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    It's something that is long overdue as communications in general aren't good. They really need an independent outside agency or expert in the field. I guess if you pay peanuts though you get monkeys Mike from BV maybe a good call.
  2. HGould

    Sheffield 2020

    No news at all about National League, is there actually going to be one ? Will PL continue with the PL Academy idea and therefore take a lot of NDL Riders?
  3. I totally support the Rye House planning appeal but doesn't the interest in that as positive as it is; hide the possible destruction of the NDL by the BSPL. At best it's been subjected to "sufferance" for far too long. Every now and again Jason Pipe pops up with positive statements, although I don't know what's positive about saying "we'll sort out the NDL when they've sorted out the PL and CL". The 54 riders he has lined up won't wait forever to know if, when,where they can race in 2021 Covid or not! Who is writing his script and pulling his strings? The NDL is vital to the future of UK Speedway should not be an afterthought! What about 3 Clubs who are NDL only, very little coming out of IOW, Mildenhall; Plymouth , have they been told not to say anything or more likely just left in limbo? There is more promotion of Speedway on the IOW than in the whole of the Management Committee those NDL Clubs are being treated very badly I think I loved my NDL at Brummies, actually miss it and preferred it to CL Don;t let it die as it's so much the life-blood of the future of the Sport.
  4. HGould

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Rory Schlein and Danyon Hume
  5. HGould

    Eastbourne 2020

    Can see why they were so keen to keep that team. They look like a professional Club with a plan. You can be sure Poole Leicester and Glasgow will be right at the top too I think.
  6. HGould


    On the old 3 tiers.. Tier 1 max 4000 but 50% so 2000..Tier 2 max 2000 but 50% so 1000. So most speedway in October would have been allowed 1000. That was in Speedway Star at the time.
  7. HGould

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Love Len a legend of the sport. When you're his age anyone under 50 is a bright young prospect.
  8. HGould

    Somerset 2020

    sadly it might be somewhere in Leicester or Scunthorpe
  9. HGould


    Might have something to do with the post AGM press release last Thursday promising Fixtures, Eurosport Announcement, Teams and the suggestion of some new ideas.
  10. HGould

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Bridger said on his Facebook it's a PL Club. I did wonder if it might be Brummies as he lives close to Peter and David Surely Josh Bates is Leicester signing now Somerset not running?
  11. HGould


    call me cynical but that's what 40 continuous years of watch speedway does to you "working together" ; "this year is more about taking part" ; "it doesn't matter who wins the league" Hear it all before, many times. It's usually meaning "I've got a massive improver or two from (perm any speedway nation on the globe) who I can sneak in on a 4 point average and catch the rest cold" The more some Promoters bleat, especially the serially competitive ones (nowt wrong with that by the way) like Ford, CVS , Dickson to name but three, about winning not being important, the more you know they have something up their sleeves! Wait for the actual 1-7 or 1-6 to be declared and then comment and make you're mind up!
  12. HGould


    Agree. A successful team pulls in crowds. Compare Swindon and Peterborough last PL season 2000 at Swindon end of season about 500 at Peterborough. Look at CL where Glasgow and Leicester amongst biggest crowds. As much as people want to see Speedway when season starts, that will soon wear off when losses on track mount up. All Clubs want to be realistic some will always have bigger expectations than others and a pedigree of winning.
  13. HGould


    It's a freshly made British made biscuit for table 7 apparently.
  14. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Don't think it's Rory.
  15. HGould

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Been told there might be some exciting Brummies news very soon!
  16. HGould


    May be best if Championship had the TV deal for 2021 if 12 teams as far more interesting and competitive league.
  17. HGould


    That figures. As I mentioned yesterday concerns over another PL Club It's only a local rumour but have heard Wolverhampton may have issues with Ladbrokes and crowds and may sit out season. Don't know if Brummies affected as not Ladbrokes. .
  18. HGould


    Would normally expect a Club to move up to make 7. Or will it be 1 Club to move out and 2 Clubs to move up to make 7 Or maybe 1 Club to move out and 1 Club to move up to make 6 Will the AGM happen this week? Who knows, crazy times!
  19. HGould


    Back in November and December weren't people being encouraged to drive hundreds of miles to ride speedway bikes round Scunthorpe? Pot kettle black!
  20. HGould

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    is KEN going to the BARBER any time soon? Just asking for a mate who needs a haircut
  21. HGould


    Might be 5 by the end of the week if some rumours are true
  22. HGould

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Don't think this is directly attributable to anything other than Stadium Development being planned in summer period when Covid most likely in retreat (as it was in 2020 lets not forget) and with certainly delayed start to probably May and possibility of not being able to get enough Fixtures in. Of course music to the ears of the British Speedway is dead doom-mongers
  23. HGould


    If professional Clubs have got contracts with riders like Glasgow and Somerset have; why should they be penalised. The rest should shape up or ship out and focus on lower level or amateur racing.
  24. HGould

    Fly Fishing

    Midlands ITV (now Central)... The days when the Sport included legends like Jimmy Greaves and Terry Biddlecombe (usually sloshed live on Air) The Angler was a character and some called Terry Thomas. Classic TV
  25. HGould

    Temporary Plan for 2021?

    Is this meant to be the Speedway version of a Fascist or Communist take over? I take your Falcon93 to indicate some link to Exeter? Aren't we all supposed to mourn dormant Clubs and be trying to revive them, rather than do a "Beeching" and close down over 60% of the 22 Clubs we have left? Baffling and surely a wind up?

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