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  1. Marshall07

    Newcastle 2020

    Looks like a new website to me
  2. Marshall07

    Redcar 2020

    Nope I just used the hyperlink wrong and id just put "website" as the link without realising haha
  3. Marshall07

    Redcar 2020

    Working link now
  4. Marshall07

    Redcar 2020

    JOIN THE KASPER ANDERSEN SUPPORT SQUAD! Chance to win his 2020 racesuit with your name on it. Bronze £30 - Name on suit, 1 x prize draw entry, 1 x support squad t-shirt Silver £50 - Name on suit, 2 x prize draw entry, 1 x support squad t-shirt, 1 x KA cap Gold £100 - Name on suit, 4 x prize draw entry, 1 x support squad t-shirt, 1 x KA team pit shirt Head over to www.kasperandersen555.com to purchase!
  5. Marshall07

    Redcar 2020

    Official 2020 Calendar
  6. Marshall07

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Haha maybe the wrong term used but you get what I mean. I'm sure most clubs would accept BACS just fine but cards, PayPal etc have costs attached to them
  7. Marshall07

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Season tickets are sold to help pay some bills over winter. To get people buying them they have to be a decent incentive, if you offer any of the futuristic solutions they cost you even more on top of the savings you offer.
  8. Marshall07

    Glasgow 2020

    Redcar don't own their stadium
  9. Marshall07

    Newcastle 2020

    He's been riding grass still I'm sure
  10. Marshall07

    Sheffield 2020

    You're saying an extra 400 people but if they didn't sign Nicki they'd need some form of rider at number 1 anyway so that's not really true. He might be double what you'd pay another number 1 so therefore 200 extra people would pay for him
  11. Marshall07

    Newcastle 2020

    Birkmose is the 15yo kid that rode in Denmark last year and beat ALOT of top riders. He has signed in Poland but can't see him getting many rides Assessed averages used to go on what league level they ride in other countries. I remember Jacob would have come over on a 4 but he signed for a team in the league above (whilst not ever riding for them) so had to come in on a 5
  12. Marshall07

    Newcastle 2020

    How about Nathan Greaves in the lower end? Seems to ride Newcastle very well
  13. Marshall07

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Scott Nicholls on the downside yet maintained a good average all last season leading Leicester to the league whilst staying at number 1 all season.
  14. Marshall07

    Club Merchandise

    What do people want to see from their clubs?
  15. Marshall07

    Newcastle 2020

    Old promotion are still involved (George) so id imagine anything previous they have now. By the sounds of it Aussies are a struggle.

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