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  1. Poole 2018

    Sorry lol.
  2. Poole 2018

    Szczepaniak 18 points from 17 rides this season is poor considering he has faced both the Swindon and Wolverhampton reserve pairing's already this season.
  3. Poole 2018

    Didn't top the Polish Zuzlowa 1 averages last year for no reason.
  4. Poole 2018

    Look at other team's No.6's banging in points. Bewley, Kerr, Newman (When he was at reserve). That's what you would expect Szczepaniak to be doing. This is the guy who topped the Polish Zuzlowa 1 averages last year. Fair enough not at Wolves I don't count that score because the track is very difficult to ride. Mateusz has had 1 good meeting for us and that's it. (Swindon) Home but he was riding against 3 of the weakest reserves in the league apart from that night he hasn't done anything.
  5. Poole 2018

    Shanes is out of his depth imo. Its ok to carry a 2 pointer if the 1-5 is firing on all cylinders but its not ok if 1 member of the 1-5 is struggling. Personally I thought Szczepaniak would have been a lot better than he currently is and I thought we could cope with Shanes scoring 2 points a meeting because Szczepaniak would have been putting in the scores Klindt did at reserve last year but he has been a flop so far and now we cant afford to carry Shanes. I would give Josh Pickering a go as the No.7 when the new averages come out. Shanes doesn't do anything for me if he doesn't beat the opposing No.7 then he wont score at all. Riders like Etheridge and Wajtknecht manage to get points off 2nd string's here and there or a main reserve. I feel we need a No.7 who can do the same.
  6. Poole 2018

    I'm right. Nobody needs to see Linus in person to know he's riding poorly. 7.22 average who is protected riding as a 2nd string who still cant win a race for toffee. The team is not good enough and its about time you realised that. We are very fortunate to have 4 points on the board. We only beat BV at home because Batchelor didn't try. Lucky for us Cook's partner had a baby if she didn't then that would have been another 3 points off the board. We couldn't beat a weakened BV team around the NSS. Therefore we have no chance whatsoever of doing better next time when BV will possibly be at full strength. Humiliated at home to Swindon. AGAIN! Pathetic performance at Wolverhampton and for some reason Middlo thinks we can take positives out of the meeting. Even Rye House had more race winners around Monmore.
  7. Poole 2018

    The KL meeting needs to be the last chance for some of these boys. Lets face it we only won at home to Belle Vue because Batchelor didn't try if Cook was riding we would have lost that meeting as well. Kurtz - I have a lot of confidence in Kurtz and he will come good. Even if things aren't going right I believe he could turn it around at any moment. Woryna - Average so far but I believe he will get better in time. Grajczonek - Struggling everywhere at the moment but Iike Brady I have confidence in Josh to put it right. You know Josh is going to get going its just a matter of when and not if. Sundstrom - is rubbish outside of Sweden. Shouldn't be anywhere near an Ekstraliga team for starters. Protected at No.4 for us and he still cant achieve his starting average. Needs to go. I don't see Linus achieving his average. I don't see any improvement in him at all. Kildemand - Is going anyway but apart from Monday he has been fantastic for us. We need the Chris Holder of old otherwise this team really will fall apart when Kildemand leaves. Szczepaniak - Not impressed so far. Expecting a lot more from him and I'm not sure if we are going to get it. I think Mateusz could be one of those Poles who turns out to be a flop on UK shores. Shanes - Should never have been signed. Matt doesn't really want him in the team and he's only here to fit in another 7.00 pointer but that 7.00 pointer is a flop (Sundstrom). Problem is he might have to stay due to the points limit. Kildemand (If leaving) & Sundstrom for C. Holder and R. Worrall. Should fit considering everyone's average will drop.
  8. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    I thought BV would have suited them as well. Really need to step up now.
  9. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    Point isn't good enough. 3 to 4 points if not then you are right about everything you said in the off season.
  10. Wolverhampton v Poole. Prem A. 23/4/18

    I don't think it's that. Something is completely off and it was like it last year. Seems like motivation to me. Fair enough if we lose by 10 after 15 Heats but losing by 10 points after 4 Heats is woeful. I get that Wolves is a technical track but we was in the same position in our own backyard and in the same position at BV on a track that most if not every rider enjoys. Middlo keeps making excuses for them as well which doesn't help.
  11. Wolverhampton v Poole. Prem A. 23/4/18

    Ill decide come play-off time haha. Just kidding. Like I said I wouldn't criticise Poole if I didn't care. I would be laughing at them like the rest of you do. But I do care and I realise that this team is going to flop big time unless 2 changes are made.
  12. Wolverhampton v Poole. Prem A. 23/4/18

    Stuff Swindon lol. If I didn't care then I wouldn't be going on about the team. I don't mind us losing tonight I said we might as well not turn up. But something is horribly wrong and has been for a couple of years. Maybe Middlo is the problem? Perhaps he doesn't know how to motivate a team anymore. Like I said I don't mind us losing its just the way we are losing which isn't acceptable. BV away - 10 points down after 4 Heats. Swindon home - 10 points down after 5 Heats Wolves away - 8 points down after 4 Heats.
  13. Wolverhampton v Poole. Prem A. 23/4/18

    I'm not being negative I'm being realistic. We had 2 race winners all night even Rye House had more than that last week. We was embarrassed at home against Swindon. We couldn't beat a weakened BV side. Its not all about losing its the way we are losing. Meeting's are over after 4 Heats. Its ridiculous Lets look at our team. We have a HL riding as a 2nd string who cant win a race for toffee. We have a No.7 who doesn't bring anything to the team. Our best rider (Kildemand) is leaving. We have lost 3 out of 4 meeting's and if we lose at KL then we are going to be looking at possibly nicking 4th spot again but it will be irrelevant because we will end up coming to Wolves to get our backsides handed to us again. All of you keep saying let's give it time.......Look what happened last year.
  14. Premiership 23/04/18 - Leicester v Swindon

    Not shocked by this result. Leicester change's have made them weaker as I said on the Leicester thread. Kurtz for MPT is going to be a costly move.
  15. Wolverhampton v Poole. Prem A. 23/4/18

    Another pathetic performance (2 Race Winners all night).