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  1. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    Would Josh McDonald fit in? I am not a great one to study the averages and how it works.
  2. Endeavour

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    Exactly Paulco !!!!!!!!' Reminded me of Max Dilger on a good day. Our secret weapon ????? weapon of self destruction more like!!!!!
  3. Endeavour

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    Sedgy has been a good servant but he is a shadow of the rider who performed well in the past, all be it with Cookie as his partner. He has missed a season and the season before last was released by a few Clubs. Plus a serious injury. Regards to Lawson; totally agreed with you. Unprepared and old machinery leads to inept performances. Don’t see much passion with these 2 guys. Sedgy’s race with young Connor Coles was pitiful to watch, fair play to young Connor.
  4. Endeavour

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    Thanks Mac101, couldn’t find it anywhere. Wondering if Justin will be replaced before then.
  5. Endeavour

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    Any update on Justin and Luke after Friday night.
  6. Endeavour

    Photographers in British Speedway

    Very very talented but His name has obviously opened a few doors or does every track let teenagers onto the track who wish to learn and become a photographer. The photographers at Edinburgh and Glasgow and other tracks have served our sport well for years for NO financial gain and they have won awards in the past. This scenario should have never made its way onto a public forum. Father Lanning has used his profile to put his side of this sorry tale over and decent guys throughout the UK have not the same platform to respond. Sort it out behind closed doors.
  7. Endeavour

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    Not normally one for pressing the panic button but think time to change one possibly two riders. Good to see Ricky looking bit more like his old self
  8. How long is a team allowed to use guest reserves. Genuine question.
  9. Went along. Sponsored one of Edinburgh race jackets (Sam), would have been nice to have been afforded the chance to get an official picture taken with Smiler Sam. Joshie was good and it was great to see old Monarchs boys Max and Sam ride. Two boys who I feel could hold their own in GP series. Lovely to see Will and Debbie again. Still maintain Cookie too good for div 2 and should be mixing it in Scandinavia/ Poland to enhance chances of GP return. Time will tell, hope I am proven wrong.
  10. Said when team was announced that we needed Justin to be Sedgy of old and William to be riding decent equipment. Luke has done so well and if William could step up to the mark we could have a decent reserve pairing.
  11. William once again looks down on power, did he invest in new engines for this season????
  12. Hope Berwick have a good season. Good fans and always a nice welcome when you go there.
  13. Thought young Luke road his heart out. Early days but noted William only had one bike last night and didn’t look on the pace.
  14. Endeavour

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Would Joe Lawlor have been sacked if there was not a rider of Bickley’s potential available?
  15. Endeavour

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Tend to agree with you Dorothy but Bickley has a lot of promise and potential. Unfair on any rider signed for a team who hasn’t turned a wheel yet and not able to find a team in this division. Think any team would think the same which still doesn’t make it morally correct. A lot of teams in this division with a long tail.

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