invest money into the structure of the sport, to make it more attractive for both regulars and the casual viewer, improve the presentation and build on the profile that having regular television coverage for the first time in years. A priceless opportunity to grab. Instead, it seems like they just saw the pot of cash and thought, ''well people will see it on tv now and they'll be flocking to their local tracks in droves''. There was no spade work done, no thought to doing work themselves. They simply continued to think of their own businesses first - in short, just continue to make it up as they were going along. To have 19 years of live television coverage AND a substantial cash influx and be worse off than it was before 1999 is a damming indictment on the BSPA and they way they have governed the sport.
  12. mb1990


    Cant see how they can entertain the idea of one big league - surely there wouldn't be enough riders.
  13. mb1990

    Wolves v Somerset 9/7/18

    Fair play to Somerset. They deserved their win and really the scoreline flattered Wolves. In all honesty it's a result that's been coming for a while now
  14. Totally agree. People's standards have stepped up since that and new fans expect good facilities and presentation that is vibrant and exciting. The presentation and facilities at a lot of tracks have not changed since my first meeting in 1990. Sports like Rugby League and Ice Hockey have embraced this and had a set plan to invest in the sports infrastructure. Speedway has not done this.
  15. mb1990

    Rye House 2018

    Totally agree about the BSPA and lack of transparency. It's almost as like, "we're doing this". "Why?" "Because we said so" Feel for the Rye House fans. How many more club's are we going to lose before the penny drops and those in charge realise things need to change?

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