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  1. Bald Bloke

    King's Lynn 2016

    As much as i don't like thinking it Rory would be a huge risk on his average.As said before he knows the sport and would be a great asset in a manager or pr role. He deserves his place in a loyal way,no question.And if he gets the chance i hope he kicks on but i depends how much Buster wants to win the league imho.
  2. Bald Bloke

    Coventry 2016

    I think you may be right.Not suggesting anything dodgy,but Ford ain't no mug.Thats for sure
  3. Bald Bloke

    King's Lynn 2016

    No thanks
  4. Bald Bloke

    Betting For Whole Season

    i got Poole +10.But after the meeting BET 365 said it was void.They made a mistake.Gave me £30 good will
  5. Bald Bloke

    Betting For Whole Season

    I have added PTW's Gomolski+5 v Fricke to go with my first bet of Poole +10 ..Good luck
  6. Bald Bloke

    Betting For Whole Season

    I've gone with Poole +10 tonight @1.75with Bet365
  7. Bald Bloke

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    Will be watching on sky and cheering for Belle Vue
  8. Bald Bloke

    Stockholm Gp September 26

    I wish i could ride a speedway bike like Bomber.As i'm sure many on here do too. Not getting drawn into Blazeaway's comments. I'm new and need to be good
  9. Bald Bloke

    Stockholm Gp September 26

    Well done Tai..Nice to see Bomber having a good one
  10. Bald Bloke

    Betting For Whole Season

    Was going Poole - 14 on Bet 365 but was late home and missed it..Was thinking earlier of Batch under 8 but tbh i was going to leave that one.
  11. Bald Bloke

    How Many Of You Were Aware Of This ?

    I knew about the 60 limit on dual carriageways,but thought it was 60 on motorways as well
  12. Bald Bloke

    Coventry V Poole Elsf 1

    KL .Kirkmanshulme Lane
  13. Bald Bloke

    How Many Tracks Have You Been To?

    No many.But i thought i would share. Swindon Reading Kings Lynn Bradford Ipswich Mildenhall Coventry Wolverhampton Peterborough

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