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  1. Poor that no stream. Poole missing the boat here to earn a few quid for their club. Looked at flights to Bournemouth - they only fly from Edinburgh on a Thursday and Sunday.
  2. Final home match of the season for the Monarchs today. Oh how we need a win to have any chance. Need all 7 riders contributing points today. Kye seemed bit down on power against the Tigers so hopefully all sorted. A final match at the Dale for our Roo Boy. Thanks for your time with the blue and gold Rory and your contribution to British speedway on and off the track. Obviously want Monarchs to win the cup but best wishes in league play offs.
  3. Beaten fair and square. No complaints. Kye looking bit down on power. Hope sorted for tomorrow.
  4. You are strong at home. When Ricky got excluded it made no difference as Marcin came in and won the race.
  5. Endeavour

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    If anyone can pass at Berwick it’s Bomber
  6. Thought we were holding our own first five heats. Thought to myself hope Kye’s fall and 2 point swing doesn’t affect outcome little thinking it would be a whopping 22.
  7. Depends how you adapt to a slicker Ashfield. Our boys didn’t adapt
  8. Tend to agree. Tigers dialled in last night. Practiced in afternoon so they were well prepared. Job done. Still feel Poole will be too strong for Glasgow in league and us in the Cup.
  9. Think now our only chance of silverware. We really need to take a good lead to Poole. Hard with Rory, Worrall good at the Dale. Wonder how Anders knee will cope 3 meetings on the bounce.
  10. Endeavour

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    I knew about Lawson but still a lot of noises being made about 1League. Wolves said they don’t want to run in a 6 team league.
  11. Endeavour

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Well done Berwick. Good signing. tale it this means still 2 leagues next year.
  12. Not with Cookie back to his old self. After Armadale last week said you were still favourites for league play offs. Thought we would have scored bit more last night but taken apart. Beat fair and square.
  13. He was at reserve. 2 of our top 4 were poor tonight.
  14. He always repeat himself. Broken record .

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