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  1. A lot being said by a lot of people who weren’t there, I include my self in that. A firmer and more experienced referee perhaps should have nipped this in the bud at track parade. re announcer, no one was a bigger stirrer in his time than Michael Max ( stand in Tigers team manager) when he was on mike at Ashfield although he was one of the best when engaging with riders. I am a great fan of Cookie but if what many has said is true he has to take responsibility and take his punishment. It has been a very challenging few weeks since SON but there can be NO excuses for the alleged behaviour. Maybe needs to take a step back and take stock of things (this decision could obviously be made for him) If his wrist is causing him problems should have withdrawn from SON that weekend and immobilised the wrist for 8 to 10 days which seems to be the treatment for a broken carpal bone. Great rider when in the blue n gold. So sad to see this.
  2. Where was Max then? Would have thought they wouldn’t have tracked two riders that were kicking off during meeting in heat 15?
  3. Peter Facenna to be commended for apologising to the supporters. Disappointed if Cookie has done what has been said on Match updates. Where was Cami Brown , team manager when the riders were kicking off? Surely he should have told them to get a grip.
  4. Sad to hear about Paul. good man to have in your team , solid and a trier. Hard to replace.
  5. A shout out to Danny Ayres. Gave it his all and wasn’t scared to ride the boards. Spoke to him very briefly after meeting and a nice guy. Good interaction with fans too. Solid start for James deserved a paid win. need reserves to try and pick up a point or two more.
  6. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    Think arrived day of home match. May be wrong
  7. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    So Willie rides on . Talent is there but shocking lack of investment in equipment has cost us some league points. Heard a whisper last week that we could be interested in James but thought Willie would go. hope it works out but I think the boy’s heart is with Glasgow. cant say I am a fan of this hiring and firing, sign of the times in all sports. Should have pushed to have Sam for Newcastle away in cup.
  8. Agree to a certain extent Mr B ; Cookie should have picked white but I still think Wright and King were that bit better tonight and were willing to go high, wide and then some. Two dynamic performances with Cookie off the pace and a bit jaded in final.Worthy, worthy winner. Well done Charles.
  9. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    Don’t think we will see Sedgy hit heights of a few years back but as you say prove us wrong.
  10. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2019

    How many points to spare ?
  11. Willie still needing replaced.
  12. Agree Gazc. 38.5 too low. Boils dow to who has best 2 / 3 pointers. We see riders who bearly hold their own in NL struggling at reserve in div 2.
  13. That’s my point. Max was willing to move out comfort zone of Championship Speedway for long term gains. Cookie has settled with riding in 2 GB divisions when he should have tried to break into Scandinavia a good few years ago. If he really believed in 20 20 vision he would be nowhere near second tier Speedway. GP has moved on since days of Stonehewer. You ain’t gonna be challenging for world title doing circles in div 2.

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