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  1. Surely Worrall should have been out for Glasgow in heat 15. Well done to Monarchs. I completely wrote off our chances progressing to the quarter finals after Friday night. Went reluctantly today to Ashfield. Erik seems to be comfortable in the captains role and what a performance from Ricky. A relatively young team did us proud. Hope Max is okay.
  2. Josh being at reserve hasn’t turned out the bonus Edinburgh thought it would be. Gating ...... lack of still a big problem. Always gives it a go though. Good from Mark tonight but needs to be more consistent. Still to be convinced he is a third heat leader. Think Monarchs will be turned over in second leg unless 5 of the boys come to the party on Sunday.
  3. Pleased to see Comets having a great start to the season and young Dan making very rapid progress. They have had a few tough years. Having watched Bomber over years, one thing nobody could level at him was lack of commitment to the cause. Harsh judging him on a few meetings. Ritchie? Would have loved to have seen him at Edinburgh.
  4. Endeavour

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Ivan Mauger’s biography was one of the best sporting biographies I have ever read. Started with nothing and through sheer force of will ambition and drive became the best rider ever to mount a speedway bike. from running six miles to Plough Lane to save money but also to get fitter to working out where he would have to finish at qualifying rounds of the world championship to gain the best advantage for the World Final itself. The first few chapters of his biography should be a must read for ANY aspiring sportsperson. Condolences to all the Mauger family; first and foremost a husband and father but a name which people who are not necessary Speedway fans recognised. We will never see his like again. RIP Ivan.
  5. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2018

    Great night at the Cairn Hotel in Bathgate for Monarchs pre season launch. All the riders spoke well in their interviews. Well done to the Campbell brothers for an excellent evening. A young team and hopefully an entertaining one too.
  6. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2018

    I thought he was at Workington next year?
  7. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2018

    Can't make my mind up about these three. Sedgy was great for us before but I think that was a lot to do with riding at 2 partnering Cookie. Lot of time for Theo but will he put 3 points on his average? Can't recall Monarchs ever resigning 3 ex-riders in the one season.
  8. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2018

    Come on Edinburgh. give us a name or two ........ please?
  9. At least Cookie has qualified for GPS, albeit finishing 4th in SGP qualifier. He hasn't relied on a wildcard. Cast your net of criticism higher to our number one who didn't represent Team GB this year.
  10. Gutted that a rider who went through the card didn't win. But we have seen it happen many times before. Tough on Richie. Not a fan of Nick's BUT if any team deserved a bit of success it is Berwick who have been blighted my misfortune and injury in the past few years.
  11. Mark and Chris poor in second leg. Nicholls would have been a better guest at Monmore Green. Any team would have struggled without their top two. Fair play to Swindon, you can only beat what is in front of you. Seized the opportunity with both hands.
  12. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2018

    Agree - both Riss boys
  13. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2018

    Need reserves that are capable of improving. Not like this year where we went with the mantra "as long as our boy beats the other team's number 7." Richie Worrall looking for a Club?
  14. A lot of ifs, buts, maybes. Don't think Edinburgh has had a meeting when 5 riders have been on form this season. Bit of a nightmare night for Mitchell, lacklustre. Can't fault Josh Pickering's efforts but needs to remember he has 4 laps in a race. Big decisions re team make up for 2018. Hope both Riss boys are back.

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