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  1. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2019

    Anyway, after a slightly disappointing end to the 2018 season, we need to now stop being negative, let the work behind the scenes happen and look forward to 2019, which we have been told is all systems go!! As for the team this year, this is my opinions as how they performed and if I would like to see them back or not: 1. Stuart Robson - Only fitting I mention this legend first. Even as a mackem, he has become one of the most loved riders in Newcastle's recent history, it seems it's a good time for him to retire however, while he's still on a relative high. It's tiring watching some riders go well into their 40s almost ruining their legend status by whimpering down to a 3 point average before throwing in the towel. I would like to thank Robbo for all he has done not only for Newcastle speedway, but the sport as a whole, good luck in the future Obviously, not for my 2019 team 2. Tero Aarnio - By far been our stand out rider this season imo, he's the first name George and the promotion need to pursue, and they'd be daft if they didn't, the only way I don't see the 'baby faced assasin' back in our side is if a Polish team comes calling, or another team pays him more. Great little rider and he riders Brough AND away tracks very well, Would be really nice to partner him with someone else (dunno who yet) at 3 and 4, rather than at number 5, which to be fair, is a big ask for him (even if he rode ok there at points this year) Definitely for my 2019 team, pllleeeaasse 3. Ashley Morris - What a great, hardworking rider Ash is, he's been asked this year to ride in positions very high for his current ability, number 3 most recently, and he's performed ok in this role, if somehow, next year we manage to sign him as a reserve or a number 2 with a big hitting number 1, of course I'd love to see him back in Diamonds colours!! He seemed very keen and very grateful to the promotion on Sunday night when interviewed, so I'd be more surprised not seeing him back. Another definitely back for me 4. Matej Kus - Seemed to be a controversial signing a few moths back, but in my opinion it was good at the time. He has proved no one right though, as he's come in and done an ok/average job. He rode very well for us a few years ago at number 3 and if he could have replicated that, he'd have been a great signing. The only things Matej has going for him imo is that he is an asset, and his average is very small so he could be used at number 2 maybe? Having said this, sorry Matej, there's other similar riders I'd like to see over you, good luck, wherever you are next year 5. Ludvig Lindgren - Been my favourite Diamond for a few years now... But I feel he may have been knocked off by a certain Finn However, people still know my opinion of him, and if rumours of last Friday night are true, then that's very disappointing, but imo, the team just wouldn't be the same if Ludvig wasn't there, who would the keyboard warriors complain about then??? Another rider who i'd like to see back (As a second string!! Not number 1 or 5) 6. Matthew Wethers - No question for me, Matthew has ridden his socks off all season, which is what I expected when he was announced over the winter, people didn't seem so sure of his signing, but I think he has silenced them, specifically with his recent performances out on track. Was a little bit race rusty at the beginning of the season, as you'd expect, but since then, he's been a hard trying points scoring machine down at number 7!! Please come back next year 7. Carl Wilkinson - No one can complain about the effort Wilko puts in from start to finish of every race he's in, maybe he tries a little too hard as he's constantly on his arse trying to overtake when it's better for the team to settle in position!! However Carl has been great this year and I really have enjoyed watching him throw the bike into them corners, almost desperate to get past the rider ahead of him, he seems to have a good presence in the pits also, protecting his teammates from wild grizzlies further down the a19 and his never give up[ attitude. I'd like to thank Wilko for his services this year, he's been great at reserve. The only way however I'd want him in my 2019 team is if Wethers moves elsewhere OR we can still fit him in after completing our other 6. Hope to see you in 2019 Carl, would hate to see you left out of every team, but maybe as a visitor or on my occasional trips to Buxton? 8. Lewis Rose - Thanks Lewis for your time as a Diamond over the last couple of seasons and also coming in at the last minute at the beginning of the season to bail us out. I know you've retired from speedway now, and who knows if you'll ever be back, but good luck in your future and have a safe time, whatever you chose to do. My first 4 names for the team would be: 1. Tero Aarnio (Number 3?) 2. Ashley Morris (Number 2 or 7 - he needs his heat 8 wins) 3. Matthew Wethers (Number 7??? or 2 - whoever has a smaller average between him and Ash) 4. Ludvig Lindgren (Another number 2 option? or 4 partnered with Tero?) If ones a reserve, 2 are second strings and maybe Tero is the number 3, we could build a decent side around them P.S. Rene come back!!
  2. So, what was said on Monday night about 2019? Anything as big and exciting as Roy suggested? Or did he big up nothing? Again...
  3. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    We need to sign Richie immediately... Before someone else does, and before our season goes COMPLETELY away from us... And I agree, I'm very sorry Carl, weirdly you've been one of our better riders and the one I've been most impressed by (effort wise) but I'd drop you and have 1. Richie Worrall 2. Ludvig Lindgren/Tero Aarnio 3. Stuart Robson (c) 4. Ashley Morris 5. Tero Aarnio/Ludvig Lindgren 6. Matthew Wethers (maybe Carl) 7. Matej Kus I'd personally keep Ludvig at 2, but I have seen some people say Ludvig at 5, and really, it's 6 and two 3s
  4. Anyway, back to the teams... Why isn't Ludvig riding? Was he just not picked or is he riding elsewhere? Surely, Stuart, Ash, Tero and Ludvig with Matthew (or Carl, 6 and 2 3s) at reserve would have been stronger
  5. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    Would Josef "Pepe" Franc be available on Sundays? He was the first Diamond I ever saw win a race, knows Brough park well by the sounds of it and flew around in the first meeting I saw... Have a word Matej... Great amount of experience too...
  6. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    If Matej comes in as a reserve and either Matthew or Carl (harsh on both) is then replaced with a top rider (who knows who) it's a pretty good signing imo... Matej and Carl/Matthew at reserve would be very strong Don't know why everyone has such a downer on Matej, yeah he's been bad this year, but he was really good for us in 2016... If he can start replicating that again I'd be very happy, and it would mean someone like Ashley or Robbo might drop to reserve...
  7. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    Wonder what we're promised this week
  8. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    He would be if we replaced one with him... Not quite unicorn express, not in Scotland yet
  9. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    Well if we want to have a competitive season where we might win something, we're not going to do it with the team we have now, with someone replacing Rose, I know we're on a budget but that surely doesn't mean we've given up already? Kus at reserve would be worth it, especially if you partner him with someone like Matthew, very strong pairing to make up for our lack of top end strength, imagine if we got Kus riding again like 2016 at reserve?
  10. Dandelion

    Redcar 2018

    And I don't blame them, there's no money in speedway
  11. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    That has settled it, we need to sign him at reserve, (if he's available on Sundays??? Would he give up Czech on Sunday for us if it meant us or no uk team?) to replace Wilko or Wethers (but I know which I'd prefer) Also Rose to be replaced with a young Dane for example with sights for bringing him in for 2019 would be great, maybe we'll unearth the new Nicki/Bjarne/Kenni/Rene And with the points we have left, if we had a bit more money I'd say we drop the risky, injured Robson for a big number 1 (who would be hard to find) but this year I think we need to settle with a similar team to what we have now
  12. Dandelion

    Redcar 2018

    Jonas and Mikkel lol
  13. Dandelion

    Redcar 2018

    Was a heat leader for us in 2016 and had a great season, must have been on a good run of form
  14. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    If Redcar end up dropping Kus, he is a must on a 4.76 average... Sorry Wilko but Matej and Matthew at reserve..... Yes please..... 1. Ludvig Lindgren 6.71 2. This foreigner we're talking to 5.20 3. Stuart Robson 6.65 4. Ashley Morris 5.50 5. Tero Aarnio 5.38 6. Matej Kus 4.76 7. Matthew Wethers 4.00 Total: 38.20 Would be EXTREMELY competitive, especially if Matej can start recreating his 2016 form... I know he's had a bad start to the year, but he's got it in him We'd have 8.30 points left if we took Matthew out too (if we were going to make drastic changes) A nice number 1 with the foreigner and Matej at reserve... We could make the playoffs with a team like that!! It would be: 1. 8.30 (Wolbert? Thomsen? Mikkel Michelsen? Dreaming?) 2. Ashley Morris 3. Stuart Robson 4. Ludvig Lindgren 5. Tero Aarnio 6. Matej Kus 7. Foreigner Hmmm, food for thought on a boring bank holiday Monday night...
  15. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2018

    Maybe you'll discover twitter now and become hooked You learn something new every day... If you want anyway I haven't learned anything in years

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