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  1. Bridger will be gone soon.
  2. Fromafar

    berwick bandits 2021

    Would have to agree.Promotion seem to think it’s the way to go,and that’s the bottom line.Trying to maximise income on the number of fans allowed maybe.Who knows.!!
  3. Fromafar

    berwick bandits 2021

    That’s been scrapped from what I can gather.Could be wrong though!!
  4. Fromafar

    Attendance Figures

    Berwick £1 per ticket.
  5. Your not factoring in that it is the Top men in the sport that are competing against each other ,not that easy to pass when they gate.Decent meetings IMO,some great racing.
  6. Fromafar

    berwick bandits 2021

    It looks like when you decided where you want to stand,someone will come along and nail your feet to the ground.
  7. As usual,but you can always press mute
  8. Janowski is Smarzlik’s main danger in World Champs this season.He is class and great style,just seems to fail under pressure at the vital times.Great rider though IMO.
  9. Fromafar

    berwick bandits 2021

    I’ve not had any bother getting into Ticket section on website
  10. Fromafar

    berwick bandits 2021

    Even their Preview in SS does not mention that the double headers start at 6.30 as their Website says.Which is correct.?
  11. Fromafar

    Attendance Figures

    Personally I think online sales only will effect attendances.Whilst I realise it may be necessary when attendances are limited, I feel Clubs have to get back to pay at the gate as quick as possible when allowed.Another downside is how many Online sites are also charging a booking fee,not much be said about that,but you can bet it will be happening in some cases.
  12. It’s noticeable that every point counts over there.You might not be in the Team for the next match.!!!
  13. Chris Holder just a shadow of the rider he was, be making a few £’s though.Lindgren struggling,think it’s bikes with him though,overriding for his points could come a cropper.
  14. Fromafar

    Polish Betting 2021

    That was my bet.

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