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  1. Fair comment. anyone know if tickets are available. Can’t see anything on Glasgow feed.
  2. Are tickets on sale to general public or is preference to Glasgow fans? Thousands can go to Glasgow Green for a football fan zone throughout the Euros and 12,000 fans will be at Hampden tomorrow. double standards.
  3. Endeavour

    Connor Bailey

    Would Connor be on the rising ⭐️ 2 average?
  4. Endeavour

    Redcar v Glasgow 13th June

    Wouldn’t be amiss for Eurosport to show some Championship matches.
  5. Thought Willie would be posting better scores from reserve especially with the 2 point reserve this year. Time will tell if it was a mistake letting Sarjeant go.
  6. Think Edinburgh are a man short of being strong contenders.
  7. Ty was never great round the Dale. Think Monarchs one rider away from being a solid team.
  8. Maybe early days but I question why the promotion let James Sarjeant go and retained Willie Lawson.
  9. Endeavour

    Tom McCrone.

    One of the good guys in the sport. Did it for love of his Club. Condolences to Tom’s family.
  10. Great meeting. Well done to Belle Vue again. Doyley a worthy winner. Good to see Sam riding in UK meet.
  11. Dearth of GB talent so always going to be hard to track 16 riders who would provide any close racing. A big thank you to Berwick for putting the meeting on. They can’t control the weather. Well done Bandits .
  12. I have got a white circle spinning on a black screen. K

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