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  1. John Scrutton

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    There is no doubt that Robert had a poor 2019 but you cant judge him on one season. He started the season with equipment he had trouble with. Then when he was getting over that he had those two big crashes within days when he did a lot of neck and shoulder injuries whitch he never got over and in hind site he should have rested until now having now had over 6 months to rest it will see what the next months has done to help . when and if 2020 ever gets going
  2. John Scrutton

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    If air travel is banned that will mean only Riders that live in Britain will be available. That will also affect Sweden Denmark and Poland as well
  3. John Scrutton

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    The Knights Silver Machine never lasted long thank goodness. they soon went back to the Stars and long may they stay The Stars
  4. John Scrutton

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Never in a thousand years, They have been the Stars from the start at Lynn and before that at Norwich in the middle 30s.
  5. John Scrutton

    Prediction thread

    You have got the 1 to 7 upside down haven't you?
  6. John Scrutton

    Prediction thread

    Cant understand how you can rate `Hartel as being a week link as he hasn't ridden a lap in `britain Perhaps he will be but with Riss as a countryman and Lambert speaking German and I am sure both will be helping him get used to British Tracks But he must be given a chance
  7. John Scrutton

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    i don't think that Crump will be back It would mean that he would have to up root his family or spend the next few months on his own here in Britain and I cant see him doing that
  8. John Scrutton

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Would have thought that the last 3 riders are already signed and should be announced as soon as possible If they haven't then perhaps no one wants to ride for the Panthers but doubt this
  9. John Scrutton

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    You should be so lucky
  10. John Scrutton

    Ipswich 2020

    Thans for this info. Forgot about international regulations
  11. John Scrutton

    Ipswich 2020

    As Holders ban would not have lasted this long he was banned in 2017. more like April 2018.or 2019 at the most. It cantl be the reason.
  12. John Scrutton


    As long as they put Speedway on and plenty of it i will be happy Any thing rather than having Football shoved down your throat 24/7
  13. John Scrutton

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Lynn News was at the meeting with Lewis Kerr. you can get it on computer if interested,
  14. John Scrutton

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Johnson and Pratt are the ones in charge it is up to them to pick the team with some help (perhaps) from Buster He is not paying them and doing the job himself, besides he is giving up some of his duties and passing the on to his co-promotor Dale for 2020.
  15. John Scrutton

    Prediction thread

    All these prediction are good, but only if the the teams don't have injuries and I have seem too many season to know this never happens.

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