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  1. Anyways, back to Brummies vs Pirates?
  2. Lisa, Lawson along with Pickering won the opening round of the Prem Pairs
  3. Hopefully sum, like myself, will travel down for both. Anyone looking to do the same may want to stay outside of Poole for better price on accommodation.
  4. I'll be at both the Berwick & Riders Final meetings, staying in Wareham for 4 nights Weds-Sat
  5. Hey up matey, Stamford Bridge would look better with the speedway track back in it! I'm trying to watch Notts County on BT at the moment but I'm avin trouble coz I ain't got a black n white tv!
  6. Pirates are the LIVER-POOLE of speedway Kinda fits if you see wot I mean & I just happen to support both
  7. Got to be Bomber, ermmm Bomber?, maybe Bomber?, nah can't be Bomber?, surely not?
  8. Turnip

    Premiership Pairs

    Is Bomber guesting for the other 5 teams?
  9. The same guy did a vlog for the speedway museum & paradise wildlife park which he informed me was being used by them as a promo video. He's excellent at putting them together.
  10. Looks like this may be my best option, getting the train to Hamstead. Rooms are £70. I used to 'ruff' it at the Park Hotel, well it was a roof over me head , don't think u can book there anymore. Once again, appreciate your help Dave
  11. Appreciate your help. Was looking at the Kingstanding Inn £46. Travelodge have put their price up to £90, was £60 when I stayed there for the original meeting. Will have a look at the Great Barr Hotel Yep, I am on public transport.
  12. At the mo I won't be there matey , probs make a late decision on & check me speedway accounts on Tuesday. Be a shame if I'm not with Perry Barr being on me door step, Travelodge rip off price. Found a cheap place but it's a trek to get to then it's another trek to the stadium.
  13. I looked into my crystal ball and had guidance from the spirit ghost.........just so happens the spirit ghost is a Pirates fan
  14. Pirates will be going to Perry Barr in confident mood after the draw at Glasgow. Always looking for the win us Pirates need to get off to a strong start as the Brummies will be giving it everything to beat us. Nielsen is a top chap and I'm sure he'll want to show the Pirates what they are missing. I'm going for us Pirates to win 47-43
  15. Turnip

    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    I don't know why 'u lot' concerned about Richard Lawson's passing ability, he did a clean pass on me in the pits at Oxford!

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