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  1. Bydgoszcz look like they've got a lot of motivation next year... Good luck to them, would be nice to see them back
  2. Maybe Orwat could be a Polish senior back up option for Bydgoszcz... As has been pointed out on the other thread, they're struggling in that department, not sure whether he'd hold his own there though unfortunately. Will be interesting to see Grudziadz are the ones who need him the most, they've got next to nothing as junior level as far as I can tell... Lublin very strong at Junior level too... Would love to see him at Gorzow, they're my Polish favourites, not too keen on Wroclaw Max Fricke may not end up in any team!! Will he come crawling back to Britain I wonder?
  3. Can he not do both? Like some riders did this year, it would be a shame if he weren't in the Ekstraliga, seems like one of the better (top 6 or 7) young u-21 Poles... Was about 80% sure this was his last season at u-21level but wasn't sure... I'm not sure how they do the ages? What if the rider turns 22 half way through the season? Can they be an u-21 until that point or no?
  4. Thanks for all these updates... Keep em coming
  5. I'd imagine SOMEONE would sign Mateusz Cierniak next year? He was by far the best u-21 in 1.Liga last season, not sure of his most likely destination though? Same goes for Tomasz Orwat too, but I'm not sure if he is still a u-21 next year?
  6. Dandelion

    Polish junior league 2020

    Yes Poland certainly know how to develop some talent... Seems to be a hell of a lot of names to watch out for in the future, and that's not including the obvious Ekstraliga stars, thanks for your help
  7. Dandelion

    Polish junior league 2020

    Thanks for the info... I understand Nowacki rode for Gorzow but is he entitled to ride for Rybnik too? Maybe that was a bad example... Can Alan Szczotka (Who is a Gorzow ride loaned to Gdansk) can he ride for Gorzow? The senior junior comp... Oh they have so many confusing tournaments
  8. Dandelion

    Polish junior league 2020

    So how do they work all these points out? Is it an average of what they score throughout the season? And how do they decide which team misses which round? Do they just kinda draw that out of a hat? I take it the squads for each team is just any u-21 rider each team owns... Wonder who Kamil Nowacki is allowed to ride for then, Gorzow or Rybnik? Do they do something similar for the teams in 1.Liga? Torun, Daugavpils etc... Sorry for all the questions Asking the experts here...
  9. Dandelion

    The next Polish sensation- Damian Ratajczak

    Cheers I shall have a look
  10. Dandelion

    The next Polish sensation- Damian Ratajczak

    Can someone explain to me how the 'youth ekstraliga' league works... Or whatever it's called... There seems to be no coverage for it at all... It seems to work similar to the Speedway of Nations in terms of how the meeting runs on the day... But that's 8 teams in the league racing only 7 at a time? Do they all miss one round each? How do they decide which team misses what round? Etc... Any information would be nice to know. Thanks Also do they have a similar set up with 1.Liga and 2.Liga? If there's any websites with useful information on the league, please let me know, thanks Really interested... Also, do the results go towards some kind of league table?
  11. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Indoor ice arena to do ice hockey, bring back the Vipers, and the Newcastle 'ice dogs' The only ice speedway team in the country... I'm sure Rob has lots of things in mind to make money from the new stadium, I'm sure he won't want to lose out... He seems to be rolling in it already though
  12. Dandelion

    Somerset 2020

    Szymon Szlauderbach Krzysztof Sadurski Kacper Pludra Tymoteusz Picz All riders who this season are riding for both teams, there's definitely a connection there, just didn't know if it was an official connection? Also are Lodz and Leszno connected somehow? As Adam Skornicki I believe is involved with both and Brady Kurtz has now signed for Lodz, just curious
  13. Dandelion

    Somerset 2020

    Rawicz is associated with leszno somehow... dunno if they're the official Youth team or if they're a feeder type club but they are certainly associated with each other
  14. Dandelion

    Smaller nation's leagues

    Thanks very much for sharing all of your useful information, I always find it interesting seeing who rides in these smaller nations, I have been trying to follow Russia for a while now as they seem to have a lot of riders who just appear out of nowhere onto the world stage. Vitaly Belousov was one of them before he hurt himself Used to love watching him ride, as far as I know now he is mostly recovered so he can function day to day but doesn't race speedway anymore? I shall have an hour looking through all of these links, thanks very much... I like to make excel sheets with all the team lineups from year to year for some odd reason and some of the lineups from last season in some of these smaller nations are left a bit empty. Also come to realise that Britain should move to the category system/squad system/race format!! Like Denmark, so much better than the averages we have now, and it would stop races where Danny Phillips and Steve Worrall are in the same race etc...
  15. Dandelion

    Smaller nation's leagues

    Also want to add. On that Aktuell Speedway site. When I click on certain things, for example the 'Mega Lada' team from Russia, the riders flash up then immediately disappear and I was wondering if anyone else had this issue on this website? Thanks I've managed to get around this issue by quickly print screening when they flash up then paste it into a powerpoint document, but it isn't ideal

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