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  1. Did i ever say put in CHARGE by the way it cannot be run any worse than it is at the moment.
  2. Lee Kilby along with Neil Vatcher are the future Kilby has done a great job at Swindon is great with the kids and is very approachable.Vatcher what more can you say he has done a great job with the young guns and he has helped put us on the road to a bright future.Boocock/ Adams what more can you say about those two as far as i know both have had no real influence on the major decisions of the last 30 years they cannot be associated with failure..Machin well he kept Sheffield afloat in very difficult times and it is down to him that Sheffield speedway is still operating.Forget the five i named i am sure everybody could name there own five but my main point is with five people they can be made accountable transparency put in place and with five heads you are more and likely agoing to get the right decisions made on the important issues.Speedway is not a sport in my opinion to come into if you have no idea of how it works and how it operates and what breed of people actually go I would say it is one of the most difficult sports to turn around and prosper i think the first thing is to try and get stability back in the sport.
  3. Does old stadia for most clubs all over the country hold the sport back for me this is the biggest problem.
  4. No i know none of them personally Kilby ( jnr) i know to say hello great guy just like his dad.!!'
  5. Did you not realise Hearn turned his nose up at speedway old stadia (ect) .If you think some guy who has run a successful pizza joint is going to be able to come in and turn British speedway around good luck with that.
  6. Anyone with no knowledge of the sport coming in blind would sink faster than the Titanic
  7. Total nonsense worst post ever from you Matt those five know more about speedway than you would ever hope to know.
  8. Hi Barry was going to come over for the Birmingham match but the last train home was 9.30 so didnt bother.What ferry is best for me Portsmouth or Southampton ? i live in Swindon.Anyway good luck in the future you and your staff are doing a great job keep up the great work. By the way all the IOW dvd footage on you tube is brilliant as well superb.
  9. Collins/Mort around hyde rd sublime and the great Ivan before them Briggo had alot of success against Ivan at Hyde Rd though Ove.!!!
  10. I fancy you against Kings Lynn not convinced with Puk also they rely on the young un Lambo one hell of alot.Your meeting against Somerset is still in the balance for me i think Lawson/ Covatti are the weak links they need to perform.
  11. That track has so many lines Doyle just did not know who to fend off he was hustled out of it.I went to Hyde rd quite alot and i loved it there a brilliant track this track MIGHT be better.????
  12. What i liked was Craig was forceful on Doyley ( fair) no crying from Jason though i think it is great when Craig works the inside.
  13. On the big issues could there be a FAIR voting system put in place.?
  14. Sidney the robin

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    With a spam buttie thrown in!! are you going Doris ? also how are Ciren doing?
  15. I am not a lover of Barry Hearn a dictator i know but he gets things right 99% of the time and has kept up with the times.That sort of leadership could work Berry would of been great but it was not to be ancient history .Five names i would put forward to work TOGETHER to revamp British speedway would be Eric Boocock - Neil Vatcher- Neil Machin- Lee Kilby- Peter Adams all of them have serious qualities and what they all have in common is that they all love speedway.
  16. The only thing is Hodgy he puts himself forward as the Poole spokesman and that sometimes puts the 99% per cent of the good Poole fans in a bad light.He often posts just to get a reaction and as was shown on his comment on the Bewley/RR situation does not do his research.Gavan is like me we have BOTH been critical of Poole in the past but both of us dont hate Poole far from it i have enjoyed most of my visits there over the years. Also to Gavan's credit he did not react badly to that nasty personal attack on him by SS that was totally uncalled for.If Poole win the play/ offs i will give them the credit they deserve for me winning it with this side would be up there with there greatest ever achievements.
  17. Sidney the robin

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    I do a bloody good rider nobody can take away the fact that Malc Simmons was a very very good rider over a number of years number 2 in the world not bad eh.!
  18. I see Coventry race at Swindon a couple of years ago in a NL challenge and Danny Ayres was the star.He was superb he also got the crowd involved as well,playing up to them a true entertainer.It just shows you it does not matter who it is it could be a Tai Woffinden or a Danny Ayres speedway at all levels at its best can still be exciting.
  19. Sidney the robin

    Where is SCB

    Yes you are totally right god it makes you feel sick thinking about it.
  20. Sidney the robin

    Where is SCB

    What do you think? he will be rehoused somewhere else, and that is a frightening thought.
  21. You are right watching two great meeting's in the last fortnight has showed me the product is still there.What i find strange is that most of the promoters dont listen and try to give the customer what they want.Where i live there is a local shop that was took over 2 years ago if you ask the owner now that you want a pacific product he will get it in for you that is forward thinking customer service.Speedway does not deliver the basics it is falling behind and now even diehard fans who get used to the habit of not going even they are hard to entice back regularly, they pick and choose there meeting's.
  22. All i will say is there is no need for a good old jolly up in Spain somewhere in England should suffice.They need to get there heads together and try to come up with some answers thinking of us the supporter and the sport as a WHOLE.British speedway is really annoying at times they know what supporters moan about and don't like yet they do nothing about it.Two examples late starts at meetings 7.30 should mean 7.30 also meetings are not getting run slick anough dragging on and on often meaning a late finish.Fixture planning well what more can you say five weeks without a meeting yet getting to October and struggling to fulfil the fixture list.Personally i have little faith things will improve can't see it don't see anough big personalities with vision to pull things around a John Berry figure he would of been mighty handy now.
  23. Sidney the robin

    Where is SCB

    Never met the bloke city never had any interest to do so and his crimes are so disgusting.For me they should throw away the key harsh but anyone who is a parent or grandparent would think that.
  24. Sidney the robin

    Where is SCB

    He despised old folk with a vengeance don't know why he always thought most them had it easy and often got something for nothing.

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