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  1. Petecc

    Play Off Dates

    That's only if they have an off race night
  2. Petecc

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    Some are just bigger than others.
  3. Petecc

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    A fact is only a fact if its true. After that its opinions then you do get into a bigger minefield.
  4. Petecc

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    I have to say that you are full of it tonight. No track to moan about so you start to look for other things to pour doom and gloom on. Have a night off, you deserve it.
  5. Petecc

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    So many guests these days, it feels like I'm at a wedding every week
  6. Sure that would be a curry out service
  7. Poland will play with 11 men behind the ball, hold out for an hour. Kane will score a late penalty and England will force home a very late winner. You are better off going to perry barr and then watching the recordings later.
  8. Agree with the sign written van's comment. Why advertise what might be inside.
  9. Getting fed up in the crowd after standing for an hour was unavoidable after the heat 1 crash. I have to admit it didn't seem like an hour for me but, I was keeping myself busy.
  10. So what's it to be folks? Dusty... no Watered well in advance.....its to wet !! Somewhere in between, the sweet spot, hard to find. It's hard trying to please all of the people all of the time.
  11. The only parking on site is at the side entrance. This can get very full and you would need to arrive early and not expect to rush straight away. Otherwise free parking is at the one stop shopping centre,.
  12. Tomorrow is a long way off for some.
  13. Is that the same hole that opened up in 2019?

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