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  1. 1 hour ago, mrss said:

    No. The main thing isn’t just getting back on track. I expect the Stars to aim at winning the league by getting the best team possible. I will be pissed off if they start the season way under the points limit.

    I'm the opposite. ££ over ambition, i think :unsure:

  2. 6 hours ago, castrolargh said:

    Lewis Bridger only averaged 6.59 from 11 meetings at berwick in 2017 which converted would put him at 4.19 in the prem( assuming 1.6 conversion rate)that would put us way under the limit

    I wish Lewis all the best. But here comes the "but". For me, anyway. He's been out 4 years, thats a long time. I wonder how he is going to like a big fast grippy track, where you need fast bikes, and some fair size gonads. I doubt he has top equipment, if any yet ,and they don't come cheap. Also he seems to be in and out of love with the sport. So can he commit for a full season and give 100% ?

    Having said that i wish him all the best for whoever he rides for.




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  3. I remember watching Mike when he was 14, flying around Saddlebow Rd as it was known then, I used to time him. He was close to the meetings race times, even then. Another thing that stands out is him practicing after a meeting before his comeback. I was standing next to Kelly and Shaun Moran, leaning on the little wire fence opposite the home straight bar. Can't remember which brother said it, but can still remember one saying "he's to fast" as Mike powered out of the 4th bend and his front wheel hovered 6 inches above the track, all the way down the home straight until he entered the first bend, for 4 or 5 laps.. Also remember his first meeting back at Lynn. He had Todd Whiltshire in his first ride. Todd was flying then and was a great trapper. Mike gated, and won by half a straight.

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  4. On 8/12/2020 at 9:37 PM, noaksey said:

    The good thing is that Ford will work very hard to try and ensure the Pirates survive otherwise any hope that one day he can sell them (might be a long shot anyway these days) will be gone 

    I admit to not being a Ford fan. I see it the same. 

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  5. 22 hours ago, stevehone said:

    why next year, what about now?

    never know, he might feel with how it's going in Poland he has to be 100% with that?

    or, he might be 'asked' not to ride by his Polish club

    good luck to him i say, he's proving to some of last season's doubters that he does have the talent

    I say good luck too.But just think if he carries on like he is doing, he will miss UK.

  6. 5 hours ago, scoobydoo said:

    Been posted on a Championship thread that both Peterborough and Kings Lynn possibly not running  at all along with perhaps 2-3 other tracks, even if there is any form of racing in 2020 so perhaps Tungate does know the score concerning his kevlars.

    If Buster paid for them, he might be in the turd lol


  7. 18 hours ago, Clive Ward said:

    Great to see Robert top score for Rybnik against Zielona Gora 14 points from 6 rides looks like he is back to his best, let’s hope so anyway

    His gating was better than last season. More like the 2018 season, when he was on fire. He looked very fast yesterday. Long may it continue.  :)

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