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  1. I think its noticeable in recent years how many times riders fall off unchallenged - as bikes have become more powerful, they seem to be a bit more unpredictable as well.
  2. mb1990


    Not so sure i would especially on a freezing cold night and theres loads of changes or the programmes full of typos because it hasn't been proof-read before it's sent to the printers. I use the Speedway Programme app now amd have done for a few seasons. It's got to be at least 5 years since I bought a programme.
  3. Well done Robert Lambert. Brilliant display. Think he'll be a real spoiler at Cardiff
  4. If Bewley gets out it'll be a big ask to catch him. Brilliant meeting. Best British final I've seen in years
  5. mb1990

    Cyril Francis

    RIP Cyril. Bit surprised there was no minutes silence at Wolves yesterday
  6. mb1990

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    Dean, if you'd posted this about eighteen months ago then I would have totally agreed with you. I went to the NSS a couple of times in 2016 and was taken aback at how overbearing the officials were there. Plus, the meetings I saw that year were not particularly good and it left me feeling that the dog track was a far better venue. Having said that, I've been to a few meetings there since the takeover last year and the difference is massive. The staff their are far more friendly and the meetings I've seen have been exceptional - yesterdays meeting being brilliant with some terrific action, a great atmosphere and a large crowd - so I an now gladly admit I was wrong. Its a shame that Stoke has deteriorated to the level it has, as I've seen some great racing at Loomer Road in years gone by as well. If there was ever a club that needed new life injected into it then its Stoke. However, you're more likely to attract the interest of a first timer by taking them to Belle Vue than you would to Stoke.
  7. mb1990

    Coventry 2017

  8. Save for a couple of heats, a total borefest. I remember the 2008 play off when an awful Wolves team finished miles adrift at the bottom then went to Edinburgh and ran riot. There's still a major gulf between the two leagues even with a weakened top flight.
  9. mb1990

    Wolves 2018

    Unless rumours of his imminent departure to Perry Barr are to be believed. Bit of mischief making I think though. Cannot see PA leaving Wolves.
  10. mb1990

    Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Have heard whispers that CVS is taking a step back from Wolves due to poor health. would be very surprised if Pete Adams pitched up at Birmingham though.
  11. Congratulations to Swindon. Always thought it would be a tall order even with a lead to defend. To lose it by a point is a real kick in the privates.
  12. mb1990

    British Speedway 2018

    Have a feeling Cradley could be the big doubt rather than Birmingham if I'm honest
  13. mb1990

    Wolves 2017

    Doubling up has to go. However, because it's been allowed to mutate to this level of jaw-dropping idiocy, the only way it can happen is gradually over a period of two or three years. There simply aren't enough riders to go round who WANT to race in Britain now.

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