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  1. Endeavour

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Maybe meaning Faceache and twitter
  2. Endeavour

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    We need a large league Jye. Crass statement.
  3. Endeavour

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Likes a profile does Brown.
  4. Great interview with Crumpy tonight.
  5. For the last 3 seasons we have ridden.
  6. Yeah and everybody knows what Willie is like. Hope that’s the last time he is in a Monarchs team. Says it all when he comes out on young Jacob’s bike. Pity there was no one else to replace James. Beaten fair and square by Tigers on Friday. I hold my hand up and say I was one who wrote our team off, so well done boys. Feel the home league fixture came too soon against a team the caliber of Glasgow. Great strength in depth with riders who can ride Armadale. Basso seems box office. The new Nicki P? Good rider who will divide opinion. Best wished to Sarj and his family. Haste ye back.
  7. Tractor’s quicker
  8. Not there tonight due to other commitments but a good win in the new race suits. They are very nice. More yellow than gold though. kings Lynn had a cracking suit a few years ago in blue and gold.
  9. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully fit to ride.
  10. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2022

    GB are world champions and not a peep on BBC SPOTY. Have a pop at the top of the pile. They didn’t get their message across to BBC and millions of non speedway fans.
  11. Endeavour

    Armadale Devils 2022

    No mention of Devils last night on Monarchs team reveal. Are they running next year?
  12. Endeavour

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Any riders being linked with Bandits yet for remaining spot? Would have thought promotion would have had someone in mind with average that is left.
  13. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2022

    I can’t make my mind up. Don’t see us being top of the table at end of league fixtures but hopefully get into play offs. When Worrall was out injured team struggled last season with just 2 heat leaders. Yes gone more for depth but is there strength there to compliment it. Time will tell. Need to give the team a chance and get behind them. Berwick could be dark horses. As ever Glasgow on paper look strong. Brennan and Basso are surely going to increase their averages.
  14. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2022

    Worrall was known, the promotion said riders
  15. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2022

    Had a look at other teams. Apart from Congrove at Newcastle, Lasse and Jacob seem to be only 2 newcomers to Championship league. A gamble but always good to see new faces in league. Bit of a worry with only 2 recognised heat leaders but if riders won’t travel promotion had no other choice. Don't know much about Lasse or Jacob. Hopefully Sarj will be strong in reserve berth.

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