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  1. There really is no excuse especially at dog tracks like Oxford where photo finish equipment is already installed and can be very quickly interpreted. As a dog race tends to do a lap and a bit the beam is switched on for the finish and provides a mirror image down to one pixel or less. Not rocket science is it, technology us decades old.
  2. The answer has been given. Extortionate amounts asked for and guarantees. That'll be 4 figure, or near 4 figure sums and a minimum guarantee that's more PL level than CL. That's a problem that has been there for years, Heat Leaders used to money the Sport can't afford any more and massive credit to Plymouth for not taking the sort of risks that have seen other clubs fall by the wayside. Hopefully Plymouth can start their season enxt week after a drier spell and at least start getting some Home Match receipts in to their coffers.
  3. It's the High Spring Tides stupid!
  4. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Many will remember your Club as a bit of a joke until Ben Duffil came in and transformed it in to the progressive Club it is today. Your vendetta is puerile and just emphasises how apt your name tag is.
  5. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    When you have a year's rainfall in 3 months it's no surprise. If they'd just left track as it was and done no changes it would still be off. Going to be more off than on if weekend forecasts are right. Needs a week of dry some sun and some high winds everywhere. Like March used to be.
  6. HGould

    Brummies v Tigers 25/3

    If the average last year was about 500 it was at least double that. I am sure he needed 1000 last year to break even and I'd say it was more than that. Based on what was outside and what was I was told a much bigger than average inside, I'd say around 1300 to 1500 last night. I would think his break even is not massively higher as he gets substantial tv money you don't get in the CL. So he may even have made a few quid. I have rarely seen great racing in March so am sure the racing will get better.
  7. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    I saw on Countryfile that South West eg Devon and Cornwall had 300% of average winter rainfall from 1 December to 29 February. I cancelled a week in mates cottage from Thursday for a week on basis of forecast down there next 10 days last weekend. Off to Portugal tomorrow. Plymouth rain off won't be because of this week it'll be past 3 months. Hopefully they can sign someone for a month as they seem confident Covatti will be back on early May. We'll done them for not paying 4 figure sums especially after Crump did them over big time
  8. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    It surely begs a far more serious question that is at the heart of the long term growth and future of the sport. Are the BSPL effectively "closing the shop at 15 or 16 Clubs in the professional leagues.?? Where are the riders to fill Wolverhampton, Peterborough, Swindon, Rye House, Coventry and any others who may be seeking a way back in to the sport?? 6 man teams may create 2 new teams across a league each but that's assuming an increasing number of over 35s can be adequately replaced. It's a terrifying scenario to consider.
  9. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Won't he be tagged for 5 months or similar. I know a few footballers have played with tags but can't see someone who has such serious crimes been allowed to break curfew.
  10. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Kennett said in today's Star that he was asked but can't do due to work commitments
  11. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Birmingham have g got a Guest facility for a newly injured rider. Id imagine Plymouth may seek the same if they can evidence Covatti can be back by May. Guests far better than RR for a month in my opinion. Having said that, I vecjust cancelled an Easter week break in Exmouth as weather forecast next week is dire. Late Booking to Portugal is safer weather wise and not much more expensive.
  12. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    If Riss could ride Tuesdays, and occasional Saturday, might be worth amending fixtures to accommodate him. So few alternatives of his quality available. Surely 7 men better than RR or weaker team.
  13. Interview with one of the bravest of the brave. Incredible details I wasn't aware of. If it doesn't make you cry then I doubt you have any emotion. Ultimately though a story of incredible bravery, hope, determination and fortitude over the most awful injuries. Respect for all concerned.
  14. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Maybe they could do a Kenny Carter. With 2 legs in plaster he was carried to his bike nd won the British semi final at Oxford in 1984. Remarkable.
  15. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Putting 2 and 2 together Always dangerous but... Lewy has enquired about Danny Phillips average. Was told it was 2.01. Jusr supposing they binned Jacob Hook 4.00 Wouls allow 10.23 by my calculation to get a bid hitter with 1.99 saving plus Covatti average and the 0.48 they were under the limit with Covatti. A 10.23 rider if they could find one, more likely on a Tuesday, would upset the proverbial applecart ???

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