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  1. concessionscol


  2. concessionscol

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    always behind the lads mmmmmmmtasty
  3. concessionscol


    with the price it costs to get in it will take 5 years to pay it back lollol
  4. concessionscol


    no took out a bank loan over 5 years lollol no stashing my cash
  5. concessionscol


    wot a week inthe speedway scene glasgow flashing more cash to try and win the league so berwick fans get behind the lads and cheer them to victory on sat night see your all there mmmmmmmmmm tasty
  6. concessionscol

    Glasgow 2018

    the truth always hurtsmmmmmmmmm
  7. concessionscol

    Glasgow 2018

    money will not win gold or silver just tears in the end
  8. concessionscol

    Glasgow 2018

    very nicemmmmmm
  9. concessionscol

    Glasgow 2018

    splash the cash tigers again
  10. still say the unemployed should get in on concession of £11
  11. wot about all the people who get in for free mmmmmmm
  12. cant afford £ 15 dont think iam missing much with more crap at every match
  13. hope the seagull is ok mmmmmm
  14. lets get behind the lads and beat the comics wonder if bobby and ben will be there lollol see you lads

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