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  1. Sorry lads. I was adding the home guest allowance, but there away
  2. Picko, Ellis, Wright and Bomber fit if available.
  3. Lets hope so. Feel for the bloke.
  4. Near the end of the vid, HT 8, to save going through it all. Feel for Klindt, hope both are ok.
  5. Bald Bloke


    That could be as simples as his dole money, or someone treating him. It doesn't look like he has distanced himself from the bad eggs he said he had though.
  6. Bald Bloke

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    I think your right there Baggy. I do find it hard to ignore people that don't give a valid reason though. I like to give them a chance to explain why there not a troll. And their reason for such hate
  7. Bald Bloke


    Nooooo. You don't mean
  8. If Tungate is on it, then i think we have a chance
  9. Tungate it is. Edit.. Posted the same time as SF91
  10. Bald Bloke

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    The track was nice and smooth, and consistent, and as you say "with some good racing", yet the track was a "dump" Which one was it
  11. To be fair he notched up 15 from 6, in the same meeting as Harris scored 9(6). Who knows.
  12. More than likely Bomber i think, due to cost imho. Harris has only averaged 4.71 away from Sandy Lane this season, although he scored 9 from 6 rides in April, when Oxford visited Perry Barr. I'd try Magic myself, but i admit i have a soft spot for him, since he rode for us in 2012? i think. This is another must win, for the Stars.
  13. Bald Bloke

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    Don't look like it in this pic..
  14. Bald Bloke

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    Agree. It gets on my t!ts. At least there not all moaning about the "crap" track surface, and racing..
  15. Bald Bloke

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    You know Lynn's crowds ain't great, and it's on TV.. Don't you have anything positive to say about anything from the meeting? Dear oh dear.... Didn't you know there was a free orgy for over 50's just up the road, with free beer, knee braces, and shackles, and if you took both parents, they would get a free leg up onto the bed thrown in too.? It was banging.. I enjoyed myself Well done to the Stars without their number one. Jan had a good first meeting, and it was good to see Magic going well (as long as we won), i admit i have a soft spot for him since his little Stars stint. Track looked really smooth, and safe. Hope we can get Toby back some time.

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