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  1. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    That's sort of what I mean... Same website, just split into two sections... Maybe on the home page it shows the Diamonds logo and the Gems logo and you click on the one you want to get the news feed/team news etc for the desired team... Easy to switch with the click of a button somewhere too... I don't mean completely different websites Bad choice of words
  2. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    I would think the Gems/NJL team having their own website would be a good thing for them... So they can amass a following of their own separate from the main team... Gives them more backing and stuff...
  3. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Maybe the website will be split into two... One for the Diamonds and another for the Gems/NJL team etc...
  4. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    VERY happy with some of the rider named there... Jamie Halder and Josh Embleton are two riders who have deserved team places for years and have found them hard to come by, not sure of Jamie's experience at Brough though? But it will be a good step in his development Archie, Max and Joe all great signings and great riders for this level, Archie should have a cracking first season, especially at home Really surprised but pleased that Leon Flint has signed, he will be brilliant back up for Max Ryan MacDonald, solid reserve at this level, don't know much about him but I really do hope he kicks on and has a great season I can see the National Trophy coming to Brough!! Maybe Mildenhall will give us a run for our money, but I'd like to think the Isle of Wight and Plymouth should be beatable, good luck to the Gems in 2020
  5. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Thanks for letting us know... Really need them to come out!! Feels like we've been waiting forever lol
  6. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Not necessarily, maybe he doesn't want a full season of NL, but just a few extra meetings to fill his calendar? Maybe Armadale won't want him in their plans, maybe they've already got their team together, who knows... It's just a bit of fun putting a team or two together
  7. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    1 Max Clegg 10.14 2 Joe Alcock 4.36 3 David Wallinger 3.87 4 Josh Embleton 4.83 5 James Sarjeant 7.80 6 Kelsey Dugard 3.35 7 Archie Freeman 3.00 This is the winning team though...
  8. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Aye... It's a bit of a shame how a young Brit like Max isn't allowed to ride in his own nation's development league
  9. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    He's got a CL average above 4.00 and has a CL team place? Or am I misunderstanding the rules... If he is eligible... GET HIM SIGNED UP AS THE NUMBER 1 Forgot about Kelsey... Good shout, although if he's spannering for Nick and Nick is in Heat 15... It'll be a bit tight for Kelsey will it not? Wouldn't say 3.35 is a bargain, but he'd be a solid reserve imo... When was the last time he rode Brough? Don't recall him doing second halves? Dean is not ready imo... He should stick to the NJL for sure... No offence to him but it would be like Danny in the CL... In the deep end too soon, and he'd get nowhere
  10. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Absolutely brilliant news for Archie Would imagine David Wallinger will get one of the places considering all of his liking and sharing of all things Newcastle on Facebook... And his brilliant guest appearance for us last season in the CL... David Wallinger, Archie Freeman, Joe Alcock, Josh Embleton and Jamie Halder are all a must imo... Would like to see Kieran Douglas and a big number 1 to finish the team off... Might be a pretty bad team tbh, but it doesn't matter, it's all brilliant experience for them, and you never know... Some of them might kick on big time 1 15.31 2 Joe Alcock 4.36 3 Josh Embleton 4.83 4 Jamie Halder 4.63 5 David Wallinger 3.87 6 Kieran Douglas 3.00 7 Archie Freeman 3.00 I know Max isn't eligible... But it'd be great to see him spearhead that team... All fairly local too... Probably Kieran the least local George Rothery imo deserves a team place somewhere too... But I imagine it will be at Armadale if anywhere
  11. Dandelion

    Newcastle Gems apply for NT place.

    I kinda hope we go with locals rather than just the best of the best, which is what I think we will do tbh... I'd rather our second team lost with young locals who are gaining experience than won with all the big names in the NDL Jamie Halder, Josh Embleton, Joe Alcock, Kieran Douglas and Archie Freeman MUST be in the team imo... Then build the two heat leaders from there... I know Max Clegg isn't an option, but a big number 1 like him to guide the young'uns would be ideal... Maybe Wilko will hop back on a bike just for these meetings? As captain, and maybe he'll get some sort of management role within the side? Good experience for him for the future if that's the path he wants to take... Would James Wright be eligible?
  12. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Personally feel that an MDL team would be more suitable this season? Surely it's too early for Danny Smith, and maybe half a year or so too early for Archie also... If Belle Vue are in the MDL why not Newcastle? An MDL squad of Kieran Douglas, Josh Embleton, Joe Alcock, Archie Freeman and Danny Smith would be good... Spread out the trips to the IOW and Plymout between them!! Would also really like to see Jamie Halder get one of the spots as it's one of the crimes of the century that's he's unable to find a team place
  13. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    1 Ben Morley 9.18 GBR 2 Joe Alcock 4.36 GBR 3 Rob Shuttleworth 6.05 GBR 4 Josh Embleton 4.83 GBR 5 Tom Perry 8.50 GBR 6 Kieran Douglas 3.00 GBR 7 Archie Freeman 3.00 GBR Wouldn't be a world beating side, but it would give a few young, local lads a leg up and a bit of experience... Would be a nice side to watch... Can someone explain to me the format of the NL trophy, how many meetings will there be? Are they full 15 heat meetings? Also will there be a NJL team next year? Or maybe even MDL with Josh, Joe, Archie, Danny being the main four 500s
  14. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Josh, Joe, Archie, Kieran as the second strings/reserves Max Clegg can't do NL as far as I'm aware, same with Connor... Not sure about James? Danny Phillips no thanks, think he'll end up retiring, Connor Coles already rides for IOW. It will be interesting to see who we put together, by the sounds of things Rob has already got a good idea of who he wants... Maybe a few more ex-Stoke riders? Luke Priest, Rob Shuttleworth etc... Would like to see Ben Morley, always liked him as a rider and as far as I'm aware he is not hooked up anywhere for next year yet? Be a great number 1 in the NL

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