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  1. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2018

    Don’t think we will win title Gazc. A lot of matches to ride to even get into playoffs. Weather forecast not looking good for either Armadale or Glasgow on Friday. Hope for teams who already have points in the bag. Will say again big gamble bringing Lawson back.
  2. Endeavour

    Edinburgh 2018

    Desperation or a master stroke ? Feel sorry for Max although surprised he was signed again given that we still had to go away in the league to 3 bigger tracks. Lawson hardly set the heather on fire at the Caledonian Riders meeting. Undoubted talent but a big ask to turn the clock back. Hope it works out.
  3. Don’t think Max has ever found his way to ride bigger tracks let alone lost it. Our reserves were poor and while Josh is exciting to watch he needs to address his gating problems. Points make prizes and the Bandits won fair and square with a great team effort. We need our three heat leaders firing on all cylinders if we want to make play offs.
  4. Would have thought 2 wins for the blue and gold is a necessity to enhance top 4 finish. A bit of pressure on young Joel as Max struggles at Berwick. Looking to Richie as third leader to weigh in with a good score away at Berwick.
  5. Monarchs fan taking in this match. Five ex and one current Edinburgh rider in the match so really enjoyed out. re heat 15. Surprised to see Dan off gate 4, only one winner from that gate all night. Thought the obvious choice would be Bewley off 2 and Fricke off 4. Cookie seemed a bit subdued last night, hope he picks up at Kings Lynn and GP.
  6. Endeavour

    Glasgow 2018

    Was surprised by how well Claus was riding at start of season , tailed off a bit now. Never seemed to hold form over season.
  7. Endeavour

    Glasgow 2018

    Paul Starke on his game is one of the most exciting riders around.
  8. Heard Dan using Cookie’s engines abroad.
  9. Would like to think Dan Bewley would be in GPS in 2020
  10. Interesting times ahead re wild cards. Especially if 3 former world champions finish outside top 8
  11. Cookie does engage a lot on Twitter with fans. Has got caught with the Glasgow publicity gig too. Perhaps needs to keep his powder dry a bit. Not techy at all but he has changed his set up a lot.
  12. Agree with you re Poland and Sweden Bagpuss. Don’t even know if Craig tried to get a spot in Sweden. Financially made sense to go to Land of Milk and Money and sign for Cashflow Tiggers when he wasn’t getting picked for Polish team but perhaps doesn’t send out the right message ambition wise in sport though he is desperate to succeed on world stage. Feel he is unjustly knocked a bit by folk south of Midlands.
  13. If people are saying Pedersen shouldn’t get a wildcard neither should Holder. Age is hardly relevant when you have the Grin still circling at speed nearer 50 than 40.
  14. Why? If folk are playing the age card Max Fricke should come into equation. Robert had great World Cup, overshadowed Cookie BUT Cookie has now outscored him in Cardiff and Landschut

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