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  1. Endeavour


    Like the team Kevlars. But ...... expensive business way teams hire and fire mid season.
  2. Endeavour

    Torun 2018

    Mauger with his consistency would probably have won more world titles if it had been in GP form when he rode.
  3. Just in from Workington - totally gutted BUT credit where credits due. Well done to the Comets. A total team performance, working for each other. A very jaded looking Eric tonight. Hope the Comets do the double. Laura has been a great supporter and friend to Edinburgh and no one would deserve some silverware more. A great performance clawing that deficit back. Take a bow Workington.
  4. Endeavour

    Play offs

    Glasgow’s to lose. Cookie has galvanised them on and off track.
  5. Hurting like hell after that doing. Agree with Mags, sorry to hear a minority of fans booing Cookie. Viktor looked far from fit, bit like Lawson’s 8 year old bike. Yes Cookie was back to his sublime best and has to earn a living but it sure is hard watching him in Weegie Kevlars thumping us. Not only miss him in team on track but his ability to galvanise the team off track too. Glasgow riders wanted it more. Don’t see Ipswich beating Tiggers. Can but hope but forecast not too good for Dale on Friday either.
  6. forecast not great for Friday either. Hard lines on ANY team losing out due to incomplete matches. Look at Berwick, invested in covers, home matches completed, thwarted by weather at Ipswich and at Edinburgh. Think an extension should be granted again to 23rd
  7. Weather not looking good. Bucketing at Dampden, Sorry Hampden tonight.
  8. How many tracks do provide consistent “racing” Check the Speedway updates , how many FTGs are there in nearly every match. Apart from Belle Vue there are many gate and go races on the updates. Track was overly grippy first few races on Friday but Richard Lawson only dropped a point in his last 3 rides. I would like to see a statement from Edinburgh telling us what the team is for Tuesday (weather permitting) and how our Swedish boys are.
  9. Think we could be struggling to make play offs if Joel and Victor are ruled out. Don’t see us getting anything at Glasgow. If it is r/r for Victor, we can you Richie and Josh. Weak tail end if Joel missing.
  10. Just in from Workington. Think we deserved the point and Monarchs were a tad fortunate with Nicolai having bike problems. Reserves for Workington tanked our two so well done to young Kyle. Any two from our top 4 could have been in heat 15. On reflection maybe would have put Ricky off 4. Hope both of us make play offs, Laura deserves it.
  11. Think we need Willie Lawson on a faster bike to enhance play off chances.
  12. Like him or loathe him Ben Barker on song is great to watch. No one could fault his efforts tonight. Always liked Bomber and thought he had turned a corner recently but struggled tonight. Sad to see. Still think he can beat anybody on hid day at Glasgow.
  13. Don’t see Monarchs winning at Glasgow on Sunday. Forecast not looking too great.
  14. Got to give his team time to tune it to his standard Jenna.

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