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  1. Muffins Mum

    Wolves vs Belle Vue . 23/07/18

    47.2 degrees on the track at 3.30 today - Winter anyone.....:-/
  2. Muffins Mum

    Poole 2018

    I was just about to say rather than speculating would it not make more sense to wait until there has actually been any announcement or indeed comments from either Matt or Glyn themselves concerning the situation. Im sure there will be -eventually......oh silly me - wheres the fun in that huh
  3. Muffins Mum

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    .....yes it does in a way - just wondered if it would promote a more resasoned out way of thinking.....
  4. Muffins Mum

    Poole v Leicester Prem A. 30/5/18

    Wolves trackman.....got it on despite flooding.....Poole trackman.....same guy! Work it out.......
  5. Muffins Mum

    Lions On Sky

    Don't suppose you could refresh our minds with which those 4 or 5 tracks actually were.....very interesting statement that has me wondering who exactly needs to get their "facts" right here tsc1 No worries if you can't remember off the top of your head - you could always ask him later :-D :-D

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