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  1. Interesting to read all of the comments on last night's action. It's very easy to highlight negative feedback but I don't think there can be many positives to be said for last night. Fair play to Berwick for their efforts with the meeting and trying to get the stream on. My main issue here is why wasn't there significant input from the BSPA to get a better stream working and pushed out for the meeting? Personally, I watched six heats and decided that was enough for me, mainly due to the stream. Yes, the racing wasn't great but generally speaking, people will still watch it if the product provided is sufficient. It may have 'only' been the British Under 21 Championship last night but I feel the BSPA have missed a massive opportunity to back up the positives of the British Final. With so many aspects of the sport, I see a half-arsed approach which will definitely be putting people off or preventing new supporters. Conversations like this have been ongoing for years and I really see no way back for the sport here which is a huge shame. I hope we can have a 'normal' sort of season next year but we will have to see on that. You can argue all day about the prices of streams e.g. British Final but unless you provide a sufficient product, you are never going to get anywhere. With regards to the meeting, I think it is very harsh to be critical of the performances on track for the young riders having barely had any or no competitive action this season. Congratulations to Dan for his win and I look forward to following his progress. I really believe if he can have a couple of injury free seasons and work on his gating that he can reach a really high level. Interesting comments on Bickley. I hope the lad can get over whatever seems to be holding him back at the moment but to be he just seems very timid whenever I have watched him live. He doesn't have that go in him or that real desire from what I have seen of him on track. Obviously this is just personal opinion and others would've seen much more of him. Next year is a big year for the likes of him, Brennan, Rowe and Kemp. Flint or Palin have one or two more years on that group I believe and have still time to progress but that group of four really need a big year to see them pushing anywhere near the highest level.
  2. Speedway28

    SON 2020

    Now confirmed by GB speedway that Woffinden is out so I presume they go with those four riders and give opportunities to Palin one night and Kemp the other?
  3. Speedway28

    SON 2020

    Glad GB have gone along the root of including the kids but maybe we will see Woffinden after all as he is named? Seems bizarre that it was confirmed he was out this morning but is included. Good experience for Kemp and Palin anyway. If Woffinden is out, do we expect Tom Brennan to join the pair? Or Anders Rowe?
  4. Would love to see Pedersen get one more go. No stand out Danes aside at the moment, Thomsen not taking his opportunity at Gorzow.
  5. So pleased for Max Fricke, what a performance!
  6. Wow Bartosz!! A worthy two time world champion.
  7. Fricke giving Lindgren a taste of his own medicine there! Title chances over for Freddie. Huge chance for Tai if Zmarzlik doesn’t get through and he does.
  8. Two very open semi finals I think. All looking like they could beat each other right now.
  9. Don’t nibble, he’s a wind up merchant.
  10. All to play for still here. A Zmarzlik semi exit and a final win for either Lindgren or Woffinden and we have a big night ahead tomorrow.
  11. Some bottle from Zmarzlik there, fair play.
  12. Really enjoyed watching Fricke develop over the course of this series, that was a superb ride. I like Jack Holder too and hopefully he can put in a big performance tomorrow night.
  13. Absolutely! Hopefully we get an exciting final event tomorrow evening.
  14. Zmarzlik written off his rocket ship in his crash?
  15. Woffinden’s gating lets him down massively. Big call with the speed Zmarzlik possesses but I genuinely believe Tai would win it this year with stronger gating.
  16. A lot of noise about Jack Holder being better than Fricke! Nice ride Max, definitely deserves another shot next year.
  17. Average start to the meeting so far. The Polish fans will be hoping for a win this evening to make up for defeat to an Aussie in the other big meeting of the day!
  18. Jack Holder confirmed as wildcard. Big opportunity for Jack to back up his Polish league form.
  19. I’ve seen from numerous discussions that a number of riders haven’t been asked. Clegg, Morris and Nielsen certainly. The line up really should’ve been decided on averages from last season and riders asked in that order. Maybe others have declined, but a bit more transparency wouldn’t be the worst thing!
  20. No stopping Zmarzlik for the title this year.
  21. Yeah, I don’t disagree he’s done brilliantly. My point mainly was that I felt Fricke deserved another series and I believe he does. I wasn’t suggesting that Holder didn’t deserve a go but I would also suggest there could be room for both potentially, rather than one. As others have also mentioned, it does feel like the series needs a refresh. It’s all about opinions at the end of the day, sometimes people just won’t agree.
  22. Yeah, Fricke shouldn’t get a wildcard because he couldn’t beat Janowski and Lindgren, two GP winners this year.
  23. Will be interesting to see how Jack Holder goes in Toruń if he gets the wildcard. My point is that I just think it would be harsh on Fricke to only get one year when he qualified off his own back and didn’t get the chance of a ‘proper’ series.
  24. I like Jack Holder but he’s had one decent summer in Poland, Fricke deserves a chance to build on his progress. Doesn’t make finals next year then move onto the next. I’m sure Monster will have their plans though.
  25. I hope that Fricke gets a wildcard next year. Feel that whilst not setting the world alight, he has made progress this season and deserves another go.

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