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  1. Did anyone notice Bombers engine in his last ride last night? He was using the new engine from tuner Marcel Gerhard.
  2. I was amazed this winter that a few people asked me if I was going to be updating the racecard I made years ago to reflect the new heat format. So I did. Its HERE should anyone want a copy. Simple put the names of the riders up the top in the grids and it fills in the heads for you. Add the riders scores in each heat and it;ll put the scores up the top for you. If theres a a reserve/sub/rr then put the riders name, spelt as above in the substitute column and it'll do all the calculating for you. Put an ! after any TR rides so it can calculate a team mates bonus point correctly Useful if you're sat in front of the tele watching a meeting and too lazy to do any maths!
  3. SCB

    Birmingham 2018

    The NL's full and official name is the "National Development League"
  4. SCB

    2018 Regulations

    They couldn’t hit the 5 minutes when that was in the rule book. Why will making it 4 minutes make it more likely to be hit? Meetings used to take over 2 hours, that’s about 8-9 minutes a heat. At 4 minutes between heats the rules states that meetings should be over in 72 minutes, or 1 hour and 12 minutes. Yeah right!
  5. SCB

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    The gays have more class thans this! Don't tar us with this tacky $hite!
  6. SCB

    2018 Regulations

    Not an issue any more. Doubt there are many SEC meetings on a Monday or a Wednesday
  7. SCB

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Garrity not as good as he once was? He had one slightly bad season. You’d swear he’d been crap for 3 or 4 years now!
  8. SCB

    Lakeside 2018

    12 rider individuals suck. I'm working in London and was going to go to the meeting, specially as its in memory of a rider I was a fan of. Then I saw it was the crap 12 rider format. I'll go and find a bar and have a few drinks instead! Is it really that difficult to find 4 more riders early in the season?
  9. SCB

    No TV deal?

    Sorry but thats rubbish. I started paying attention properly to the sport about 20-odd years about (1997 when Newport re-opened) and the sport is as exciting now as it was then. And having sat and watched a lot of stuff on youtube, video and DVD I assure you the sport was absolutely not any more exciting 40 years ago. What the sport did have 40 years ago that it has very few of today in characters, riders who'd go up to the referees box, or strop over to the phone by the start line. They're gone mostly because the sport is no so professional. Gone are the days of being able to go in the bar and get pissed up with the Americans who everyone loved but if you want to be a half decent rider you can't get drunk in the bar and if you were seen getting drunk in the bar fans would complain its not professional. The standard of racing is no different now than it has been in any era, ever - well certainly any era that has been recorded.
  10. SCB

    Sheffield 2018

    So Lee Payne, an amateur who is paid £10 a point is now expected to not ride motocross? Good luck putting demand like that on riders who are basically paying to ride. Until riders are employed with full benefits you can’t stop them riding motocross or sledging.
  11. SCB

    No TV deal?

    But who says they won’t return at some point in the future? I first went to an ice hockey game because we had free tickets. Never considered it before that. Since then I go once or twice a year. If you’d asked the week after I fort went for free you’d say it was a failure but ask now 15 years later and I’ve been to at least two dozen games and taken others a few times too. You’re not going to hook in everyone as new weekly fans, most will never return, those that do return will be over time. That said, if the “show” you provide is crap he free entry has done more harm than good. It’s no good letting people in for free to watch crap as they’ll never ever return. Free entry to a good product and they might return one day. It’s too long ago since I last visited Workington (Carl Stonehewer was riding for them!) but have they considers their product is just crap?
  12. SCB

    No TV deal?

    Speedway still thinks it’s 1980 on a good day. They play 80s music, if you’re lucky they forget and accidentally play something from the 90s! TBH, it’s not about music from any particular era. There’s rubbish stuff in the charts today and some great stuff was in the charts in the 60s. It’s about playing music that gets people excited. The current number 1, Gods Plan by Drake (and I just had to search for it on Spotify as I’d never heard it!) is more likely to send people to sleep then getting them excited. It amazes me how often you see a great race, the crowd going wild then the dull as ditch water announcer reads out a result with a beat time and everyone calmly fills in their programme and then they play a nice calm song to relax everyone. Jeeze. Get rid of programmes and have a score board and as soon as that great race is over blast something that keeps people excited.
  13. SCB

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    And if the captain refuses to sign the club assigns a new captain. Happened many times.
  14. SCB

    No TV deal?

    Only for the first 12 months. It costs me £12.50 now for BT Sports. You can get it for £10 but who doesn't want to watch in HD these days? Apart form my parents!
  15. SCB

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Where does that article, or any other in fact, say Sandhu was involved in money laundering?
  16. Dual nationality, makes sense. Thanks.
  17. I seriously doubt that. As someone who’s job is TV graphics it is entirely possible that the issue wasn’t thought of initially and so you’re probably right the system couldn’t cope but any half decent and contentment real time graphic provider would have a programmer on site who would have made a change during an ad break and half points would have been added. It’s a really simple change. Can someone confirm the eligibility criteria for riders/country? It’s being suggested Vaculík is eligible for Slovakia but doesn’t he have a Polish passport and ride in the Polish league as a Pole? Surely it’s passport and not license?! But then this is speedway!
  18. SCB

    Betting in 2018

    So we know that Louis and Nicholls rode for Ipswich meaning seasons 96,97,98,01,02,04 We know they lost first meeting at home but then beat Lynn by 1 point in the second meeting Not 1995 they won their first meeting Can't find more indepth stats for '96 but as Louis rode 37 meetings in a 36 meeting league, he could have only missed a handful if Witches had a KOC run Not 1997 they won their first home meeting Not 1998 as Ipswich won the league Not 2001 as second meeting was Eastbourne No 2002 as they beat Lynn by 14 in meeting number 2 having lost at home the week before - Sullivan didn't guest for them this season Not 2004 as Lynn were in the PL. I still call bullrubbish, even after researching further. The reason I can't find the season you're talking about, even with your clues is because it doesn't exist! Sullivan guested for Nicholls in 2001, twice on June 18 and 19. But Lynn at home was the 3rd meeting and it was a 5 point win.
  19. SCB

    Betting in 2018

    So they had a start like that but the bookies had them at 10/11? You're a liar.
  20. SCB

    Betting in 2018

    I'll type slowly so you can follow. I have listed every single season that Scott Nicholls and Chris Louis careers have overlapped (thats 1995 to 2008 inclusive), I went though every season they rode at Ipswich together (95-98, 01-02 & 04) and pointed out your claim of betting on Ipswich and that pair getting injured did not and could not have possibly happened as they have never both been injured at the same time. Other than 1998 Ipswich have only ever once been in with half a chance of winning a title in that time and that was 2004 when Ipswich made the play-offs which Louis and Nicholls rode in. There is no way any bookie would have made then 10/11 in any season other than 1998 but then no bookie that season would have made then 20/1 because even as a 13 year old I knew they were out and out favourites from the start. You are a liar and a bullrubbishter. I have proven it. You could prove you're not by telling us the season but you can't.
  21. SCB

    Sheffield 2018

    How dangerous is sledging? Kids all over the country have been doing it all week!
  22. SCB

    Sheffield 2018

    So to confirm, we want to ban speedway riders from doing anything that could injure them because it could effect their club? Yeah, seems fair. So what happens when Polish club sdemand that "their" riders don't do anything dangerous when they're not riding for them and thus put out a blanket ban on them riding speedway anywhere other than Poland? So what happens when NL and lower order Championship riders who have days jobs to pay the bills are told by their employers, they can't risk them doing anything dangerous while employed by them so they have to quit riding speedway? I don't see the difference. Speedway riders are humans like the rest of us and nobody stops us sledging or MXing on the weekend*. *My contract does say if I get injured doing a high risk sport I can be sacked but thats a risk I'm happy to take. And as speedway riders can be sacked on a whim without doing anything bad I doubt they'd be worried if sch a term was added to their contracts.
  23. SCB

    Betting in 2018

    So just to confirm, You had a bet on Ipswich to win the league, injury to Nicholls and Louis ruined that bet right? I listed every season that Louis and Nicholls BOTH rode for Ipswich You then claim it was a season I haven't listed So you must be suggesting that the year in question was one of 1994, 1999,2000,2005,2006,2007,2008 when Scott Nicholls was riding for Peterborough, Poole, Poole, Coventry, Coventry, Coventry and Eastbourne or 2003 when Chris Louis was out for the season. So I'll look at each of them season 1994 - Scott was at Peterborough. Ipswich finished 6th. Both rode the vast kajority of their clubs fixtures. Scott was in a different league so I'm not sure his form or fitness was at all relevant 1999 - Scott was at Poole. Poole finished 2nd in league to Peterborough. Ipswich finished 5th. Both rode the vast majority of meeting for their club, even if Scott was injured and missed meetings against Peterborough that gave them extra points, that would have meant less for his own team Poole. Nope, not having that 2000 - Still at Poole. But Ipswich finished 16 points behind Eastbourne, so even if Scott was injured in every meeting vs Eastbourne Ipswich were still not going to beat them. Rode 40 meeetings. 2005 - At Coventry. Coventry finished 2nd in the league, won the play-offs. I don't remember him being injured. Ipswich were 6th, nowhere near winning a title either. Rode 40+ meeting 2006 - Still at Coventry. Ipswich were 8th. Even if Scott was injured in every meeting against all the team whos finished ahead of Ipswich and his rides scored 0, Ipwich still wouldn't have won the league. Again, don't rememebr any injured. He managed 40+ meeting 2007 - Coventry were brilliant this season, I think we lost about 6 meetings. If you gave me a few hours I could probably list them. Certainly twice at Swindon, home to Swindon, twice at Peterborough and probably Lakeside. I'm sure Scott was an ever present too. Ispwich finished 9 of 10, I'm not sure his fitness effected Ipswich. 2008 - At Eastbourne rode "only" 35 meeting and Louis rode 10. The only other time either had an injury effected season so this must be the year you mean?How did Scotts fitness effect Ipswich (and Eastbourne). Ipswich finished 4th, Eastbourne 5th. So Ipswich made the play-offs. Not sure Scott fitness/availability for Eastbourne would have made much difference/. So I still call bullrubbish. Unless you can tell us the year you bet on Ipswich to win the league and both Nicholls and Louis got injured. Because it never happened.
  24. SCB

    Betting in 2018

    1995 - 40 meeting league, both rode in 40+ meetings. Witches finished 6th 1996 - 36 meeting league, Nicholls only rode 28 meetings that year, Louis 37. Finished 8th 1997 - 36 meeting league, Both rode 40+ meetings. Finished 4th 1998 - Won the league 2001 - 32 meeting league - both rode more than 32 meetings. Finished 4th 2002 - 32 meeting league - Nicholls did 34 meetings, Louis did 10. Finished 7th. You've already said not this season 2004 - 36 meeting league - Rode 39 and 44 meetings. Both rode in the play-offs So which year was it? Because I call bullrubbish on every single one of them. Only two season were effected by injury to Nicholls or Louis, 1996 and 2002. Both season Ipswich were well off the pace and not a single season has been effected by both being injured.

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