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  1. King's Lynn v Swindon 02/05/2018

    Saddlebow roundabout opened up properly on Monday, currently no other roadworks
  2. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    If its like the Poacher up in Lincolnshire it's possibly the bahnrekord which I believe roughly translated from German is road or in this case track record
  3. Nichols/kennett Rule

    I'd probably go with allow any riders to double up/down if Britain is the only country they ride in. This would protect riders like Doolan etc. who are loyal to British speedway but don't ride in foreign leagues. British riders could ride in both leagues if they wish even if they take part in foreign leagues.
  4. Kings Lynn Vs Wolves ( Double Header) 23.08,17

    Our mountains are only 2 foot tall at best so the sun don't get there much sooner!!!
  5. King's Lynn Vs Wolverhampton 26/7/2017

    Bikes need changing to a larger flywheel as they used to be to give less revs and more torque, then they will be able to deal with a deeper track and ruts without taking off.
  6. Stars V Pirates. 13 July

    I'd been hoping that one day Chris Holder would ride in the Stars colours ever since the day he had some exhibition rides on I believe a bike of Crumpies, you could see the potential then. How disapointed and disallusioned am I now in his attitude together with the management of the club. I've followed Lynn from boy to man but there needs to be some big changes in management and riding personell for me to go again this season Yep mainly that one rider you think is god so if we have still got a team next year and a grippy track, which is how I believe racing should be,with Chris Holder riding for you, you know what to expect half a team in action at Lynn because the Prima Donna's don't like it.
  7. The base must have been 6" under the slop on the top then because even the tractor couldn't get round without sliding. I wouldn't fancy the bikes being able to turn so Rory was right.
  8. 2017 Potential Signings

  9. Don't worry about sending your tickets in you'll still be out of pocket, we did this and they sent us a cheque for a full refund and when we came to cash it hey presto it bounced. So no tickets to re-use and no re-fund.
  10. Sky Cancel Again

    Give BT a ring as we did we've managed to negotiate a deal for 18 months to get BT sport for no extra cost than that of the broadband subsription
  11. King's Lynn 2016

  12. King's Lynn 2016

    One of the best teams we had back in 96 or 97 or something like that, was built late on with Wiggy,Shane Parker , Paul Hurry etc. If my memory serves me well they knocked Ipswich out of the KO cup with a team containing Rickardsson, Louis, Nicholls etc. best meeting I've ever seen.
  13. King's Lynn 2016

    Iversen Thorsell Doyle Masters Lambert Kerr Wachtnecht
  14. 2015 Season Injuries

    that's not what I'm saying I'm saying the fences should be filled with something other than air so that they don't deflate that's my logic
  15. 2015 Season Injuries

    the problem with air fences is that if the bike goes in first they are a waste of time. I believe this is why Lewis Kerr was so badly injured at the fours. The bike punctured the air fence and left him to hit the wooden fence behind.The bags should all be filled with foam or polystyrene so there is something left in them if the bike goes in first.