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  1. Great meeting. Well done to Belle Vue again. Doyley a worthy winner. Good to see Sam riding in UK meet.
  2. Dearth of GB talent so always going to be hard to track 16 riders who would provide any close racing. A big thank you to Berwick for putting the meeting on. They can’t control the weather. Well done Bandits .
  3. I have got a white circle spinning on a black screen. K
  4. Endeavour

    SON 2020

    Bit of a farce. Hard to think of any positives.
  5. Endeavour

    SON 2020

    Not only missing Woffinden’s points scoring but his experience in the pits. GB carrying a bigger entourage than riders. Lambert and Bewley will come again.
  6. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2020

    Thought Lawson was investing in equipment last year.
  7. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2020

    Happy to see James Sarjeant back, can’t make my mind up about Lawson. Wore vintage Wolves and Aces Kevlars last season but certainly didn’t ride like that. If he brings a bike fit for purpose who knows. Two new boys, time will tell. Good to see fresh faces but tracking 2 lads new to GB tracks in main body of the team is a gamble. Hope it pays off. So 3 Aussies, 3 Brits and a Norwegian. Take it Sam will be captain.
  8. Endeavour

    Glasgow 2020

    Sure does. Would have at Armadale in a minute. Great guy. Feel Cookie has settled for a career in div one and two in UK. If he had any ambition wouldn’t be anywhere near second tier GB Speedway.
  9. Endeavour

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Yes he is off to the Land of Milk and Money.
  10. Would like to see 42.50. Too many young riders have been used then discarded as teams chopped and changed their 2.00 rider. was too much of a disparity between top 2 in most teams and reserves.
  11. Jim may be nicknamed Grand Monarch but IMO he is a fair referee. We compete in a GB league with GB referees. Doesn’t stand any nonsense from riders. Other refs could take a leaf out of his book.
  12. A bit of gloating going on from fans of various teams. Unsavoury. Yes Glasgow oozes professionalism but owning your own stadium goes a long way to what you can do with your facility. The Faccennas ploughed mega bucks into Ashfield; other promotions don’t have that financial background. It would be great if we did. Don’t think any fans of any team should post about a closure of a track. We need as many teams as possible in our sport. Again well done to both teams and congratulations to Leicester, topped the table, tactically sound last night, worthy winners.

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