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  1. Me, because I am stupidly gullible and terribly naive.
  2. Fingers crossed mate.
  3. Great Maybe we can get back to normal in 2022 then? Or am I being incredibly naive?
  4. Robinh88

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Is this team worse than the one that started 2004? Think Newcastle finished bottom that year (I think).
  5. Robinh88

    Talk Speedway Podcast

    Another excellent podcast alongside the others released previously.
  6. I’d take Laguta over Doyle and Lindgren over Mikkelson!
  7. Laguta can certainly match Doyle, Lindgren and Janowski. Bar one naff year at Torun, he is usually around the 8.5 mark most years. His downfall is on the continent out with Poland and his homeland. Wrong bike set-up coupled with episodes of erratic riding usually penalises his final points score. Bit of a gulf though compared to his brother, BZ, Emil and Madsen once he fully recovers from injury. Would like to see him reach the GP before he retires.
  8. Robinh88

    berwick bandits 2021

    You need to turn your TV off. I think it is good that the sport is trying to stage meetings. As the winter begins to loom over us.
  9. Robinh88

    start date ?

    Depends if there is a second spike. My favourite GP Chris Whitty has said, "They will not hesitate to re introduce some of the lockdown proceedures used this summer." This was said in relation to the coming changing of season.
  10. Robinh88

    bandits 2020

    So sport won't be back in its entirety, until there is a solution to the current problem?
  11. Robinh88

    bandits 2020

    How long is a piece of string? ______________ Maybe I'm missing something but I can't understand why say Berwick Rangers/Bandits can't restart next weekend? Assuming S/D is implemented; there is ample spare space in Shielfield for 350/800 fans for the latter? I suspect promoters and fans laterally would flock back in their hundreds. What crazy times! Watch as much reality TV(in whichever form), gamble and go out and get drunk. But no live sport or going to a local health club. You would think they were trying to lower our immune systems. lolz!
  12. Robinh88

    bandits 2020

    I can't see there being competitive action this year in the UK Col. We live in a time where statistics and facts have been confined to the skip. Pretty confident that all singular sporting entities, have NO say in the matter. If they did I am sure clubs would do EVERYTHING to meet the 'autocratic' guidance. P.S Card only!
  13. They were heady days that is for sure.
  14. Robinh88

    Kent Kings 2020?

    And thank you for your time today BWitcher and onto the next question.

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