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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_6GTS85Gi8
  2. racers and royals

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    All UK Covid 19 deaths reported today 7(last Tuesday 20) 1st dose vaccinations 36.8 M 2nd dose 20.5 M
  3. Dates announced for round 9 Saturday June 5th Krosno v Gniezno start time 3pm UK time N Sport Lodz v Gdansk start time 5.30pm UK time N Sport Sunday June 6th Rybnik v Bydgoszcz start time 1pm UK time N Sport Monday June 7th Ostrow v Tarnow start time 5pm UK time N Sport
  4. racers and royals

    Polish Div 2 2021 2nd round Fri 21st May live on TV

    Friday`s match teams Landshut v Opole Trans MF Landshut Devils 9. Valentin Grobauer 10. Kai Huckenbeck 11. Nick Skorja 12. Martin Smolinski 13. Michael Haertel (U24) 14. Norick Bloedorn OK Bedmet Kolejarz Opole 1. Oskar Polis 2. Mads Hansen (U24) 3. Andriej Kudriaszow 4. Kamil Brzozowski 5. Jacob Thorssell 6. Bartłomiej Kowalski 7. Kacper Łobodziński
  5. racers and royals

    Polish Div 2 2021 2nd round Fri 21st May live on TV

    Wittstock application turned down- no Polish div 2 for them in 2021.
  6. 500 fans allowed in Denmark from 21st May
  7. racers and royals

    Polish Extraleague 2021 Fri/Sun 21st/23rd May live on TV

    Friday`s matches line-ups Lublin v Torun Lublin 9 G Laguta 10 Buczkowski 11 Hampel 12 Karion 13 Michelsen 14 Lampart 15 Cierniak 16(Kubera)- not named Torun 1 Miedzinski 2 Przedpelski 3 Chlupac 4 C Holder 5 J Holder 6 Lewandowski 7 Stolp 8 (Lambert)- not named Grudziadz v Leszno Grudziadz 9 Prem Pawlicki 10 Krakowiak 11 Miesiac 12 Bjerre 13 Pedersen 14 Zielinski 15 Bartkowiak 16 Leszno 1 Sayfutdinov 2 kolodziej 3 lidsey 4 Doyle 5 Piotr Pawlicki 6 Pludra 7 Sadurski
  8. Lodz v Bydgoszcz on Tuesday May 25th is POSTPONED
  9. Rybnik v Ostrow POSTPONED Gniezno v Lodz POSTPONED
  10. Berge replaces Wojdylo for Fjelsted Links to watch live Grindsted v Esbjerg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS1EowQh0SQ Holsted v Fjelsted https://www.facebook.com/holstedspeedway/ Region Varde v Brovst http://regionvardeelitesport.dk/livestreamning/?fbclid=IwAR1XmipZhaYI0ndGhYevCA7TLE7bfHUTLcG2Fba8dSjujp4NdF50QYQOnUc
  11. racers and royals


    You need to start taking this Covid Indian variant seriously !! My neighbour caught it and has been in a korma for a week, poor things only just buried his naan.
  12. racers and royals

    Polish and other Speedway videos 2021

    Zielona Gora v Gorzow Sunday May 9th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4LyD8C9VRM
  13. racers and royals

    Polish and other Speedway videos 2021

    Gniezno v Krosno Monday May 17th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9w4VZE9tUw
  14. We move on to a Tuesday night double-header !! Tuesday May 18th Gniezno v Lodz start time 5pm UK time N Sport Tuesday May 18th Rybnik v Ostrow start time 7.15pm UK time N sport Links http://spedway.ucoz.lv/ http://www.maniak.tv/mk7 http://www.drhtv.com.pl/drhtv-2.html

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