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  1. So why? Because they're certainly not poor. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/01/11/pensioner-incomes-rise-graduate-starting-salaries-first-time/
  2. It's funny, I get called ageist and selfish for asking a simple question that not one person has been able to justify. I point out that on average OAPs have more money that working people, I can justify my argument. I don't call people names, I don't get personal yet amazingly a number of non-ageist and selfless OAPs on this thread have done so, fantastic. Seriously, can anyone actually answer the question, why do OAPs get a discount? Because they don't need it, they on average earn more than people who work. Just because we can all name one poor OAP and one rich young person doesn't mean thats how it works, thats the beauty of averages. You all want your OAP discount because many OAPs are poor but where the young or working person discount if they're very poor? This discount is given out simply because people are old, thats IS ageist. If ti was a poor person discount and people had to prove their income/wealth then fine. If it was a loyalty discount and people had to prove they had been going to speedway a long time then fine. But this is just a discount for being old, THAT is the very definition of ageist. The fact that nobody has been able to justify it but has in stead chosen to attack me only further makes me think that I am right. And yes, I will keep bringing up the injustice that old people get loads of free/subsidised stuff while the young are left to pay for it while the young continue to be screwed over. I don't see how it's selfish that I care about the 18-25 year old of this country, because I don't fit into that age range and haven't for a while now, thats the very definition of selfless, the opposite of selfish. As for RobMcCaffery, posting outright lies again. I have NEVER watched a Newport vs Sittingbourne meeting. Nice one. So excuse me if I treat the rest of your post with disdain as you have made that up, why should I care about the rest of the post. If you can't see that old people will die before young people, well..... You're an idiot. As for the claim of "generalisation" well yes, thats the point of averages but how many people have "generalised" that OAP are poor? Which is odd because you see very few studies suggesting this. So I ask again, why do OAPs get a discount on speedway (and trains, cinemas, football match etc) when they earn more than some people who are working? It makes no sense. if OAPs earned less I'd agree with it, but they do not in the main.
  3. Plymouth 2018

    And if Plymouth and Cradley meet in the later stages? I understand being able to sign riders who are at Mildenhall because they are not riding in the NT, but the North/South thing doesn't work!
  4. Cradley 2018?

    So what does that mean for Plymouth in the NT? Will they have to sign a replacement for Roynon in them meetings?

    Agree with this. But I also think part of the sports problem is there too much of it in the UK. Less meetings, at less tracks and people will have less to pick and choose from meaning the meeting that do happen will have bigger crowds. It's why I don't get this pandering to struggling clubs, let them go, close down. Also why second clubs at tracks like Coventry at Leciester is not good. But British Speedway (and it's fans) have this odd believe that "the more speedway the better".
  6. Sheffield 2018

    When Todd first appeared at Newport (as in before even riding PL or NL) I remember being reasonably impressed with him. His first season of PL he did alright but since then I've be underwhelmed, a tiny improvement here and there but the reality is that if he has a good season you only getting half a point from him. He is what he is now.
  7. Poole 2018

    He didn't have to. He could have still signed a team under the limit.
  8. Sheffield 2018

    Bjerre and Howarth averaged 9.5 and 9.33 at home. I don't think they have too much to worry about. Howarth is also 6th in the averages over all using bonus point of those who rode in the Championship last season and are back again this season.
  9. Joe Jacobs

    Of course it’s about Aussies (Russians, Argentinians and Americans) because they need work permits. Sadly we can’t do anything about dross like Jan Graversen and Rafal Konopka. Cameron Heeps is British. Or at least British parents or something. He come in a 3 point average. Again, not a lot that can be done about him. It’s sickening that as a sport we’re insentivizing the signing of foreigners. That’s actually illegal. Yet the sport is doing it and two promoters have put out press releasing saying as much. Do it the other way around and people cry racist and point it that’s illegal but here we are lowering the assessed average figure to encourage more foreigners ffs! I just don’t get how anyone can defend and justify that but here we have a thread with people going it and a sport with promoters actively doing it. Give it a few years when all British riders have been forced out and the same promoters will be asking why the sport is dead in this county.
  10. Whats the deal with ski jumping in Poland? Seems an odd choice for a popular sport. What am I missing?
  11. Joe Jacobs

    What other sub 7 point Aussies keep getting jobs in the UK? Picking is about to have a second season at Edinburgh but a few others have been kicked out. What makes Campton a special case? Is he sleeping with someone at immigration?
  12. Joe Jacobs

    Because Workington paid a stupid amount of money for Mason Campton a number of years ago form Glasgow based on God only knows what. A promoter who had been given a load of cash after an accident and didn't know the value of money so just went mad it would seem. She now sticks with Mason Campton because having paid all that money, to throw him away now would mean losing that initial investment, she still probably hopes and prays every night Mason is going to come good so she can get back some of that alleged £12,000. If she drops Mason he'll go back to Aus and never be heard of again. Now if she was going to use Joe Jacobs she'd have to pay a loan fee, so on top of losing her investment in Campton, she's also paying to rent someone else riders. Scrap the asset system and she has zero investment in Campton beyond his 1 year contract and she can sign Jacobs at no cost. In short, promoters love a foreign rider because they cost nothing to sign and if they turn out to be any good they get loan fees. Yet young Brits are often snapped up as assets by Premiership clubs and sent out on loan and cost the Championship teams money. Scrap the asset system and I'm sure you'll see less promoters risking it with dodgy foreigners based on one or two meetings in Aus or individuals in September/October and more promoters willing to take a risk on young British riders. In scrapping the asset system I'd be willing to allow every club to have until January 1st to first call on a rider, if they offer him terms that match any other club then the poaching club has to pay the poached from club a fee or you would have a situation where the rich club would just sweep up all the good, young riders each closed season.
  13. Joe Jacobs

    Because foreign dross bugger off home after a couple of years because it can't get work permits and it doesn't pay for them to be speedway riders. At least our own dross can choose to do it as a hobby and it more likely to still be here in a few years time.
  14. Joe Jacobs

    Why wasn't? Hes got a 5 point EL average a few season ago and that was after a season out of the sport. HE may have actually been a decent Premiership rider given the same opportunities that some frankly quite rubbish foreigners have had. It's disgusting that the work permit regulations say that riders can only get a work permit if EU riders of the same level cannot do the job but here we have Mason Campton and Josh Pickering with jobs over here. It's a joke. You'd think after things were clamped down on a couple of season ago clubs would be a bit careful about ignoring the rules.
  15. Joe Jacobs

    Because if they do happen to make it, at least they're British and we stand to gain. It must also be cheaper to employ a rider who lives 10-100 miles away that one who lives in another country. Being British they're also likely to hang around as long as they're employed, foreigners decide on a whim they're not riding in the UK until it suits them at a later date.
  16. Joe Jacobs

    While you support Mason Campton being back in the UK after failing time after time you can't complain about Joe Jacobs not getting a job. Some of us have complained for a long time that foreign dross gets in at the expense of Brits.
  17. Bt Sport Coverage

    Speedway will never get a console game. It would cost far too much to make. It might be someones little dream but the reality is that it just won't happen. Anyway, has anyone emailed Sky yet about TV coverage?

    So what made it better back in the day? Because it wasn’t he racing. Some of the 70s and 80s stuff in YouTube is dull and when you consider he stuff out on YouTube is cherry picked so will be some of the better stuff of the day it’s not a good sign. It was better because there was a crowd and an atmosphere. More people will always make something feel better. You’re more likely to be sucked into the event of everyone around you is having a good time but modern day speedway fails to do that. If two riders today have a fight it’s played down for a start. Riders rarely do wheelies and lean over for the kids to touch their hands on the slow down lap. All little things that used to happen. Speedway today is just Speedway. It needs to be more than that. Pretty much every other form of entertainment is more than just the product you’re going to see, it’s the “experience” and that’s missing these days.
  19. Poole 2018

    I’ve seen him twice. But regardless, 4 seasons in British speedway and only once managed to average over 5. That’s crap. So far he’s yet to prove me wrong. I doubt he’ll get 6 this season either because he’s just not that good.
  20. I was in Barcelona before Christmas and as I was on a tour bus I saw banner for the Superprestigio. Greta I though, I'll pop along and see that, see Marques and hopefully a speedway rider or two as they have competed in recent years - just my luck that no Marques and no speedway riders (Kylmakoprpi having retired and Lindgren being injured I guess) but I still had a decent evening out for about £20. The racing was OK, there was passing (100% up the inside) but the actual show itself was better. There was noise, a light and razzmatazz. OK it's a one off but surely that just makes all them things more expensive to do? Why does British Speedway do it best to be as boring and dull as possible before, after and between heats?

    Yet go to youtube and watch any meeting on there from the 70s, then one from the 80s and then one from today and tell me it was better back then. It really was not. The sport today is more exciting than ever. Yet still the promoters are managing the kill the sport!
  22. Belle Vue 2018

    TBF, he finished 42 in the Polish league averages. What 8 riders didn't ride in Poland that you would say are top 50 in the World to knock him out of the top 50? Bearing in mind you also have to replace any top 50 riders who already have Premiership averages (like Lindgren, Doyle etc). I'd suggest he should be higher than 4, 5 seems more than fair. He averaged the same as Przedpełski who is a 7 and not a lot less than Thorssell who is 8.5! He got more than Musliak who is about 7.5 too.
  23. Poole 2018

    It makes me laugh when people decide to base a rider entire next 12 months in Europe based on a meeting or 3 in Australia on weird tracks and probably on weird bikes. Holder, Kurtz, Fricke, Tungate and Pickering have all ridden between 30 and 100 meetings in Europe the last 12 months for you to know how good they are. The idea that 1 meeting is going to suddenly make them good or bad is laughable. People do this with Mason Campton year after year, he does alright in Aus then people are shocked that he's still rubbish in the UK - like themn previous years of being rubbish in the UK don't matter!
  24. Kings Lynn 2018..

    They want a degree in English. Surely a degree in marketing would be much more useful?! Also whoever takes over will have to spend hours unblocking everyone! They blocked me when they switched twitter accounts because they wanted to rebrand and I tweeted them saying they should keep the old account with it's followers and just change the header and logo on the account. How was that worthy of a block? It was decent advise, why throw away the 1000s of followers you already had for no reason?
  25. Belle Vue 2018

    Because he has a 4.5 average from 2013 when he rode for Kings Lynn. Could also be argued its only 4.33 from the meeting he actually did using the Max Clegg rule.