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  1. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    Do you really believe the club have signed riders before a team manager. ( tomorrow night 8.30). When announced I'm sure he will be in the loop .
  2. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    And you thought Malcom Vasey had retired
  3. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    Can we also keep Saturday nights dry also. Track will need a bit longer to dry out.
  4. Petecc

    Scuntffield 2024

    Sheffthorp Trundlers ?
  5. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    Careful what you wish for.
  6. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    Well done to the " told you so's " who's the next rider to be announced?
  7. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    All this chatter about free buses, oh the traffic is bad, where do you park . I wonder if some actually want speedway in Birmingham or just to moan about it.
  8. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    Very true, all brum riders have been paid promptly , others could learn from them and I guess some may still be waiting for from some.
  9. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    Where you stand/sit is up to you, there are many places and parking is is your responsibility. The club has car parks and local industrial units that can be used. Speedway is the only sport I know where fans complain about parking.
  10. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    But will you be first on the queue to buy a season ticket or brummies TV subscription?
  11. Petecc

    Brummies 2024...

    More chance of Ronnie Barker.
  12. Petecc

    Promoters Conference

    So glad that so many have got back their sense of humour .
  13. Petecc

    Promoters Conference

    Can someone bring me back 200 fags?
  14. Petecc

    Promoters Conference

    Due to lack of numbers the chairman is doubling up as a general committee member and heckling himself. The secretary has been given a warning for moving and someone has passed/failed a drug test with a positive non positive test fail .
  15. Petecc


    And all the gossip last week was about scunthorpe to prop up the Premiership. Maybe all 3 and the championship can be smaller?

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