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  1. I'm not particularly political but a few things interest me about the current situation. Vaccination programme has definitely helped Boris but a bigger factor could be Postal Voting. I had a few leaflets from Tories, Labour and Greens, nothing from LD's surprisingly in Sutton Coldfield wards What we had in our Street was continual door knocking from Tories for both Council and West Midlands Mayoral Elections and every time armed with and pushing Postal Vote Forms in your face. This isn't illegal I believe and other parties did it in 2019 GE Campaign but it can be very intimidating and would be for older Traditional Tory voters. Is it just a case they got the (postal) vote out. Split of post and person voting would be very interesting to see.
  2. This has already been explained countless times. The Greyhound Stadium Owners stopped some Security a while ago. ARC may be familiar soon to Kent Speedway fans. You've been warned! Damage has been almost all to vehicles and equipment NOT buildings The age and unique nature of some of the vehicles made them un-insurable or only at a cost that was probably more than their market valuation. Their value to Speedway was incalculable as key machinery adapted for the Track. The surrounds of the Stadium site are part of Commonwealth Games 2022 regeneration and preparation. A significant number of Travellers have taken advantage of the general situation and moved on to illegal sites being developed in the area. The damage to key vehicles was mindless vandalism.
  3. HGould

    Premiership Ticket Update

    Newcastle, Plymouth, Eastbourne been selling tickets for a while. Online only looks like you print your ticket, show it on a phone or take ID. All Clubs saying things might change after 21 June
  4. HGould

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Maybe Goddens have found the perfect Central Park Engine. Quick to warm up, great on concrete for the first 3 rides, drives off an adverse camber and then great on over-watered blue tarmac and cuts out automatically after 2 hours
  5. HGould

    MSDL 2021

    Big thumbs up to Laurence and the other 2 Clubs who are keeping this League alive. The issue of "dormant Clubs" is not the fault of Laurence and we are lucky at Perry Barr to at least have some junior racing to watch.
  6. HGould

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Since ARC took over Perry Barr not seen anything much different other than evidence of some sections of Grandstand being closed down to Speedway and rumours of increased rent and less access time. It's more than likely that there will be more Dog Racing at Central Park in future as that increases revenue for Stadium via Betting levy and probably means Kent will soon find that Speedway is limited to one set day per week or like somewhere like Monmore (not ARC) a Dog meeting on an afternoon before Speedway on a night. The other issue is that Len is approaching 90, Cearns has always been mega supportive and there is the issue of the loss of Silver Ski in administration. Doesn't look great long term unless Len has a succession plan for his son or another Promoter to follow in his footsteps. The failure to secure Friday or Saturday night Speedway looks even less likely now. May be Kent can have one season in Championship and then revert back to standalone NDL with less costs and profit every season as Len has always claimed.
  7. HGould


    Not much change out of 30k for an air fence for track that size I'd have thought, hopefully floodlights could be configured to track with a few extra lights.. Starting gates aplenty probably lying round
  8. HGould

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Will be interesting to see final averages as other riders who have not ridden for a few years not given any reduction. Bridger 6.59 and Knight 8.83 last rode in 2017 as an example seem to be on same in respective Leagues for 2021. JPB and Compton both rode in 2017 ending 8.66 and 6.52 respectively, but can't fit under 35 on those averages?
  9. HGould

    Somerset 2020

    Would seem to be an excellent opportunity for a new Promotion Team to go in there and make it pay on Gate Receipts and Sponsorship paying Rent to the Hancock family. Plenty of scope to run a successful Championship level business from there for someone or a group of people.
  10. I think you're all missing the point a bit. Covid Passports are being tested for "large scale events" Crowds of 10-20,000 or more. They are an option being considered as an interim measure. Government have acknowledged that the technology is unlikely to be available before Autumn. I think they are aiming more at start of 2021/2022 soccer season in August. More likely for Villa / Albion / Blues / Wolves than Solihull Moors / Kidderminster Harriers and no League Clubs. Covid Passports may replace SOCIAL DISTANCING that is what will limit Crowds and make them all Ticket initially. Stadium Capacity will be calculated on Social Distancing and space available outside and inside until mid summer at least. All Sports Clubs will have to know how many are there and not over the limit. As for Pubs, many will end up letting in only regulars or via Track and Trace like we all used last summer.
  11. HGould

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Feel gutted for Rob Grant as he is obviously working his socks off. Not totally surprised though and this will be an issue for other Stadia where fans congregate in one specific area (Home Straight as an example) and there are large enclosed indoor Grandstands. aka Dog Tracks like Brough / Monmore / Perry Barr / Sheffield / Poole / Kent etc. Those places which are able to offer viewing all around the stadium and mostly in open air on terraces or open stands will no doubt be far less badly affected. The 50% or 4000 whichever is lower limit that comes in after 17 May is being interpreted it seems not being interpreted on total capacity; but total space available; and the more space you have available the bigger the crowd you'll be allowed. So tracks like Glasgow; Berwick; Edinburgh; Redcar; Scunthorpe; Belle Vue; Leicester, Peterborough, KL ; Ipswich, Mildenhall, Eastbourne; Plymouth should get higher and more realistic limits.
  12. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Excellent choice and credit to Peter, David and Laurence for patience Potent spearhead with Bomber, whoever is at reserve with Jack ensures very strong No 6. If Ashley and James can get back to form just before injury we can be very strong. Fancy our chances in League and Cup now. Well done all at PB
  13. HGould

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    White City did so too in title winning season 1977. Totally legitimately at the time.
  14. HGould

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Hard to disagree. Whatever happens it's going to be hard to see more than 20,000 allowed inside a Stadium like Millenium with narrow streets and entrances and fact it has a roof and so very little air circulating even when roof is open, may go against it. Certainly not going to be many if any overseas people allowed to come in if rates remain high in Europe and how many fans would actually be there if UK fans only. Struggle to get `15,000 probably. May be easier to run behind closed doors and claim Event insurance Could argue Belle Vue or Glasgow might be better options to stage and cheaper.
  15. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    not had luck with injuries over past few completed seasons , Shanes and Morris both flying in to great form before getting injured. let down badly by a few riders, Garrity (no need to go there it's obvious) Johansson (however you spell it) pulled out after agreeing for 2020. shame we could not have secured Adam Ellis but attraction of initially Danish spot on a Wednesday and since 2019 swedish and polish leagues, not adams fault at all but timing again just did us. Couple of promising Danes didn't come off and probably released Newman and Hulme too soon.

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