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  1. Chris116

    2020 teams

    There are many threads saying that Speedway in this country is on a down hill slide. I would view the destruction of the NDL as the biggest threat to its continued existence in a form that means rebuilding is possible. You have to have the lower level leagues if you are ever going to be able improve what is above.
  2. Chris116

    Speedway's future IMO

    I find the comments about young people not being able to attend midweek meetings due to school the next day interesting as throughout my school days I went with my parents to Wimbledon Speedway every week and they used to run on a Monday evening in the early days which then changed to Thursday evenings. My parents had a strict rule that I had to finish my homework before we went to the meeting. If truth were known it was the one day in the week when I did do my homework properly as there was no way I was going to miss the racing! Are today's children really so soft that they are unable to have one or two late nights during the school week?
  3. Chris116

    Where has my thread gone?

    Sadly I have read it all and have nearly lost the will to live!
  4. Chris116

    Where has my thread gone?

    I think it is a simple case of fat fingers! Should be 'who' but hit the 'i' by mistake.
  5. Chris116

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Wimbledon Stadium was opened on 19 May 1928. The old Silver Stand had a large amount of money spent on it within the last 20 years after it was claimed that the 1947 (I think) built home straight stand was condemned due to asbestos in the roof. It was widely thought that if the money had been spent on repairing the newer stand it would have been better value especially as the new entrance was a long walk from both the road and the car park. The truth is that with management who wanted to keep the stadium it would have survived and would have had dogs, bikes and cars racing. We lost Speedway at Wimbledon due to the stadium management making life as difficult as possible for a promotion who could not cope.
  6. Chris116

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    The GRA were formed as a property company but then found that running the dogs and letting first Speedway and then Stock Cars use their stadiums was a profitable idea. As soon as the profits started to fall and the developers made offers the GRA sold out. I HATE the firm with a passion. The saddest day was when they got their hands on Wimbledon and at that point I knew what the end result was going to be. The flats are currently going up at Plough Lane and I am now just praying that the Wandle floods and makes them all unsellable.
  7. Maybe a scheme where riders staying at the same club have a discount of 0.5pts or a suitable %. So if a team had a total average of 45.2 and the team building average was 42.5 the teams above the team building average would get an advantage by keeping most of last year's team.
  8. Chris116

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    That makes it Good Riddence A***h**es to the firm that has done more damage to Speedway, Greyhound and Stock Car racing than any other.
  9. Chris116

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    I just hope Arena Leisure buy all the GRA's other tracks. Shame they didn't buy Wimbledon.
  10. Chris116

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    It is NEVER nice being anywhere near the GRA! Trouble is they tend to sell to developers who then knock your stadium down.
  11. Chris116

    Poole Pirates 2020

    But where does this leave the Buster Bundisliga ? Think that gets the message over!
  12. Chris116

    Well done the S.C.B.

    IF we have the full story and I was in the manager's position I would tell the SCB to stuff their sport. EDIT:- I am not surprised but a lot of extra information about what happened has now surfaced which proves there is more to this situation than the original post mentions. What the SCB are guilty of is a total lack of transparency which has backfired, as it often does. If the full story had been detailed by the SCB in this case and others then they would have avoided a lot of annoyance directed towards the SCB by those who care about the sport.
  13. Chris116

    Poole 2020

    Would that committee be composed of Buster, Rob Godfrey and Matt Ford? They always work in the best interests of the sport!
  14. Exactly, so the BSPA website had no excuse for taking as long as it did before acknowledging the meeting was taking place. I bet they would not be so slow advertising the PLRC if the venue had to be changed! They just treat the National League very badly all the time instead of treating all the leagues as equal.
  15. The club must have been given permission to run this meeting and I would have thought that the permission would have come from the BSPA. So the BSPA right hand needs to talk to the BSPA left hand!
  16. I am not impressed by the BSPA website (what's new!). Over two hours ago Scunthorpe announced this information but the BSPA website has not put the news up on the front page or added the fixture to the fixture list on the front page. Anyone would think the website is only for the top two leagues with the National Developement League regarded as unimportant. The fact that the NDL is the future of the sport seems to have been missed by those in charge which is further proof why they are not suitable for running the sport. I hope Scunthorpe have a good crowd for this meeting and wish all the riders a safe meeting with lots of close racing.
  17. Chris116

    Eastbourne 2019

    My memory is not the best but I think in the early days of Mildenhall there was a small training track near the small main track.
  18. Chris116

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    It is called "thread drift"! Happens everywhere.
  19. I would think 22 heats and then a final to give 23 races.
  20. Chris116


    It is very unusual for a car meeting on a tarmac or concrete track to be cancelled but meetings at shale track do suffer from the weather in the same way as speedway although a heavy shower during the meeting is less likely to be a problem for the cars.
  21. Chris116

    Leicester 2019

    Leicester must rate as top club of the year in UK Speedway. Top of the league in both the Championship and the National Development Leagues. We'll done to the Lions and the Cubs.
  22. Sorry, I only saw the tweet as being about the CLRC and did not read the last bit. But after you posted that people were still saying the Newcastle match was on other dates so I was hoping to confirm the correct date. Just trying to help. I will stop making that mistake here!
  23. According to Sheffield and BSPA websites the match is on Wednesday 11th September.
  24. Chris116

    Isle of Wight v Leicester 29th August

    No mention on the website yet! Was it announced last night?

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