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  1. Endeavour

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Tend to agree with you Dorothy but Bickley has a lot of promise and potential. Unfair on any rider signed for a team who hasn’t turned a wheel yet and not able to find a team in this division. Think any team would think the same which still doesn’t make it morally correct. A lot of teams in this division with a long tail.
  2. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    Wee bit worried what Justin will do this season.
  3. Endeavour

    berwick bandits 2019

    Any news where Theo will be riding?
  4. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    Agree. Needs to be fully equipped this season. Great to have Ricky back. Joel and Josh should kick on in 2019. Heeps and Sedgy could hold the key to our play off ambitions.
  5. Endeavour

    Belle Vue 2019

    Any coincidence “big bad Belle Vue” story broke same day Glasgow announced Cookie back at Cashfield for 2019? Hope he gets a top tier spot soon. Too good for second tier. Should be spreading his wings in Sweden if he wants to be in GPS in 2020.
  6. Endeavour

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    That would be interesting. Not exactly top of each other’s Christmas Card list
  7. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    Has Cookie gone on a loan deal or a full transfer to the Land of Milk and Money. We could be doing with the readies. Does anyone know how much you get for loaning out an asset?
  8. Endeavour

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Think 38 point limit will create a few imbalanced teams. Going with 2 x 2 pointers is a massive risk. They can’t all be Dan Bewleys. Cookie can guide and influence but only they can ride bike and I would be saying that if he was back at Edinburgh.
  9. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    Monarchs don’t have a budget for the tapes we would go through with Skippy
  10. Endeavour

    The Big Spenders

    What averages do American riders come in on
  11. Endeavour

    The Big Spenders

    Agree Glasgow seems to be in firing line here because they do pay more and with staggered signing on fees over season. If say Monarchs or Redcar got taken over by owners with a business turnover of an estimated 118 million they would be ones folk having a pop at. Thought 38 point limit would have brought some sense to sport but looks like a GP 2018 rider will still ride second tier which for Craig makes financial sense but could create an imbalance in their team. I am a great Cookie fan and will spit feathers if he signs for Tigers but at the end of the day he gave great service to Monarchs and money talks. Just stop giving us this tosh about how professional Glasgow are. Sometimes you get a warmer welcome in the small corner shops than you do at the 24 hour Tesco’s. At least we have a limit that every team has to adhere to whether you are a Prince or a Pauper .
  12. Endeavour

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Riders will contact Glasgow if they pay better. It is their career after all. Heard their £s per point is one of the best but what attracts riders is the scale of signing on fees. Now apparently staggered payments over the season. As mentioned by previous posters Tiggers can do what they want as can other teams BUT riders now quote Glasgow figures to other Clubs who can ill afford their demands.
  13. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    Said it often but he should be trying to get a team in Sweden. 2020 vision will not be enhanced by competing in what seems to be a severely diluted 2nd tier league. Financially makes sense but not for any career ambitions to make and COMPETE in GPS.

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