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  1. John Scrutton

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    How can you say that Poole were a great team when it took them 29 heats to beat a team that didn't have a No 2 at Poole and Lynn and the top reserve in the league for a match and a half.
  2. The ones that talk about not going to matches to make Promoters do better won't work because with less at meetings tracks will fold.
  3. The loss of MPT at Lynn last night was a big loss and gave Poole the title With him we would have won before Ht 13 and with NKI at both meetings we would have won by a big margin
  4. John Scrutton

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    Doubt whether there will be as many as 6 in the Premier in 2019. in fact i don't think there will be any Premier;
  5. John Scrutton

    Poole 2019

    Theres one signing they must put at top of the list THERE TAME REFEREE
  6. Did they get permission to take these from the track at Poole
  7. Ty Proctor was wiped out of the meeting the last time Lynn were at Poole by the rider who broke the tapes in Heat 13 but got away with it.
  8. Hope thar ackroyd or Bates are not at Lynn on Wednesday unless Ackroyd can find his glasses again
  9. Plenty of room in the car park which you will find is open all day. on big matches they also can use a field on the other side of the road
  10. AS he has finished in Sweden and also Poland I expect he will Provided they belong to him and not the the clubs he rode for.
  11. Iversen just scored 13 points for his League Winning Swedish Team Lets hope he brings that form for Lynn next Monday and Wednesday
  12. The league CHAMPIONSHIP and the K.O Cup
  13. The racing at Poole was more close because Somerset was still in with a chance , Unlike King's Lynn where Belle Vue were beaten before it started
  14. Who ever they get to replace Kurtz will be a bonus
  15. Must have taken a lot by Matt to get Jason to let Bomber through in 15 but he has deeper pockets thsn the Rebels promotion.

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