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  1. SteelShoe

    REDCAR 2019

    Not really about Jack's prowess as a speedway rider but after saying this the guy is only 20, he went through what must have been a hugely confidence sapping season at Swindon last year. He has probably outscored Nathan Greaves on most occasions at home so far this term but Nathan has been much more effective away. There is time for him to make his mark yet.
  2. SteelShoe

    REDCAR 2019

    Really ? i can quite easily see the following scenario: say Jack Smith was banging in big scores and for some reason being a young lad he impetuously asks to be replaced immediately after a meeting. If the management hadn't already planned to bring in Erik Riss and Kasper Andersen do you not think they would have talked to him, given him a couple of days to think it over then if he still felt the same then fair enough ?. The fact that the averages wouldn't fit the 40 point increase on the 30th June precluded that happening. In effect Jack probably saved them the job of dispensing with him.
  3. SteelShoe

    REDCAR 2019

    Riss a very good signing for the Bears but feel for Ully who appeared to be finding his form. Tom Woolley rode on numerous occasions for Worky Comets in the second half of 2017 season, it's fair to say he was nowhere near Championship level at that time. Seems like the Bears never gave Jack Smith any time to change his mind so it was probably in the managements thoughts to replace him.
  4. Reds stated they were going nowhere if the new stadium didn''t go ahead . Was it just coincidence that Town battered on with the relaying of the pitch, new changing rooms and carving up of the speedway track ? i think not. The increase in pitch dimensions was supposedly only to facilitate the Reds which now looks dead in the water, after all why would they want to pay rent to Town ?. Seems like the the reported amounts of money required for Reds to maintain the required safety certification were also widely exaggerated. The amount now being quoted is £15K quite a difference from rumoured six figure sums at the time. There has to be some accountability somewhere for the reckless damage done to the speedway track. I have already contacted the councillors on the executive re this and i implore you to do the same. The relevant e-mail addresses can be found on page 21 of this thread, let them know how you feel !!!
  5. Well i'm with you on this one geoff 100.
  6. I would expect to contribute through Council Tax for better community facilities . What would your reaction be if the council backed plans for a new speedway facility but stated this may result in an overall increase in council tax ?
  7. Got to agree with this . I would imagine it will take some considerable time to come up with an alternative. Even the Town traders submitted a petition in favour of the stadium based on expected increase footfall from the Sellafield and NHS workers that would be using the facility. If your going to do something do it properly is my view re this. Can't wait for the Council Executive reasons for rejection and their intended contingency.
  8. Confirmed in the news and star 3hours ago that the decision was taken at todays executive meeting to reject the new stadium plan. The council is instead asking its officers to come up with a smaller scale plan for a 'new stadium'. Decision reported to have been met with anger by representatives of Town and Reds. it was stated prior to the meeting that a previous plan for Borough Park mooted by a long term reds supporter which included keeping the existing terracing while demolishing and replacing everything around this was to be discussed at todays meeting. Bet that idea will set the cat among the pigeons at Derwent Park. This has some way to run yet !. All this just makes the premature destruction of the track even more exasperating.
  9. SteelShoe

    berwick bandits 2019

    Keep faith Bandits fans, Worky overturned first leg deficits equal to and greater than this last season, if the riders want it badly enough it's certainly possible.
  10. A group recently occupied a site by Workington harbour side which has planning permission for houses. The rubbish they left behind was disgraceful and included multiple empty gas cylinders, garden waste /tree cuttings, multiple burst black bags containing all sorts of waste debris, building waste and a large tyre. They just seem immune to prosecution.
  11. they've all got a honours degree in fly tipping
  12. Costa Del Oldside playground of the rich and famous ! if only.
  13. think we all know which way is which Geoff !
  14. Oldside (Northside) was one of the sites evaluated for the New Stadium, badly marked down on user attractiveness and regeneration value for this purpose. The biggest issue with the training track site is security, hidden away in the trees in a secluded location leaves it open to theft and vandalism from which it has historically suffered. Would need top security fence and plenty of razor wire for sure. Would be better if it was more out in the open in close proximity to a frequently used road.
  15. Not solely the reason for dwindling attendances but a valid point none the less. New facilities can be a catalyst for better attendance, the new leisure centre backs this up but it must be used in an intelligent manner to maximise potential and to be fair i think the business case goes a long way towards this.

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