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  1. Newcastle 2018

    1. Matej Kus 7.84 2. Dimitri Berge 6.91 3. Lewis Rose 6.49 4. Ludvig Lindgren 7.21 5. Stuart Robson 7.02 6. Ashley Morris 4.88 7. Alfie Bowtell 2.14 I'm trying, but they're all even less realistic than just having Scotty in the line up, can you tell that I am putting my jobs off?
  2. Newcastle 2018

    1. Matej Kus 7.84 2. Ashley Morris 4.88 3. Lewis Rose 6.49 4. Ludvig Lindgren 7.21 5. Stuart Robson 7.02 6. Nathan Greaves 4.51 7. Danny Ayres 4.24 Total: 42.19 It's even worse than my original suggestion lol, could have had Jacobs if he hadn't retired I don't see why Scott is any more unlikely than any other rider though, I mean we were going to go for him last year too, weren't we?
  3. Newcastle 2018

    You got to remember, we're on a tight budget... BWD and a foreigner we'd have to pay flights for would be very expensive, granted Aarnio and Lindgren won't be cheap, but not as much, and you know what you're going to get from them, they've been around all the tracks, no gamble unlike a 5.20 rider I also think Aarnio could improve his, with a good run at number 2 or 6
  4. Newcastle 2018

    I thought it was 3, and Ellis and Ashley have done more than 3 years and I've already factored in Alfie's reduction (It is 2.5%, right?)
  5. Newcastle 2018

    Unless he got a reduction (Which I'm not sure he would), Ellis wouldn't fit!! Or otherwise I would have had him in instead, although I am a pretty big fan of Aarnio
  6. Newcastle 2018

    You're right, that's no where near enough of a reshuffle before the season even starts for the Panther's promotion At least 4 of the 5 need to go I think
  7. Newcastle 2018

    I'm guessing... If we get Nicholls 1. Scott Nicholls 9.72 2. Tero Aarnio 5.02 3. Lewis Rose 6.49 4. Ludvig Lindgren 7.21 5. Stuart Robson 7.02 6. Ashley Morris 4.88 7. Alfie Bowtell 2.14 Total: 42.48 And have Josh at 8... Would also have Robson as captain, and this team would always mean that we would have a very strong reserve in Aarnio or Ashley, and we'd have a pretty solid top 4, as I'd see Lewis upping his average and Robson, Ludvig and Nicholls (just about) maintaining theirs... Maybe dropping or adding a little bit, but them staying similar... Also Alfie would be one of the better young British number 7s in the league
  8. Newcastle 2018

    I think he'd at least stay in the low 9s or high 8s, and he'd be worth more than that to the likes of Alfie and Rose maybe if we sign them... Would be a good head to have in the pits Wonder who would be the captain, Robson, Nicholls or Ludvig... Hmmm
  9. Newcastle 2018

    Where is this information coming from?
  10. And, I don't mean that in a I'm sticking up for him, I haven't heard anything about this and was just wondering why people were meeting to discuss him
  11. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I never knew that, thanks for that information I thought it was just people who don't know what they're talking about messing up again, but it turns out that I'm that person (as usual)
  12. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    The National Development League? That's like a mix of the national league and the midland development league lol... Which one is it?
  13. Joe Jacobs

    Being in a team for a few years in a row did Ashley Morris a load of good, it'd do Joe Jacobs a lot of good also, he's a rider I'd have like to have seen at Newcastle, especially if we went down the 2 4.00 reserves route... Shame