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  1. I agree, I would happily support an NDL team at Rye House, and I know I'm not alone in saying that. In terms of it's facilities and ease of access (or lack of it), RH suits that level of racing.
  2. Starting the season with 7 teams, can we really have 4 teams qualifying for the play-offs? More teams qualify than don't?! Some sporting credibility could be maintained if only the top 3 qualify, with the team finishing top going straight into the final.
  3. White City Rebel

    Swindon 2019

    As a speedway fan who also follows football, I am always amazed that this mysterious 'asset' system remains in speedway. There was a time (not so long ago) when football clubs owned player's registrations, and even at the end of a player's contract could stop a player from playing for someone else, unless a transfer fee was paid between the clubs. This all changed, of course, with what became known as the 'Bosman' ruling by the European court. A Belgian player got his lawyers to argue (successfully) that when his contract with a particular club came to an end he should be free to seek new employment wherever he wished. These days, transfer fees are only paid between football clubs for players who wish to move while they are still under contract. I would suggest it would only take one speedway rider with a decent lawyer to bring this system to an end.
  4. Massive respect to anyone coming down from Cumbria...I know you're made of stern stuff up there, but you might want to bring a jumper.
  5. So the 2 Lakeside riders will race in a double-header at Workington on Saturday night, and at Rye House on Sunday evening, and in between will ride in the grasstrack meeting?
  6. All this is great news for Peterborough. Next Friday, Lakeside v Workington. Saturday, Workington v Lakeside double - header. Then Lakeside v Peterborough on Sunday. I have to confess to having no experience of life as a speedway rider, but when the Lakeside team line up v Peterborough on the Sunday they will have already ridden in 3 matches over the previous 2 days, and driven the length of the country twice. Seriously, how do you cope if you are feeling the effects of an injury, or have a problem with a bike that needs fixing?
  7. White City Rebel

    Panthers up for sale.

    As a speedway fan living in south Buckinghamshire, Peterborough is easily the track I have visited the most as a 'neutral' supporter in recent years - mainly because you're always assured of a covered seat with a decent view. So, at the risk of stating the b. obvious, I'd certainly count myself among the many who would describe themselves as 'gutted' if the track closed. On another matter, it's interesting that the attendance for the Play-off SF was low. Aren't we always told 'the fans love the play-off system'? I would love it if we went back to the proper league championship system, and I would say the same about the Premiership too. If BT want some guaranteed end-of-season fixtures to broadcast, the Semis and Final of the KO Cup would surely fit the bill.
  8. With a forecast like that (significant rainfall from 10am and throughout the rest of the day), I would say calling it off as early as possible (tonight hopefully) would be appreciated by riders and fans alike. Very unfortunate for the home promotion, the band of rain is coming through at exactly the worst possible time.
  9. White City Rebel

    Lakeside/Kyle Newman

    Well, I do like a straight answer to a straight question! Thanks TT.
  10. White City Rebel

    Lakeside/Kyle Newman

    Genuine question - does anyone have a theory as to why Lakeside persist with R/R (rather than a guest) for Kyle Newman? I was at Peterborough last night and I can't see how giving extra rides to Alfie Bowtell and Broc Nicol is supposed to work.
  11. White City Rebel

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    I read in this week's Speedway Star that they have booked Chris Harris for the meeting at Rye House, then Ben Barker for the one at Peterborough. If that's correct, it's a little odd that the Panthers own preview does not reflect this.
  12. Whether or not we all like it, the League Champions are determined by play-offs - which effectively means a 2 legged knockout contest tagged onto the end of this season. For this reason, it is absurd to also have 2 other competitions which end with exactly the same format, at the same time of year (and often with the same teams). Ideally, if there were sufficient league fixtures there would be no need for the rather contrived Championship Shield. As for the KO Cup, in my view it should have cut-off points enforced earlier in the season, and a Final much earlier in the season, so it is over and done with long before the play-offs start. In a perfect world, of course. Next week, my solution to end conflict between Israel and Palestine.
  13. White City Rebel

    What’s in a name ??

    Couldn't agree more with that last sentence!
  14. White City Rebel

    What’s in a name ??

    The name can have a significant effect on how fans identify (or don't identify) with a team, and I agree with City Rebel - if this season's 'experiment' is seen as a success, and the Lakeside promotion run at RH next season, the name should incorporate both elements. Eg, Rye House Hammers or Hoddesdon Hammers.
  15. White City Rebel

    Lakeside Future In Serious Doubt

    I may be stating the bleedin' obvious here, but I would suggest that these end-of-season Lakeside fixtures at Rye House are of crucial importance to the future of speedway in this part of the country. Rye House fans are pissed off because they have lost their team, Lakeside fans likewise because they have lost their track. However, if enough people come through the gate for these meetings, it might just mean that the Hammers name (and promotion) lives on, and competitive speedway continues at Hoddesdon in 2019. It's now up to us fans, effectively. If as an old Rockets fan you don't want to support a different team at your track, you have the right to choose not to go. Hammers fans who either are unable to make it to Hoddesdon, or prefer not to, can also make that choice. So, you might say that in this instance the power lies with the fans. We can make this work - if we want it to. We just need to turn up.

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