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  1. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    That's all I'm bothered about, come to watch speedway, not get involved in their personal life, not my business to know or care about Surely Connor wouldn't be bursting the bank though? And I'm sure Adam would have easily got hooked up somewhere else, Birmingham maybe? But I guess maybe it could have come down to averages? Adam is 0.61 less than Connor, what's the limit? And do the reserves count towards it?
  2. Dandelion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Is this 'top secret new reserve' the same top secret new reserve that was posted last night? Hardly a top secret if that's the case... Gutted Connor has been dropped, hope he's lined up elsewhere Would have made more sense in the team than Roynon, no offence, I do really like him as a bloke and rider, but he can not ride Brough, especially if he's gonna be the number 2 Barker would be a welcome addition, entertainment
  3. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Does anyone know the situation with foreign citizens who have previously been employed in the uk for many years, but haven't been the last 4 or 5, the Bjarne Pedersen type situation (I know he's retired, but ya know what I mean) Could go for a big hitter number 1 to bring back the crowds... Can they still be available to work in this country? And how many previous years is enough for them to be available to work? Gutted about Ondrej and Nick, was really looking forward to watching them, especially the latter... Good luck to them in the future
  4. Bewley better than buczkowski??? I'm sorry. Not yet. Think Leszno, gorzow, Lublin and wroclaw in that order in playoffs... grudziadz to finish rock bottom with no points. Zielona gore not much ahead of them 1. Leszno 2. Gorzow 3. Lublin 4. Wroclaw 5. Czestochowa 6. Torun 7. Zielona gora 8. Grudziadz Very early season predictions...
  5. And 2 of the best reserves in the league!! Don't seem them topping the table like, but I can certainly seem them finishing 3rd or 4th and fighting in the playoffs (Baring injuries)
  6. These are some very big names for the 3rd tier? Compared to last year anyway
  7. No problem... I understand that, just wondered if there was an up to date list anywhere on the Internet... Most teams don't have an up to date website or some don't have a website at all
  8. Is there an official list anywhere of all the team signings for this league? For 2021, can't find one like in the other threads for 1.Liga and the Ekstraliga
  9. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/907547/zuzel-transfery-oficjalnie-pawel-przedpelski-poza-eltrox-wlokniarzem-czestochowa Dunno if it's official, but looks as if Pawel is heading back to Torun, shock!! Good for him though, I am a fan
  10. Grudziadz dont look too far off
  11. Bydgoszcz look like they've got a lot of motivation next year... Good luck to them, would be nice to see them back
  12. Maybe Orwat could be a Polish senior back up option for Bydgoszcz... As has been pointed out on the other thread, they're struggling in that department, not sure whether he'd hold his own there though unfortunately. Will be interesting to see Grudziadz are the ones who need him the most, they've got next to nothing as junior level as far as I can tell... Lublin very strong at Junior level too... Would love to see him at Gorzow, they're my Polish favourites, not too keen on Wroclaw Max Fricke may not end up in any team!! Will he come crawling back to Britain I wonder?
  13. Can he not do both? Like some riders did this year, it would be a shame if he weren't in the Ekstraliga, seems like one of the better (top 6 or 7) young u-21 Poles... Was about 80% sure this was his last season at u-21level but wasn't sure... I'm not sure how they do the ages? What if the rider turns 22 half way through the season? Can they be an u-21 until that point or no?
  14. Thanks for all these updates... Keep em coming
  15. I'd imagine SOMEONE would sign Mateusz Cierniak next year? He was by far the best u-21 in 1.Liga last season, not sure of his most likely destination though? Same goes for Tomasz Orwat too, but I'm not sure if he is still a u-21 next year?

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