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  1. Petecc

    Kent 2022

    Halder & Sam woolley are next !!
  2. Petecc

    Kent 2022

    Only know Joe, and I'm glad he's giving it another go.
  3. Savage. All ideas are good ideas. It's getting someone to put it into practice and fund it that could be any stumbling block.
  4. Petecc

    Edinburgh 2022

    First & second losers
  5. Petecc

    Edinburgh 2022

    The club will be called Edinburgh ( insert sponsor here) monarchs.
  6. With all the many many named available riders on this thread, congratulations to at least one of you who must be right
  7. Petecc

    Glasgow 2022

    If I had an Irish wolf hound it doesn't make me Irish merry Christmas
  8. Nice to read some posts that are not just about money. We are not all blessed or lucky enough to have earned a fortune of cash to invest into something but, some people can only invest their time. Time isn't always cheap and when given free isn't always noticed.
  9. That's just one end of a business plan. That's just a break even without sponsorship etc etc.
  10. I'm not going to guess which one. There may have been two?
  11. He would be a four pointer.
  12. Petecc

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Brian, you need a few negative posters so that we can be able to know which ones are positive posters.
  13. Is Jason crump available?
  14. Petecc

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    There is talk that rafa is going to be sacked at Everton
  15. Petecc

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Sorry wasn't having a dig at you , I agree, your right.

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