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  1. Tinker


    I used to have the Speedway Star delivered but when my local Tesco store started stocking it I thought I would buy it there instead. It costs me more money to do this but I wanted to effectively prove to Tescos that there were people out there who would actually buy the magazine. I live approximately three miles from Halifax and my local Tescos always has five magazines for sale on the Thursday. By the following week there is only either one or two copies left so it shows there is the interest/market there. Keep up the good work Phil and fingers crossed that you have so much more current info to report on once the season finally gets underway.
  2. Tinker

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Most teams seem to be announcing riders now for the new season but nothing much coming from Belle Vue. Anyone got any ideas/snippets of information?
  3. Tinker

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Yes, I agree too. Let's have some positivity about the place. Cup half full and all that.
  4. Tinker

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    Wasn't aware before now of the David Mcallan incident but I have just read a report on it in the Glasgow Herald newspaper (one year on). It states that the meeting was actually a double header against Birmingham followed by Stoke and Phil Morris was scheduled to guest for Stoke following the first meeting. However, the report says that not only was Morris excluded for the Mcallan crash but that he was then thrown out of the rest of the meeting!
  5. Tinker


    There seems to be alot of criticism on here as regards the people running Speedway in this country. At this moment in time I think we have to be thankful that there are these individuals who are prepared to put the time and effort in for little reward and a great deal of slagging off! If they weren't doing it I'd really like to know who would be prepared to take on their job. I certainly wouldn't want to be at the "top end" with all the decision making to do in these very uncertain times where things seem to change on a daily basis. So good luck to them!
  6. Tinker

    No Government Support?

    That's rather harsh. I think they are doing all they can for speedway at the moment, it can't be easy.
  7. Tinker


    I agree with the comment made by Topaz325. I started watching Speedway at the Shay, Halifax in 1966 so "older" articles on riders such as Eric Boocock, Ray Wilson and Jim Airey have some relevance to me. However, when I read any articles pre-dating the early 60's I tend to switch off. Having said all that the Star is a fantastic read and I really look forward to getting it each week. I love the Backtrack articles which have more of a depth to them and maybe something could be done on the same lines for more recent riders.

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