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  1. What is the weather doing? What was the forecast? Are we in danger of Buster running a home meeting and how is he going to justify actually promoting a meeting?
  2. Chris116

    Facebook Speedway Groups

    Dave, I got told the same about commentating and one day a Superstox driver insisted I took his car out in a mechanics race. Having spun one car out after he dived up the inside, I then got another joker who didn't know what the front bumper was for. As we went round the third and fourth bends with me on the outside line at Wisbech my plan was to follow him down the straight and then give him a large helping push towards the fence on turn one. Sadly I tried to get behind him too quickly with the result that my front inside wheel went over his rear outside wheel and I landed up three quarters of the way through the fence, upsidedown! Gave everyone something to talk about and I found that getting out of a Superstox is easier when they are upsidedown. Great thing was nobody could tell me that I didn't know what a crash felt like. I still keep thinking that I really ought to have a go on a speedway bike at somewhere like Isle of Wight, just to be able to say I have done it but I definitely don't want to get introduced to the fence as that would be a lot more painful on a bike compared to a Superstox.
  3. Chris116

    Facebook Speedway Groups

    About eight years ago I received a very explicit porn video on my Facebook account. I forwarded it with a complaint to Facebook who promptly banned me for a month for forwarding it to them! When I pointed out that the instructions for making a complaint said you should forward the message with the complaint they replied that users were not allowed to forward obscene messages! When I asked how I could make a complaint in accordance with their rules if I was not allowed to forward the message they replied that as I was not willing to follow the rules I was permanently banned and no further communication would be acceptable. My reaction was to tell them in explicit language what they could do with their service. I have never gone back as they seem to support obscene messages.
  4. I have just looked at the BSPL website fixture list and 8 minutes after the meeting was due to start it is still advertising the meeting! This is totally unprofessional from what is supposed to be a professional organisation.
  5. Preferably using a steam roller!
  6. I am not privy to the exact financial details but he does not run the company who promote the car racing.
  7. Buster does not run the stock car meetings, they are run by Trackstar who hire the stadium.
  8. I am obviously not up to date as I thought Poland were only allowed Thursday for rerunning meetings that had been rained off.
  9. I doubt that IoW and NORA would want him anywhere near their organisations.
  10. BSPL website still not been updated! Now there's a surprise.
  11. Chris116

    Mildenhall 2023

    Mildenhall, Isle of Wight, Iwade and Buxton would make for a good start to a proper NORA League and Iwade could be used by both Kent Kings and Crayford making five teams. Maybe all four tracks could run two teams. I think BSPL would perhaps start to take notice, pull their socks up and start to actually promote lower division racing.
  12. The latest announcement on the BSPL website mentions a stock car meeting but it was only smaller Banger classes plus 2L and 1300 Saloons not the big F1 cars which do rip up a track. Unless the track was very wet before the racing started it should not have suffered anything that could not be put right in 24 hours.
  13. Chris116

    Lions v tigers 11/4/24

    As I have said elsewhere, not a good night to be the home team!
  14. Chris116

    Stars vs Aces - 11th April 2024

    As I said elsewhere, not a night to be the home team!
  15. Chris116

    Oxford v Ipswich

    A bad evening to be the home team!

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