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  1. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    They said that about Lasse too
  2. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Completely agree with you... But I can still see him riding for us next year... If I were him I wouldn't want to... Got to be embarrassing
  3. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Where abouts? Poole? Think it's a given he'll be included
  4. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Wonder whether a big name signing would spark some new interest... And with Sheffield moving up, how about a return for Danny King? 1. Danny King 8.45 2. Max Clegg 4.92 3. Ulrich Ostergaard 5.98 4. Matthew Wethers 6.92 5. Steve Worrall 7.38 6. James Sarjeant 3.90/Jacob Bukhave 4.00 7. Danny Phillips 2.17 Total: 39.72/82 (With all British riders getting 2.5% reduction, like last year and 40.00 limit like it should be at least)
  5. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Would be good news if Ged and Martin had bought out Newcastle... Bit of a boost money wise and might interest a few new names... Plus they might run the team a bit different and build a team we're not used to... Might be good times ahead... HOWEVER... I still want George to stay and be involved somehow... Even if he was joint team manager or something? Surely the more people behind the scenes helping out like that the better? And for the love of god please bring back Andrew Dalby to the microphone... Let Roy put on his Redcar jacket like he really wants to
  6. I was pretending to be confident... But after we went all square into heat 13 I knew we had been beaten because of heats 13 and 15... Even if we managed a 5-1 in heat 14... Got to admit... I don't keep track of the scores and didn't really notice Jordan as a stand out rider on the night, was surprised when I got home and found he scored 9... Good on the lad, hope he enjoys home over the winter and enjoys being a Bear in 2020 Even if he is at the wrong side of the Tyne Tees derbies
  7. Jealous last night It was more a compliment of how great Ulrich was gating last night... Charles and Erik were by far and away the best riders on the night and I take absolutely nothing away from them, top quality from both of them... Been a big fan of Erik for a while now and Charles is always entertaining to watch... Would have loved to have been at the British Final to watch him
  8. Got the Wright/Ostergaard incident right... Wright clearly wiped Ostergaard out going into the first bend because he was jealous of how well he was gating all night... However the Phillips/Barker incident was a bit dodgy... Danny locked up, and Barker couldn't do much other than hit Danny... Awkward looking fall in the end, but at the end of the day, not Danny fault... In no conceivable universe should Danny Phillips be expected to race against Ben Barker and Jordan Stewart... It's just wrong... He probably panicked when he looked behind and saw who he was in front of... It was embarrassing watching the races that had the likes of Erik Riss and Max Clegg in and Tom Woolley and Danny Phillips wobbling around at the back... Nearly a lap behind... To add: Not to mention the referee let Jordan Stewart ride in his white helmet colour all night Never seen that before... And there's no way you can tell me that it was yellow... Because it just wasn't
  9. Instead of raising the outside, can we not dig down on the inside? Obviously a slow decrease as you get closer to the centre green, to stop pools of water forming? You'd think the dogs would want the corners moved further inside, to lessen the amount of shale that gets thrown onto the dog track?
  10. Bellers has been quiet since Tsunami spoke up
  11. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2020

    Actually quite enjoyed this year, but maybe a bit of a shake up is needed... Lemme have a go, and see what gets picked apart first... I'm building based on a 40.00 average (Who knows what it'll be) and all British riders getting a 2.5% reduction 1. Aaron Summers - 7.51 - If the rumours of Berwick moving up are true... He'll need a new Championship team, he riders very well at Brough and would be a solid number 1 2. Broc Nicol - 5.16 - Same as Summers, except I think the whole league will be after him... Unless someone already has him and I dunno? 3. Kyle Howarth - 6.97 - Same as above but maybe not the most realistic... Tero, Matty or Rene would be nice alternatives 4. Ulrich Ostergaard - 5.98 - Been amazing since signing for us and I think he would do a great job at 3 or 4 partnered with someone solid, maybe even Steve and Howarth at 5? 5. Steve Worrall - 7.38 - Captain again? I know he struggled a little last year, but he's Steve Worrall... He'll come back to the rider we all know and love... Just hope Leicester don't come knocking 6. Max Clegg - 4.92 - Would be the best reserve in the league, I can tell that already, great rider is Max, please come back next year 7. 2.08? (Or 2.20 if Tero at 3?) - Can't fit Danny in with the rest of the team, but honestly I see him being our first signing next year, wouldn't be awful, but I'd rather have the other 6 Danny would fit at 7 if Tero is the rider at 3? Also I'd love to see Ashley Morris return, but where? Maybe as an alternative to Max if he moves on? Or instead of Broc Nicol because there's no chance of us signing him? Just initial thoughts...
  12. Dandelion

    2020 Wildcards

    I'd love to see the two Lagutas in... Think Grigory would be nice and controversial... Which will liven up the series some more... Artem is the best rider in the world on his day... Woffinden is obvious... Last place... Maksym Drabik, Mikkel Michelsen, Bartosz Smektala or Greg Hancock farewell (If he wants it) Think Greg is still one of the best in the world... Even with his year out Reserves: I'd like to see Lambert get another reserve spot, but too early for a full time spot... Same goes for Chuganov... 1. Bartosz Zmarzlik 2. Leon Madsen 3. Emil Sayfutdinov 4. Fredrik Lindgren 5. Martin Vaculik 6. Maciej Janowski 7. Jason Doyle 8. Patryk Dudek 9. Matej Zagar 10. Niels Kristian Iversen 11. Max Fricke 12. Tai Woffinden 13. Artem Laguta 14. Grigory Laguta 15. Maksym Drabik/Greg Hancock/Mikkel Michelsen/Bartosz Smektala Reserves: Robert Lambert, Gleb Chuganov, (Drabik, Michelsen, Smektala) Whichever two don't get picked full time, Anders Thomsen (Euro Champion) Realistically... I know Greg might be a gamble... But I still think he'll finish top 8... And he's a legend... Would be nice to see him go out age 50, and with a bang
  13. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2019

    Better racing at Brough than you get down in Redcar... I'm sorry Just my opinion... You just need some balls to ride Brough... Where Redcar is gate, wind it on and go...
  14. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2019

    Ah thanks, I never saw this... Guess I need to pay more attention
  15. Dandelion

    Newcastle 2019

    Are we ever going to run the 90th? All seems very last minute... How are we going to get riders to ride if there's not even a date yet... I know it might not be the most important meeting in the world... But we've been promised it twice already... And now there's been no mention of it for weeks

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