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  1. Dandelion


    Hello I'm still unable to find out much information about Finland and their riders, if anyone is able to help, it will be much appreciated Thanks
  2. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Yep... Crowds have been ridiculously low other than that one meeting where everyone turned up in support
  3. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Sounds like we've been well and truly f#cked over by Godfrey and his croneys AGAIN... He won't be happy until it's Scorpions vs Stags every week... Maybe he thinks the whole country will ascend on Scunthorpe to watch the only speedway still in operation. How about we all boycott his club!! See how he likes being f#cked about
  4. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Would be a positive thing if we did sign someone tbh, would make me think that Rob has 2022 in mind... Or else what would be the point
  5. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Supposedly there's rumours of a change to our team, according to the Glasgow thread. Wonder how much truth there is to that?
  6. Dandelion

    Redcar 2020

    Blonde moment Meant Jake Mulford
  7. Dandelion

    Redcar 2020

    Drew Kemp and Anders Rowe to Kent in place of Nathan Ablitt and Ben Morley is my guess
  8. Dandelion

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Alfie is the rising star
  9. Dandelion

    Poole v Newcastle 25th August 2021

    Hi Lisa, thanks for your response. All of my questions though were directed at the car park Is it a decent car park? Plenty of spaces available? Obviously I dunno the area at all, so if I didn't get a space I wouldn't have a clue where to leave my car. I have been to Poole once before a few years ago and I've got to say it's an amazing stadium, I sat in the seated stand along the back straight and it was a pleasurable evening, Vs Swindon with Doyle and Batchelor and I seem to remember Ellis Perks was really good that night too, also Rasmus Jensen. I forget who else was in the Poole team other than Jack and Brady. That night though I managed to get a hotel a 20 minute walk from the stadium so I just walked in and didn't really pay much attention to the car park tbh.. Also, does the car park cost anything to park in? If so, do I have to download one of these stupid parking apps that NEVER work? I don't mind a wait to get out the car park, I'm a pretty patient driver I would say, just didn't know how long. Also if there's a M+SDL meeting on after I would definitely stay for that. Dunno if Weymouth are running this season? I will be down for the Diamonds meeting and hopefully the bank holiday Sunday too vs Birmingham.
  10. Dandelion

    Poole v Newcastle 25th August 2021

    What's the parking like a Poole? Is it decent? What's the cost? Enough spaces usually? Chaos at the end trying to get out? Cheers
  11. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Is there likely to be any fixtures arranged for 29th and 5th? Any information would be appreciated
  12. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Really hope Eastbourne can pull through, their first home fixture, if there is ever another, and if I can attend, no work commitments etc, I'm going straight down, the support people from all over the country showed the Diamonds for the double header last week was amazing and now it's time to repay the compliment for a fellow team in struggles I sincerely hope Eastbourne pull through as they're an amazing club, with a full British line up!!
  13. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Will the Eastbourne fixture take place next weekend either? I would assume not given the state of Eastbourne's club right now... So there's gonna be a 2 week gap in fixtures
  14. Just need a Ludvig back to come and show everyone how to perfect it Fingers crossed next year... Easily the most styling rider I've seen ride for the Diamonds (since 2008) I get that he was massively inconsistent, but I don't care... Them moes he did into bend 3 and 4 were just breath taking, and I've not seen anyone do it since he left Please come back Ludvig, PLLEEEASSEEE
  15. Couldnt have put it better myself... barely any fans there again... but a cracking meeting, one of the best for years at brough imo... Connor beating Steve so comfortably for the second week in a row and Adam's outside pass down the home straight were the highlights for me

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