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  1. cablehogue4671

    Dakota North

    and she is his mum as well
  2. cablehogue4671

    Australian Gp Is Back

    Hello DutchGrasstrack how are you? I don't know if you are aware that on Monday 02NOV15 that Mildura are also conducting the "Phil Crump Trophy" starting at 7.30pm. The next day is Melbourne Cup Day which is a holiday in Melbourne. Regards John Perry
  3. Australia Under 16 Championships 2014 Pinjar Park A Final: 1st Jaimon Lidsey [Vic]; 2nd Matthew Gilmour [NSW]; 3rd Declyn Adams [Vic]; 4th Jedd List [Qld] B Final: 1st Jedd List [Qld]; 2nd Luke Bacskai [sA]; 3rd Brayden McGuiness [sA]; 4th Brody Eves [Qld]
  4. cablehogue4671

    Oz Championships 2013-14

    Mr R&R, I assume you would've quite often stamped your foot in the playground at school when things didn't go your way, like the spoilt brat you so vividly portray on this forum. I will sign off now, to give you the opportunity to have the "last word" with another piece of bovine offal, which you are so apt at portraying. Regards Cable Hogue 4671 [or John Perry if you are considering another character assassination of hiding behind a non-de-plume]
  5. cablehogue4671

    Max Fricke - Another Top Young Aussie Talent!

    with many thanks to http://www.elitvetlanda.nu/ for this service, SKRIVET AV: Anders Nilsson Resultat FIM YGT Final NYHETEN PUBLICERAD: 2012-07-07 07-27-02 Nedan bjuder vi på direktuppdateringar från finalen av 2012 FIM Speedway Youth Gold Trophy 80cc. Första start: 14:00 Uppdaterare: Anders Nilsson Uppdatering: Vart fjärde heat Notering: Resultatet är bekräftat av juryn klockan 17:10. Ändringar: Inga ändringar gentemot lottningen. First start: 14:00 Updater: Anders Nilsson Updates: Every four heat Note: The result is confirmed and approved by the jury at 17:10. Changes: No changes in comparison with the ballot. Startlista/Line-up: 1 (16) Sam Jensen, Denmark, 12p ( 1 3 2 3 3 ) 2 (12) Jason Jörgensen, Denmark, 11p ( 1 1 3 3 3 ) +3 3 (1) Jonas Jeppesen, Denmark, 11p ( 3 3 1 1 3 ) +X 4 (10) Brady Kurtz, Australia, 10p ( 3 3 2 2 0 ) 5 (14) Mads Hansen, Denmark, 10p ( 3 X 2 2 3 ) 6 (2) Max Fricke, Australia, 10p ( 2 2 1 3 2 ) 7 (11) Frederik Jakobsen, Denmark, 9p ( 2 3 0 2 2 ) 8 (15) Jonas Jensen, Denmark, 9p ( 2 2 2 1 2 ) 9 (9) Kasper Andersen, Denmark, 8p ( 0 2 3 3 0 ) 10 (6) Andreas Lyager, Denmark, 8p ( 2 Fx 3 2 1 ) 11 (13) Emil Engström, Denmark, 5p ( 0 0 3 0 2 ) 12 (7) Lasse Fredriksen, Norway, 5p ( 3 0 1 Fx 1 ) 13 (3) Sebastian Mortensen, Denmark, 4p ( 1 1 1 1 0 ) 14 (17) Emil Skalshöj, Denmark, 3p ( 1 0 0 1 1 ) 15 (4) Martin Steen Hansen, Denmark, 2p ( 0 2 F X 0 ) 16 (5) Johan Jensen, Sweden, 2p ( Fx 1 0 0 1 ) 17 (8) Caspar Olsen, Denmark, 0p ( Fn N N N N ) 18 (18) Alexander Johansson, Sweden 13:55 Förarpresentationen är klar. Snart kör vi! The rider presentation has been made. Soon we are ready to go! HEAT: 1 [48.3]: J Jeppesen, M Fricke, S Mortensen, M S Hansen From the gate. 2 [50.9]: L Fredriksen, A Lyager, E Skalshöj, Johan Jensen (Fx) Jensen clipped a back wheel and fell exiting bend four. Olsen had nowhere to go and ran into Jensen´s bike. Olsen had a tough fall and is being checked out by the medical crew. Olsen has withdrawn from the meeting and will be replaced by #17 Skalshöj. The re-run was tough, with all riders involved in all places. 3 [50.1]: B Kurtz, F Jakobsen, J Jörgensen, K Andersen From the gate. 4 [51.0]: M Hansen, Jonas Jensen, S Jensen, E Engström J Jensen gated. Hansen chased for four laps and finally made it through on the outside heading for the finish line! An amazing chase and an amazing pass! WOW! #8 Caspar Olsen has withdrawn due to a concussion. 5 [50.1]: J Jeppesen, K Andersen, Johan Jensen, E Engström Rocket start by Jeppesen for an easy win. Jensen passed Engström after a lap and chased hard to catch Andersen but couldn´t make it. 6 [50.8]: B Kurtz, M Fricke, Hansen (X), Lyager (Fx) Unsatisfactory start with all four back. Kurtz warned for moving at the tapes. Lyager fell while being passed in the re-run. Lyager excluded. Hansen took Kurtz´s front wheel out while passing him in the second re-run. Hansen exluded. Kurtz flew from the gate in the third re-run for an easy win. 7 [49.5]: F Jakobsen, Jonas Jensen, S Mortensen, L Fredriksen Mortensen passed Fredriksen on the third lap for the final point. Not much drama otherwise, thankfully... 8 [50.3]: S Jensen, M S Hansen, J Jörgensen, E Skalshöj Looked like the riders had positioned themselves after the first lap, but Jensen passed Hansen entering bend three of the final lap. 9 [51.3]: A Lyager, S Jensen, J Jeppesen, F Jakobsen Lyager from the gate. Jeppesen passed Jensen on the first lap but then made a mistake on the third with Jensen re-taking second place. Jakobsen not quite in this one to be honest. 10 [50.4]: J Jörgensen, Jonas Jensen, M Fricke, Johan Jensen Easy for Jörgensen. Johan Jensen made a huge mistake on bend four of the opening lap and went from second to fourth. 11 [49.9]: K Andersen, M Hansen, S Mortensen, E Skalshöj Hansen passed Mortensen on the final lap, diving under him entering bend three. A classy move! 12 [50.3]: E Engström, B Kurtz, L Fredriksen, M S Hansen (F) The scoreless Engström gated and kept the unbeaten Kurtz behind him. A job well done! Tough for third as Hansen fell in the battle for the final point. 13 [49.5]: J Jörgensen, M Hansen, J Jeppesen, L Fredriksen (Fx) Fredriksen fell in hard battle for second and third. Fredriksen excluded from the re-run, which was won from the gate. 14 [49.8]: M Fricke, F Jakobsen, E Skalshöj, E Engström Jakobsen passed Skalshöj on the final lap. 15 [50.2]: S Jensen, B Kurtz, S Mortensen, Johan Jensen Unsatisfactory start. Re-run with all four riders. Kurtz chased Jensen hard in the re-run, but made some mistakes and almost let Mortensen through. 16 [50.4]: K Andersen, A Lyager, Jonas Jensen, M S Hansen (X) Jensen fell - Hansen excluded. Re-run was without drama. 17 [50.3]: J Jeppesen, Jonas Jensen, E Skalshöj, B Kurtz Tough first lap for Kurtz. He was last coming out of the opening bends and also had some bike problems, though he was able to finish four laps. 18 [50.8]: S Jensen, M Fricke, L Fredriksen, K Andersen Jensen passed Fricke on the second lap and is the champion! 19 [50.0]: J Jörgensen, E Engström, A Lyager, S Mortensen 20 [49.7]: M Hansen, F Jakobsen, Johan Jensen, M S Hansen From the gate Race-off for 2nd-3rd [--.-]: J Jörgensen, J Jeppesen (X) Jeppesen crashed into Jörgensen. Jeppesen excluded and Jörgensen awarded second place in the 2012 FIM YGT 80cc. regards John Perry
  6. cablehogue4671

    Elf International Series 2011

    hello speedy guy if you try http://speedfest.co.nz/images/stories/Articles/results.pdf it might give you some joy it's not perfect but it's something cheers john perry
  7. cablehogue4671

    Upcoming Aussie Season Dates

    hello dave i think sidewinders have a secret new website now if you try http://www.sidewinders-speedway.com it may give you some joy hope you don't get one of your little blue lozengers caught in your throat regards john
  8. cablehogue4671

    New Zealand Results

    hello vicar how are you? if you go to the website http://www.speedway.co.nz/ then click on the heading "champs", scroll to the bottom of the page where the two bike sections are, you will find what you are looking for. hope this helps you out, if not, let me know, and we'll try plan b. regards john perry
  9. cablehogue4671

    New Zealand 2009

    hello Jancarz through the courtesy of http://www.speedway.co.nz/ the dates for the new zealand national and inter island championships are-: 02/03Jan09 NZ National Solo - Palmerston North 02Jan09 NZ Under 21 Solo - Palmerston North 02/03Jan09 NZ National Sidecar - Palmerston North 09/10Jan09 Grand Prix Sidecar - Gisborne 31Jan09 Grand Prix Solo - Napier 31Jan09 North Island Sidecar - Napier 14Feb09 South Island Sidecar - Blenheim 14Mar09 South Island Solo - Oreti Park, Invercargill TBA North Island Solo - Waikaraka Park, Auckland There is a website http://kiwispeedway.proboards60.com/ that may be able to give you information on centre championships if you were to enter the same post, as you have here, on their site. good luck and have a great trip john
  10. cablehogue4671

    2008 World Youth (80cc) Cup

    hi rod midday in denmark = 7.30 pm [1930hrs] in murray bridge according to the gmt site enjoy the mother country and don't do anything i wouldn't enjoy john
  11. cablehogue4671

    Aussie Champs Line Up

    the points awarded last year were-: A final 1st 20, 2nd 18, 3rd 17, 4th 16 B final 1st 15, 2nd 14, 3rd 13, 4th 12 9th 11, 10th 10, 11th 9, 12th 7 13th 6, 14th 4, 15th 3, 16th 2 seeing the same format is being used this year, i presume [dangerous] the point allocation will also be the same regards john perry
  12. cablehogue4671

    Speedway In New Zealand

    i think the chief cook and bottle washer of speedway bikes has found "life after speedway" and sadly the site is likely to fall of the perch. a site appearing on the scene about six months ago is http://kiwispeedway.proboards60.com/ and shows promise to deliver the goods: slightly off topic for those interested in sidecars http://sidecar.net.nz/ could wet the appetite regards john perry
  13. cablehogue4671

    Victorian Under 16 Championships - Undera 01dec07

    hello darrell thank you very much for the reply, and hope you and robert have successful trip see ya trackside john perry
  14. can some kind person please tell me what time the above meeting starts on saturday. regards john
  15. cablehogue4671

    Wa State Solo Speedway Championships

    some sights suggested the wa under 16 championship was run in conjunction with the senior title. if this was so, does some kind person have the results of this as well, and does wa intend to have sidecar championship this season. ta muchly john

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