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  1. ColinMills

    BLM Uk protest marches

    It's been building. This is why ANY bandwagon, you are seeing it. They cant win through the ballot box, hence constant protests. Whether its dominic cummings, brexit, anything. They are getting nastier. Diane abbot disgustingly blamed uk police. The poor young police girl doing her duty ended up in hospital whilst a horse got smacked in the nose. Peaceful protest of course. Thuggery no
  2. ColinMills

    Prince Andrew - Guilty or just a naive fool?

    Only he knows the truth I guess if you like andrew hes not guilty and if you dont like him hes guilty!
  3. ColinMills

    USA a country in a real mess !!

    Whilst I never put that slogan, please excuse why that slogan is racist? Black white yellow, what is the difference? Why is saying white racist?
  4. ColinMills

    BLM Uk protest marches

    So these are "hooligans" not protesters?
  5. ColinMills

    USA a country in a real mess !!

    If he dont like this country, there is an option
  6. ColinMills

    USA a country in a real mess !!

    Absolute scum.
  7. ColinMills

    USA a country in a real mess !!

    Think you may of upset someone with your quote .you must learn, racism is only one way!
  8. ColinMills

    Cardiff 2020

    Whilst I get your point, a great atmosphere dont make the racing great. Normally is good in poland, but my experience at ullevi was very disappointing.
  9. ColinMills

    BLM Uk protest marches

    You carry on supporting thugs..we will carry on supporting free speech and democracy
  10. ColinMills

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Beth rigby ....when I listen to a speech live on sky, I simply dont need her gloomy gob telling me HER version 1 minute later!
  11. ColinMills

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Of course boris will stay. Hes a proven winner london mayor_winner..brexit_winner,..election_winner .
  12. ColinMills

    BLM Uk protest marches

    Talking of mayors...wheres sadiq?
  13. ColinMills

    'the Donald' Trump

    Donald trump has held the highest office. History will always show that. Haters hate, but what do they achieve? Hilary who?
  14. ColinMills

    BLM Uk protest marches

    Poor lad, let's blame society and poor education. Can you imagine if that protest was from the brexiteers? Would beth rigby of said " it was generally a peaceful protest"..

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